Who Is Best at Providing “Gentle
and Caring” Acupuncture Care?


Kathie Albertson, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, has been involved in Chinese Medicine since 1992 and was trained in the U. S. and in China. After a water-skiing accident in 1975, Kathie suffered from back pain for many years before realizing that acupuncture could restore her health.

“I spent years working in the corporate world, wearing high heels, being on the go, and often in pain. Then someone mentioned that acupuncture might be a solution. I had never thought about acupuncture, and in my ignorance, didn’t even know how to go about obtaining treatment.

“After I found out how helpful acupuncture could be, I wanted to study it. I never thought that acupuncture schools would teach such mysterious information in English! I am certainly glad I was incorrect! I found that most acupuncture schools teach in English, Chinese, and Korean. So, spurred on by my own health issues and ignorance, this Italian girl from Buffalo, New York, went to acupuncture school and then went abroad to study in hospitals and clinics in China. I was truly guided.”

Ten thousand licensed acupuncturists practice in the U.S. and 5,000 of them are in California!

Most prospective patients want to know if acupuncture hurts. Well, it doesn’t. You might feel a pinch — something similar to a hair being tweezed, but it only lasts for a second. What follows is a deep sensation of relaxation and calmness. Acupuncture releases endorphins and works with your brain and body chemistry to open up your channels of energy.

People often consider acupuncture for pain management or for stopping addictions, for example, alcohol, smoking, or eating. Acupuncture does much more than that. And over 80 percent of individuals treated with acupuncture receive positive results!

Kathie has treated thousands of patients of all ages for a wide variety of disorders and illnesses. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, and her dissertation will focus on female fertility and pregnancy. Here is an example of how acupuncture can help. A pregnant woman came to see Kathie because she was told her baby was breeched. After two acupuncture treatments, the baby turned naturally, and the woman was spared from having to undergo a Caesarian section. Kathie has assisted many patients during natural and in-vitro methods of achieving pregnancy.

What about kids? Yes, many children (and adults as well) suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, migraines and depression. Kathie’s gentle approach has not only alleviated the pain and discomfort they had, it also reduced or eliminated their need for toxic Western medications.

“I enjoy working one-on-one with people and the ability to problem-solve with a patient. Patients should walk out feeling nourished and relaxed.”

If someone wants to achieve weight loss, Kathie often does a live blood cell analysis first to determine if the patient has:
·     Healthy red cells
·     Enough white, “fighting” cells
·     Evidence of poor digestive ability
·     Any systemic bacterial or yeast infections

“A good diagnosis leads to quicker and more specific results.”

Treating the root of the problem is a more permanent approach and saves the patient time and money in the long run. Western medicines are needed at times in the short term, but they often mask the underlying problem. Doctors are so specialized, or so busy, that they only look at one issue at a time, or they wait until a problem escalates into a danger zone before they address it. Acupuncture can work during the early stages of a disease.

“Stress and fatigue are precursors to more serious issues. We overwork! I encourage the combination of many modalities including massage, phy-sical exercise and meditation. Acupuncture can be the conduit to bring you back to balance quickly. Many insurance companies are now covering acupuncture, so please feel free to call if you have any questions. You deserve it!”

Acupuncture is effective for:

·Pain anywhere: for example,  
 back, neck, arthritis
·Sinusitis/ allergies
·IBS /Crohn’s disease
·Diarrhea or constipation
·Skin disorders

·PMS, peri-menopause/hormone
·Weight gain
·Weight loss
·TMJ/ vertigo
·and much more!

Kathie holds a Master’s degree from SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine, a Master’s degree in Counseling, and a B.S. in Business. She is also certified in Acupuncture Orthopedics and NAET allergy-elimination techniques. Kathie operates a full-time practice in acupuncture and Chinese herbology in Mission Viejo.

For appointment, please call (949) 348-8111

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