Ask an Angel...
The Sacred Pathway of Joy and Sorrow
from the Angels of Happiness/Depression*
By Christopher Dilts



Beloved and blessed Angel I call upon you for enlightenment, for wisdom, for revelation of the Divine purpose of depression. Beloved Angel, bless us with your grace, with your Divine love, with your complete patience, with your complete acceptance, with your total care for us. Help us to embrace the wisdom and strength and power and goodness and connection to the Holy Spirit that lives within our shadow selves.

Angel Message
I am the Angel of depression and I understand this human experience of sadness, sorrow, grief, lack and depletion. I understand how de-energizing depression can be. I understand the weight, heaviness, and the despair that it brings upon the spirit.

Yet depression has a divine purpose: a holy and sacred purpose. A purpose of revelation, a purpose to call up into consciousness that which is suppressed, repressed, buried in the thick unconsciousness.

Realize that nothing in the human experience exists outside of the field of love — God’s love for every being in creation. This path, this walk, through the labyrinth of depression, is in and of itself a sacred journey. Allow each step to be one of revelation, discovery, experimentation, and personal examination.

The very heaviness of depression is designed to stop you. To cause you to pause, to examine, and to consider why it is so difficult to move forward at this time. There are times in life when a reorientation is called for by your soul. In the dizziness of the activities of success, in the press of productivity, it is easy to move too quickly and to ignore, overlook, or put an attractive facade on the business of the soul that remains unaddressed.

And yet what is unaddressed grows in its calling. It grows in its need to reveal something of the depths of your soul. Yes, I do understand the pain, grief, sorrow, resistance, inertia, and the lack of energy that depression brings upon the mind, body and spirit. Yet still I say this, too, is holy; this too is blessed.

I would ask you to surrender any ideas, imaginings, or projections of what you envision as your perfect self. I would ask you to accept yourself as you are — for this is what we do as Angels — we do accept you exactly as you are! This is what your loving God does with you. You are accepted in every moment exactly as you are by all of creation. In fact, everything you see, hear, touch and experience around you is no more than the complete acceptance of you, exactly as you are, reflected back to by Creator in creation. With this reflection is always the invitation to enter into deeper love.

If you are depressed, simply allow the darkness, allow the emptiness, allow the quiet, allow the simplicity, allow the space which depression can create within you and around you and continue a loving exploration of the space. Allow this place of darkness, of void, of rest, of quiet, and, if you will allow it to be so, of peace, to be created in and around you, then you do the sacred preparation of the womblike space within yourself. Life always creates from void and emptiness — new life requires a space be created within, to be nourished, to be allowed its proper gestation, to be protected from outside influence, to be allowed to grow in its own true form.

Realize that I, as the Angel of depression, am also the Angel of happiness. Angels are beyond the duality of the human experience. Beyond the duality of happiness and sorrow, good and evil, light and dark, day and night, and so on. We are in and of the unified field of love, the unified love of heaven. And yet we understand completely and fully the duality of human experience. And we are able to both embody and unify all aspects of duality. It is thus that the path of depression, if embraced and accepted and allowed its sacred purpose, will carry you back into the natural happiness that accompanies creation and new life....
— Angel of Depression
Angel of Happiness

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