Healing Environments
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady


From profound physical transformations to simple modifications in mood, environments affect our well-being in numerous ways. For example:

• Some children with ADHD experienced a reversal of this condition when sitting next to old growth trees.

• Health improvements have occurred from immersing in mineral springs.

• A bright, sunny sky raises serotonin.

• Fresh flowers in the home promote cheerfulness.

The environment offers us unlimited potential, much of which we may not yet fully acknowledge. Webster’s Dictionary defines an environment this way: Environments act upon organisms and ultimately determine their form and survival. This definition speaks to the fact that our natural environment interfaces with our energy system and contributes to our health and quality of life. Just as our environment provides powerful healing conditions that we may not always recognize, our internal emotional environments are also primary determining influences that affect our quality of life.

Emotional environments are composed of the emotions we feel daily as well as old emotions that may be lodged in our body. Some emotions are like gentle ocean swells that lift and refresh us and are a pleasure to experience. Others are like strong winds and stormy rain that will cleanse the soil of our soul. Facing our emotional energies without resistance is the key to a healthy relationship with our self.

Everyday I see how emotional environments affect lives. For instance, a woman came to me after holding onto anger and sadness for several years after the loss of her husband. She felt like a corpse just going through the motions of each day without really living. With the resolution of the grief and anger, she is now enjoying a fulfilling life free of the depression that haunted her.

A client who suffered from bipolar disorder was terrified to venture outside her small room, afraid she might become manic and be hospitalized. The release of old emotional trauma and fear that had structured her inner environment let her safely rejoin the world again. Over time, she is re-establishing balanced emotional states that are leveling the long-term chemical imbalance.

A male client experienced seizures that medical tests were unable to diagnose. Excavating and resolving intense repressed anger freed him of the seizures. There is no limit to how our emotional environments affect the quality of our lives.

All life exists within a larger, unlimited environment as a necessary part of wholeness. The air and water, the pleasant emotions and the painful ones, all provide their contribution to the entirety of life. The very fact that we live within multiple environments, and them in us, indicates that there is a beneficial interrelationship.

The study with children and trees mentioned above demonstrates the energy environment of children entrained with the energy environment of the trees, resulting in balance. How much deeper might our inner and outer environments be affecting our body than we know? If we recognize all environments, seen and unseen, as necessary aspects of wholeness, and respect the messages they convey, how might this affect our understanding of ourselves and enrich the art and science of healing?

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is a practitioner in the art of spiritual healing. For 15 years, she has helped individuals be free of repressed emotional patterns and somatic trauma that are the primary cause of physical disorders and unbalanced lives. The energy methods used by Nancy integrate wholeness based in self-love and support healing of the entire body/mind system. Please contact Nancy at (949) 487-1551 or at www.HeartsourceHealing.com

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