Masters of the Heart
By Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

The dawn of the Age of Aquarius or Age of Light is upon us. We have left behind the Piscean Age or Age of Darkness. With the light of this new age all things that have been hidden in darkness will no longer remain hidden. All knowledge that has been kept secret will be uncovered. This is the age of no secrets. Do not be surprised if you begin to hear more about Kabbalah now and in the years to come, for the deeper mysteries of man and his own divinity and his relationship to the universe, are being revealed.

Kabbalah, means “receiving” and refers to the knowledge given to humans through the medium of Metatron, the archangel closest to God. In the Kabbalah, through teachings housed in its gnostic symbol, The Tree of Life, we find the key of how to return to unity consciousness and live in harmony and grace while on the Earth. It provides a roadmap on how to become a master of the light of this age or a master of the heart.  

A master of the heart is one who lives from the heart, from the center of their being. The heart is the location of our higher self or soul. This center along with the head center (crown & pineal gland), are the two centers that are in direct communication with our higher self. They are the gates through which our soul energy, as well as the other higher energies, enters our being.

The heart is the center of consciousness where all experiences of all our incarnations are stored. It is the part of us that does not die with physical death and lasts for as long as it takes us to be liberated from the cycle of life and death. The lower three spiritual centers (chakras) located below the chest or heart represent our lower self, and only last one lifetime.

To be happy, healthy and live in harmony in this age one must shift to one’s center, one’s heart, which is the place of balance and harmony. Many of us find ourselves dwelling in our mind, but the energy of the Age of Aquarius is at the level of the heart chakra. And it is through the heart, that one can manifest one’s highest destiny.

How does one do that? How does one make the shift from the mind, which is where most of us dwell, to the heart?  How do we learn to hear and trust that still, small voice within? The Kabbalah reveals the secrets of the path of the heart. Although the outer teachings of the Kabbalah are being revealed to the general public, one must look to the inner teachings.

The inner teachings of the Kabbalah lie in our relationship with the Sun. Working with the Sun is the highest practice of Kabbalah. It will give you an understanding of the mysteries of life. The Sun is the mathematical center of our solar system and all the planets spin around it in absolute harmony. In other words, it is the heart of our solar  system and there would be no life on earth without the Sun showering us with pranic life force.

The heart chakra is the center of our personal solar system. The heart chakra is the Sun or the higher self in our body. It is located in the center between the three upper chakras and the three lower chakras. It is the balance point in the body. For the Egyptians, the heart center was considered to be the seat of the wisdom of our soul. This point is also reflected in the Tree of Life as Tiphareth or the Sun. The sphere that corresponds with the Sun (Tiphareth)  is located exactly at the center of the Tree of Life. It reflects the balance point of the tree, the center point, and symbolically represents the balance point of man or his center point, the heart.

We have a primal connection to the Sun through our heart center, the location of the symbolic Sun in the human body. The hands are an extension of the heart. Our hands are a symbol of the Sun. For the Sun is the leading star of our solar system; and our hands, much more than our feet, are shaped like a star when we open them widely. Hands can be used to create love and harmony. We can use them to restore, balance and cleanse, heal and give life. We use the hands, through the use of different hand positions known as mudras, to direct the love and healing energy of the Sun.

There are two Suns. It is little known that the physical Sun is a representation of the spiritual Sun. As humans, we live on the earth in the world of duality, so for us, the physical Sun has two sides to it. The spiritual law of correspondences says that whatever one relates to one becomes. By contemplating, relating, picturing or thinking of the physical Sun in your mind,  you are automatically in touch with the spiritual Sun. By allowing the mind to contemplate the Sun it opens our heart center, and facilitates an elevation in consciousness.

For the most part, when the Sun rises past a 60-degree angle in the sky it is not wise to gaze at it. As the sun sets, it’s safest at 30 degrees and below. So while working with the Sun is beneficial, there are certain hours of the day its rays can be harmful and can disturb our skin and DNA.

The spiritual Sun is the only Sun you can work with at any time. This light is the light of the living spirit that flows through us and is all around us. The Sun will expand your perception and give you an experience of your own infinity, so that you may experience your vastness and enjoy the fullness of life. By working with the Sun, all the dormant qualities and virtues in you are brought to full life and start producing beautiful deeds. Like the Sun, you will be able to warm and light up everyone you meet, touch or speak with.
There are two main ways to gain universal consciousness or illumination. The first way is by gaining ultimate wisdom through repeated mistakes and hardship over time. The second way is through chanting (mantra). Chanting is the way of the Sun because the soul responds to chanting. It establishes a vibration between your consciousness and the supreme consciousness.

Lumen de Lumine is a beautiful mantra that invokes the light of the Sun. It is a prayer of the strongest potency, which will keep misfortune away and bring peace, love and mercy into the lives of those who work with it. It will connect you to the beneficent and benevolent hosts of the superior astral world. By listening to the CD or chanting this little known Kabbalistic prayer, it will open the heart and surround you with a blanket of light.

Practice Kabbalah of the Sun in the spirit of love and light to heal yourself and uplift others. As a result of working with the Sun, we go to our own center and become like the solar system. Everything we need gravitates around us in perfect harmony. By working with the Sun, and letting it shine in your heart, which is the Sun of your own being, you will possess the glory of the brightness of the whole world, and all darkness will disappear from your life. You will become a master of the heart.

Since the age of 12, Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) has been trained & gifted in the esoteric arts and sciences through which he learned the science of Kabbalah. After 30 years of research, study, teaching and travel worldwide, he has created a unique synthesis of the most powerful teachings of Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga, to not only uplift people, but also help them avoid adversity and improve their lives.  

Gurunam has the unique ability to see past, present and future by reading one’s energy field. He helps people identify their gifts and talents, as well as their challenges, and brings out their highest potential. He has analyzed over 32,000 energy fields, diagnosing thousands of people’s problems, predicaments and illnesses and guiding them through the process of self-healing, creating meaningful careers, healthy relationships and realizing their dreams. He believes nothing is done by chance, and one can rewrite his or her destiny through the knowledge and application of the Universal Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga.

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