Your Emotional Health
Grounding In Oneness

By Nancy Elizabeth Brady



As the world around us wakes up to receive the light of spring, it sparks something in us that also awakens to a rhythm of renewal. What is this movement in us that resonates with the earth’s natural cycles of life?

Earth’s systematic evolution is an expression of divine order manifesting its central core of being. Our earth knows exactly how to express itself and undertakes this in spite of the disastrous consequences of humanity’s senseless actions toward the planet. The earth will always evolve to establish balance amidst whatever chaos it encounters as the result of the restrictions we have placed upon the environment. How we experience the earth’s rebalancing is a collective choice and is related to our everyday actions.

The connection of the earth’s energy with our individual energy holds significant importance in our life because we are all expressions of the same indivisible source of being. In truth, there is no separation of earth energy with our personal energy; there is only one common field in which we all exist. Therefore, it is natural that earth’s cycles influence us, just as ours will affect the earth.

Mentally we may understand that we are all part of the same oneness. Individually, we generally relate to each other openly and engage in acts that respect the common thread of unity. Now let’s look deeper and closer to home. When is the last time you felt any resistance inside? Resistance is an aspect of humanity’s dualistic conditioning that causes separation. When we resist, we create an energy that pushes away, either to an aspect of our self or to other people.

This illusion of separation is a primary cause of disharmony in our body and in the world. Recent world events have upset inner feelings of personal safety for many people. Because the earth’s energy is one and the same with ours, the chaotic world environment will resonate with any internal fears we hold related to issues of safety.

This will look different from person to person but the issue is a common one, separation. The ego is a dominant player in this illusion of separation and will offer resistance to whatever threatens its influence. Despite this, maintaining a oneness consciousness means there is nothing to resist. When you fully accept the reality that unity is the truth of all existence, the inner need to resist softens its hold and opposition to inseparability dissolves.

Repairing this separation tendency is one of the ways the earth can assist us. The earth’s natural magnetic force is always present and ready to help us come back from any false sense of division we hold. Simple acts of walking barefoot on the grass, sitting on the ground, or leaning against a tree are amazingly powerful in their ability to help us feel a sense of connectedness. These ordinary actions elicit an inner quietness and grounding, bringing us back into our self from all the places our mental body has taken us.

With so much unrest occurring in our world today the need to be grounded in ourselves and present to our lives is more important than ever. There are many ways of doing this through meditation, prayer, art or music, but just walking on the earth with our awareness in the current moment is a simple way of being grounded in the unity of oneness. Making time to intentionally connect with the earth helps us to continue to stay grounded. The more grounded we are, the more light we can hold. Holding more light helps us to remember our truth of oneness. The more each person remembers this, the faster the world will heal.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is an intuitive and practitioner in the spiritual art of healing. For over 10 years, she has assisted others in healing the root cause of disorders and returning to health. She can be contacted at (949) 487-1551 or  by visiting 

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