Celebrate EarthFair 2004
By Alice Martinez


Does “Earth Day” seem trivial to you, or does it give you a dose of hope? Earth Day organizers hope for the latter but try to sympathize with the feelings of those who feel they can make a difference in just one day. After all, with so many threats to the world, to think you can make a difference in one day, seems unrealistic. However, organizers point out that each day is the only chance we have to make any progress.

“The organizations you see at the EarthFair in Balboa Park give people an opportunity to make a difference year round, by volunteering time, contributing to worthy causes, and living a more sustainable lifestyle.” said Carolyn Chase, Earth-Fair organizer.

This year’s EarthFair, held in San Diego’s Balboa Park on April 25 from 10am to 5pm, is the 15th annual event. At this fun and educational event, San Diego families can find solutions to today’s problems and help to create a better future for us all. Throughout the park, visitors will see hundreds of environmental and quality-of-life exhibits, showcasing services, products and causes presented by environmental organizations, businesses and  government agencies.

Regular visitors to EarthFair will find some new events this year. “After 14 years of producing the event, the EarthWorks Board of Directors decided it’s time to kick it up a notch,” said Chris Klein, EarthFair Production Manager. “We’ve got teams of volunteers working right now to create new exhibits and activities.

We’re moving the Children’s Area to a new location, and are planning to have some special hands-on activities, like paper-making. Expect to see some major enhancements to our eHome (environmental home) exhibits, recycled art, and a new recycling and zero-waste demonstration area.” Klein hinted at other surprises, still in the works.

A major focus of the event will be Recycling and Zero Waste: what would it look like to live a life where EVERYTHING was recycled and nothing went into a landfill? Visitors will be invited to upgrade their recycling skills by entering the Recycling Derby: sorting clean trash and recyclables into the correct bins in the shortest time. The event itself will be shooting for zero waste: all refuse generated at the event will be sorted and recycled.

Traditional features of EarthFair will be back, including the Children’s Earth Parade, Health and Technology Pavilions, earth-friendly food, and six entertainment venues.

The San Diego Earth Day 2004 theme is “Protect Our Home.” Chase pointed out, “Earth Day is an annual opportunity to consider what else you could do to learn about doing your part, and the many ways that add up — both good and bad. A lot of our problems become cumulative over time, especially toxic pollutants, but also more mundane problems like traffic. In a large urban area, where more and more people would love to live, things we don’t protect are changed or destroyed over time. Whether it’s our lifestyles or our politics, we each have impacts on the world.”

Be a part of the team that produces environmental events and activities in 2004. Find out what you can do for the Earth by volunteering, sponsoring or exhibiting at EarthFair 2004, the VIP (Very Important Planet) Reception on May 12, the GreenBuilt Tour this fall — or design your own project for the planet.

San Diego EarthWorks is a network of committed volunteers in service for a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for all living things. We invite you to join us as we make the connections that ensure a sustainable future for all living things.

Volunteers can register online at http://www.earthdayweb.org, or find out about volunteer introduction and training meetings. For phone updates, call our 24-hour voicemail system and listen to the latest info or leave a message (858) 496-6666.

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