What is Conscious Marketing?
By Lisa Cherney


Unlike traditional marketing, Conscious Marketing isn’t based on creating fear or fighting the competition. It’s not about figuring out what clients want and becoming that image. What it is, is tapping into your heart and intuition to create your own unique marketing message. It’s getting out of your head — and your own way — to connect with what is authentic.

As in any relationship, be it friends, lovers or clients, if what you put out there doesn’t connect to your “truth,” eventually it won’t feel good and someday it simply won’t be fun anymore. One day, you’ll look across a table and say, “How did I get here? I need to change this!”

Conscious Marketing was born because I was meeting wonderful, gifted people who weren’t clear enough about their products or services — and the great work they were doing — to fully represent themselves. When we started to create marketing materials, they were often blocked when they realized they didn’t know what kind of business they wanted to form and why they would be chosen versus a competitor.

As a former marketing manager and sales trainer, I knew the challenge they faced describing their work to a potential client, not to mention the exactness of having to write brochure copy. Thus, Conscious Marketing was born… an “inside out” approach that looks within one’s heart first and not the head.

Law of Attraction
Conscious Marketing offers the clarity to channel one’s passion so marketing materials connect with people in the most authentic way. Conscious Marketing builds on the Law of Attraction… “We will draw unto us things and people of a like vibration.” What we clearly focus on, we create (positive or negative).” To attract our “Ideal Client,” we must be clear about who they are, and portray our “true essence” in our marketing materials (brochures, flyers, website, etc). It is that essence that will connect us with our Ideal Clients and build our business.

Defining Your Ideal Client
Your Ideal Client is the one you want to clone. In other words, working with them is pure joy and the work is almost, well, playful! Once your Ideal Client is defined, that is whom you will attract. Some characteristics of MY Ideal Client are: 1) They value my service and willingly pay my fees; 2) They are excited about taking their business to the next level; 3) They have a spiritual foundation.
Take time to define YOUR Ideal Client. Picture one you already have; look at what works for others or simply let yourself dream. If you’re stuck, vacate your head by connecting with your higher-self through jour-naling, automatic writing or within meditation. Remember, saying “No” to a potential client who doesn’t “feel right,” opens the space to say, “Yes” to an Ideal Client.

Creating Key Benefits
Learning to clearly communicate “Key Benefits” of working with you is yet another way to take advantage of the Law of Attraction and realize those Ideal Clients.

Bottom line, clients need to know what they are going to “get” from working with us. How does their life change? How do you help people? What is the outcome of your work? Your Key Benefits are the words that follow your performance. They are what customers say (or what you want them to say) when they brag about you to a friend.

Here is a hint to ensure your benefits are noticed and duly recorded. Be specific and unique. Using words like “high quality,” “good customer service,” or “life changing” are too common and without impact. Test your benefits by asking, “What is the benefit of the benefit?” or “What do I mean by this?” For example, “Our product is high quality.” When we ask, “What do we mean by this?” it gets more detailed. It could mean: “We buy the best ingredients” or, in another situation, “We are very selective and hire only top teachers.“ This brings “high quality” to a whole new level.

When you start marketing from the heart and not the head, a whole new world opens up. It is full of Ideal Clients and Key Benefits, but most of all; it is a never-ending journey of joyful growth!
Lisa Cherney is a Marketing Intuitive and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing. She has 15 years of corporate marketing and advertising agency experience and was trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue as a Spiritual Counselor.

Conscious Marketing offers workshops, coaching, evaluation of your current materials and can create your logo, brochure, website, etc.  For workshop dates, visit our website www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (714) 637-0930.

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