Refreshing the Feng Shui in Our Homes in 2004
By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.


One of the highest and most effective levels of practicing feng shui is timing. Feng shui should be adjusted at least once a year according to the annual Nine Star Chart. Just as adjusting feng shui at the right time can bring about positive results, adjusting feng shui at the wrong time can also bring about devastating effects. The lunar new year started January 22, 2004. It marks a time of renewal. During this time, we ideally refresh our energies so we can conquer yet another year. 2004 is special in that it marks the beginning of a new twenty-year cycle, also known as the 8th Cycle.

Understanding the planetary cycles through the Nine Star System is vital. These charts indicate for us the planetary cycles and their influences on us on global, regional and personal levels. Knowing how to interpret these charts allows us to forecast annual activities of positive and negative energies. It prepares us to deal with possible disaster and guides us to growth. When we know how to use this tool, we are able to prevent and minimize problems and focus our efforts on reaching our goals. Each star is associated with a number, relates to the five elements and represents different characteristics, types of people, and areas of our body. Depending on what direction the stars are located in, they create energy that causes certain activities, behavior and events to occur.

This year, the annual energies of the 5th Cycle will come together with the energies of twenty-year 8th Cycle chart. With the 5 star in the center, this masculine star of violence can bring energies of warfare, disease, explosion, injury, robbery, violation, betrayal, lawsuits, terrorism and mental problems. When this star occurs in the center, this means the center of everywhere, our country, our states, our cities, our homes have this energy. Of course, the 5 star energy will arise in different degrees in different circumstances. If there is anything negative or unstable located in the center, this can activate the 5 star.

The old and the young who sleep in the center room are more susceptible to leg pains, sprains and tendon injuries, and catching colds. With the conflicting masculine water 1 star and feminine fire 9 star in the annual 5th Cycle, this can bring arguments between males and females. Money comes and goes. To release these negative energies in the center, make sure you neutralize unstable elements such as staircases, toilets, stoves, fireplaces, water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, and skylights by placing a clear quartz or gold turtle sculpture by these them. Hang a five-tier chime, ring a gong five times daily to release the 5 star in the center of your house.

The South associated with the fire element has conflicting energies with the annual energies of the water monkey. The combination of these energies brings stubbornness and narrow-mindedness which leads to arguments. Having the feminine fire 9 star here with the masculine metal 6 and masculine earth 5 star brings conflicts and scandals among young ambitious fiery females with older authoritative males. It also is a signal of adultery and betrayal. Using the south room or door of our homes, we need to be extra careful of arguments, especially between father and daughter. The younger females tend to have the upper hand and win these battles. The older males may be prone to injury and illness. The South door can bring car accidents and injuries so if possible, avoid using this door. If you must use this door, place a set of bronze chi ling with mantra charms and jade rings facing south. You can use the earth element to harmonize the fire and metal energies such as a brown doormat or yellow flowers placed by the south door.

The Southwest is associated with the earth element 2 star. It represents the energy of the mother, the older woman, the female leader; it relates to the uterus, hormones, flesh, and nutrients. Its energies are defeated by the wood element energies of the 3 and 4 stars, compounded by the 5 star in the 8th Cycle making it a challenging year for older females sleeping in the southwest room. They need to pay extra attention to their health and the people they deal with. Adjust with fire element using pink or burgundy colors, nine red flowers, or rose quartz in the southwest room.

The West is associated with the feminine metal element 7 star. It represents the energy of the youngest daughter, entertainment, sex, sales, alternative healing, and technology. Having the promoting 8 and 7 stars in the annual chart as well as the double masculine water 1 and masculine metal 6 stars in the 8th Cycle brings great exuberance, love and support. Those with a west door or room will enjoy economic improvement, love and support. We can enhance the west energies for love, romance, business and promotion with the earth element such as eight jade rings, or a mountain landscape and water elements such as a fountain, aquarium or rainbow obsidian.

The Northwest is associated with the masculine metal 6 star. It is an energy of the male leader, dictator, law, commerce, wholesale, and big business especially related to transportation and metal such as automobiles, defense, appliances, and computers. This year, the feminine 9 star and masculine 8 star promote these energies making businesses in these related fields boom especially if you have a northwest door or room. However, with the negative 5 and 2 stars in the 8th Cycle, this can still bring competition, fraud, illegal activities and health problems as well. Release negative energies by ringing a bell or gong 8 times in the northwest corner. But similar to the West, you can enhance energies for business productivity and prosperity with the earth and water elements.

The East is associated with the masculine wood 3 star. Its energies represent the oldest son, the professional, lawyer, teacher, and clerk. It relates to the arms and legs and liver. Coming into combination with the 3 and 2 stars this year, creates a double 3 energy.

In our homes, the east room and door can bring us good business, scholarships for our children and new ideas for expansion, passing exams and attaining licenses, especially if the east direction is a compatible and we activate these energies with the fire element such as the red color, nine-tier pagoda or rose quartz. But, if there are any negative elements such as the stove, toilet, fireplace or stairs in the east sector, this can active the negative 2 and 5 stars in the 8th Cycle which can bring colds, arm and leg problems, alcoholism or liver ailments, arguments and unexpected financial loss or accident. Please release these negative frequencies with a strand of 8 bells or ringing a gong eight times daily.

Similar to the East, the Southeast energies this year are also positive for intelligence, scholarship, attain licensing and promotion. The 4 star is associated with the eldest daughter, communication, advertising, design, writing, and learning. It relates to the hip, liver and pancreas. Having the 4 and 3 stars doubling its energies in the 8th Cycle, brings love, marriage, growth, expansion, development in scholarship and businesses especially those related to communications, and marketing. In our homes, using the southeast door or room can bring promotion. Children in the southeast room can focus better and do well in school. Enhance these energies with the amethyst, rainbow obsidian, nine-tier pagoda, rooster sculpture or lucky bamboo. Be aware that the conflicting 2 and 1 stars are also in southeast this year and they can bring adultery, dizziness, or stress. Release this with the healing gourd or turtle in the southeast room facing southeast.

The northeast has the masculine 8 star combined with the energies of the metal 7 and metal 6 stars. Although having the 8 star here during the start of the 8th Cycle should signal booming wealth and achievement, the masculine 6 and feminine 7 are both strong metal energies that can bring conflicts and arguments among older males and younger females. There is much competition and struggle among businesses of the older male generation and the younger female generation. The 8th Cycle has the 7, 9 and 2 stars, all of which are feminine energies that bring fighting and rebellion. In our homes, we can still enjoy energies of wealth in the northeast room but it tends to come with struggle and conflicts. Adjust these energies of quarreling with the stable water element such as the rainbow obsidian, images of lake or pond. Use guardian animals such as the bi shou or lion facing northeast in the northeast corner.

The north has the masculine water 1 star. The 1 star is associated with high tech, sperm, kidney, ears, sex, creativity, cunning, and movement. Having the 1 star here in combination with the annual 5 and 4 stars and 8th Cycle’s 9, 7 and 4 stars brings scholarship and mind development, however, it does tend to come with head ailments, dizziness, and dealing with tricky people. In our homes, the north door and rooms are unstable. It can bring dizzy spells, distracted minds, and having to deal with untrustworthy and troublesome people. Adjust with the fire element such as nine red flowers or a pink lotus lamp.

It is important to remember this is a general forecast with general adjustments that can be used to release negative energies and activate positive energies this year. How the annual energies will affect you and your family will vary from case to case depending on the house’s feng shui and the energy of the people living inside. In most cases, there needs to be an onsite feng shui evaluation to determine how energies can be best adjusted.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Awarded for her Master’s Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information, see www.liu-fengshui.com

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