Amoeba Hop
By Christine Lavin
Illustrated by Betsy Franco Feeney
In this wonderful book by celebrated folk singer and songwriter Christine Lavin, a girl looks into a mud puddle and sees more than she expected. The tiny inhabitants of a drop of water are having a dance. The band is a group of algae, and one-cell creatures such as amoebas are shaking their legs — oops, pseudopods — to the lively tune of the “Amoeba Hop.”  The joint is really jumping as one shy paramecium finds a dance partner in an unusual way.

This charming book mixes wit and science in an irresistible way. The almost-invisible invertebrates come to dazzling life with Fee-ney’s imaginative paintings. Along with the beautiful yet silly illustrations, the book includes a CD of the “Amoeba Hop,” one of Lavin’s best-loved songs. Even early readers can follow along — and dance along — to this lively tune. The sheet music is included at the back, so you can join in on your piano or guitar.

Best of all, the science is solid, and children will become fascinated by the microscopic world. The story is followed by an explanation of amoebas, paramecia, and algae, with actual pictures of different varieties. There are instructions on how to find and view these creatures, and even a brief note on the first person to ever see protozoa.

Don’t be surprised if your child asks for a microscope after reading this book! After enjoying this clever and fun story and song, who wouldn’t want to see the Amoeba Hop for themselves?  Highly recommended.

Published by Puddle Jump Press, this book is available at your local bookstore and at
Reviewed by Lyda Whiting

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