Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Planet Dog is proud to announce the creation of the Paddy McRingo Ball, a unique dog toy that offers dog owners a fun way to celebrate the holiday with their four-legged friends.

The Paddy McRingo Ball is a hollow and whimsically-shaped dog toy that is curiously durable, awkwardly bouncy, unsinkably buoyant and peppermint scented. Shaped like Saturn and offered in a shamrock green two-tone color combination with rings for St. Patrick’s Day, the Paddy McRingo Ball is sure to make tails wag with its unpredictable bounces.

The Paddy McRingo is made from Orbee-Tuff®, non-toxic and FDA-approved. It is 100% recyclable and customers can send it back to Planet Dog to be melted into new ones.

The Paddy McRingo Ball is $9.95 and can be purchased on-line at or by calling Planet Dog toll-free (800) 381-1516.

Planet Dog Introduces
New Cat Products 

Can dogs and cats live happily together?

Planet Dog thinks so. The pet product manufacturer and retailer is pleased to announce the expansion of Planet Cat, their unique line of products for felines.

Planet Cat features several new cat products: the Cat Cube, Cat Scratch Pad, and Fish & Mouse Shake N’ Play. In addition to the new products, Planet Dog also offers the Orbee Mouse and the Cardboard Cat Bed.

Planet Dog’s new Cat Scratch Pad and Cat Cube offer cat owners an alternative to their favorite couch. The Cat Scratch Pad hangs cleverly from a doorknob providing cats with a perfect scratching post in any room. The Cat Cube enables cat owners to provide their four-legged friends with interactive and scratch-friendly furniture

The new Fish & Mouse Shake N’ Play allows them to enjoy their favorite pastimes without decreasing the fish and bird population. Organic catnip comes packaged with a corrugated fish and mouse. Cat owners can simply shake the loose catnip particles into the open corrugation for instant zaniness.

The Orbee Mouse builds off the success of the Orbee Ball, a globe-shaped dog toy that has received numerous pet industry accolades. It is made from Orbee-Tuff, a durable and non-toxic compound approved by the FDA that is 100% recyclable since it can be sent back to Planet Dog to be melted into new Orbee-Tuff toys if and when it ever wears down.

The Orbee Mouse, a 7-inch toy, is available in blue, green, red, blaze, and glow-in-the-dark. For extra “kitty arousal,” the Orbee Mouse has a “belly pocket” to hide a jingle bell or catnip.

The Planet Cat Cardboard Bed with Crayons is the brainchild of Alex Fisher, Planet Dog’s Chief Creative Officer. “When I adopted my cat Kevin I bought him a fancy cat bed, but he was obsessed with and preferred cardboard boxes,” says Fisher. “In talking with other cat stewards I learned they had a similar experience and after testing cardboard prototypes a Planet Cat bed was born,” he adds.

This unique cat bed is offered with eco-friendly soy-based crayons that allow the customer to joyfully tailor the color and design to their taste. Planet Cat also offers a comfy Berber Fleece pad accessory for the cat bed.

All Planet Cat and Planet Dog products can be purchased at pet retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, through their innovative website or their catalog by calling (800) 381-1516.

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