The Women’s Movement Her Inner Revolution
By Audrey Hope


“Girl, you made it to the other side.”
                                                    — SADE


Her revolution, that has been turning inside of her since the beginning of time, has really been about the movement to her true self and soul. It seemed as if her fight was about finding her place in the world, her work, her status, her money and standing tall for equality. Yet, in all her battles, what she truly wanted was to be free to be her-self. Again.

FEMINISM IS SPIRITUALITY. It is, and always has been, a journey to reclaim her voice, her deep strength and self-esteem. She has been longing to live in her inner temple, her secret garden, and to follow the inner laws of her heart. Again.

Women once gathered in circles under the moon, and watched the changing cycles of the sun and the stars. She listened to the sacred sounds of nature, and the intuitive whispers in the wind. When she was raped throughout history, they took her gifts to revere mother earth and the creation of all human life.

The truth is that all people in all parts of the world, in all of time, worshipped the deity as female. There is too much evidence on the planet to support this. When we stop denying this truth, and allow it back into our lives, we reawaken her magic for divine wisdom, inspiration and compassion.

A contemporary reclamation of Goddess history is not for the pretty stories, or to imagine her sitting on a golden throne, able to fly through the heavens. She is real. In her honor, we restore her gentle omnipotence that knows how to guide with loving hands.

When we instill positive images of womanhood back into the culture, into our daily lives, we refuse the destructive forces of hierarchy and racism and sexism and patriarchialism, in all forms. We end the thought system of any group having the divine right to rule over another. We stop false beliefs that one is better than another, that women are less than men, and men are so much more.

A wrong history is damaging, not because it is a wrong story re-told to our children, but because it destroys women in the present moment. With the heavy baggage of a false self, she cannot step gracefully into the future.

The chains of an untrue yesterday make her always wanting. She then strives too hard to be perfect, to be young and beautiful, and to climb an impossible ladder — a mountain with no top. She thinks she is never enough. She must always change. Her problems with anorexia, bulimia, rape, abuse, instability, depression, and unhappiness come directly from the rape of the goddess.

 The emancipation of women has been her cry for personal freedom. It is the kind of freedom that breaks the inner chains, and has a thunder that screams, “I am enough. I am perfect, now in this moment. I love myself.”  And in that place, is true ecstasy, that needs and wants nothing. It is a present that each woman can give herself. Now.

The goddess lives within all. A woman, who honors herself, is a queen. And a man who know how to love a goddess is a king. Then both can join together and make the earth a paradise.

The goddess is for today. We need her. In her embrace, we relearn the ancient secrets of the universe, and the ways of love. We can find hope in her eyes. Silence the goddess, no longer. Then and now, she holds the key to peace.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu. She is the creator and host of “Reel Women,”  a cable TV show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. You may write to hopesvoice@aol   

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