Conversations with God
The Human Story
Soon to Become Feature Film
By Arielle Ford



As a book lover, I like to peruse the bookshelves of my friends when I visit their homes. During the past ten years there is one book I’ve seen in nearly every home I visited: “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch. With approximately seven million copies of “The Conversations with God” series of books in print worldwide, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this “spiritual classic” will soon become a feature film.

Over the past ten years, Walsch has received multiple offers from producers (and one major studio) to turn his book and life story into a film. He turned them all down.

“Just five years before I wrote about my experience, I was homeless, with a broken neck, living in a park. I spent my days collecting cans to sell for 5 cents each just to have enough money to eat. It was important to me that this story not become Hollywoodized,” Walsch explains.

Last year Stephen Simon, co-founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle and veteran Hollywood producer of “Somewhere In Time,” “What Dreams May Come,” plus 23 other features, directed Neale in the film “Indigo.”

While working on “Indigo,” (Neale played the grandfather of an Indigo child), Walsch observed that Simon has “an extraordinarily high level of artistic integrity, vision, and willingness to collaborate,” and he finally agreed to have the CWG story told on the big screen.

“For the past ten years I have dreamed of making this movie,” says Simon who will produce and direct the film. “Conversations with God” will be a powerful, mystical, and surprising film. I’m delighted to announce that this film will premiere exclusively for subscribers of The Spiritual Cinema Circle,” he said.

The Spiritual Cinema Circle which launched March 1, 2004, has quickly become America’s fastest growing DVD club. Each month subscribers receive four uplifting and inspiring films (a combination of shorts, documentaries and features found at film festivals around the world) on DVD, which they get to keep.

The Circle will finance the $1.5 million dollar project. Gay Hendricks, who co-founded The Circle with his wife Kathlyn, will Executive Produce; Simon, will direct and produce.

Eric DelaBarre is writing the script. (DelaBarre won “Filmmaker of the Future” at the Newport Beach International Film Festival for writing, producing and directing his first feature, “Kate’s Addiction.” He also authored the book “Why Not (Start Living Your Life Today)” and spent six years as a writer/director/producer on NBC’s “Law & Order.”

Production begins Nov. 7, 2005 in Southern Oregon where Walsch and Simon both live. Members of The Circle will be treated to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the pre-production and production on upcoming volumes of Circle DVDs.

Arielle Ford lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband and cats (otherwise known as angels in fur coats).

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