The Gentle Wind Project:
An International Nonprofit Healing Project
By Lee Metcalf



During the last twenty years, The Gentle Wind Project has provided a free mental and emotional healing to more than six million people from 150 countries around the world. Based in Kittery, Maine, the Project has developed a unique healing technology that comes in the form of Healing Instruments small enough to be held in a person’s hand.

The Healing Instruments repair, restore and rebuild each person’s energetic structure, the non-physical field that surrounds the human body. It is within this structure that the hurts and wounds of our lives are stored. When left uncorrected, these damaged areas weaken us physically and emotionally. The damaged areas have a magnetic quality causing us to attract people and situations of similar harm. When this happens relationships are built on what is wrong with each other rather than what is right with each other.

The Gentle Wind healing works to correct some of the physical misalignments that people may have. Emotional traumas too can cause physical mis-alignments, which often lead to pain and illness. Surgeries, car accidents, invasive cancer treatments, even extensive dental work can cause lasting physical misalignments.

Please note that the Project is not claiming to provide a cure for any physical illness. The physical realignment aspects are intended only as an adjunct to proper medical care. The Healing Instruments are designed to correct for physical misalignments and restore physical balance.

While the Healing Instruments are designed to work on each person’s energetic structure, in order to verify the effectiveness of the Instruments the Project’s researchers have had to study the effects of the Instruments on people’s daily functioning. Did people who used the Instruments feel calmer, stronger, more in control of their lives and happier with themselves? As clinical social workers and engineers, the researchers were interested in how the Healing Instruments affected the long-term quality of a person’s life.

The Gentle Wind Project specifically studied people who were experiencing obvious mental and emotional distress. Among those studied were couples in conflict. Many were contemplating a divorce and some were in a continuous state of arguing. After using a Healing Instrument, most couples felt the tensions in their relationship were eased.

Other studies included incest survivors, most of whom stated they were finally able to leave the trauma of their childhood in the past and build new lives based in the present. Women in abusive relationships were able to change or break away from their abusers. Five and ten years later, most women had not gone back to the old pattern of abuse but had gone on to more positive lives.

The Gentle Wind Project healing technology has made its way into mainstream medicine. The Instruments are utilized in hospitals and clinics, often in integrated and complementary medicine programs for people with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. The Instruments are being offered for emotional support to patients and their families, as well as health care workers.

Local health care practitioners share The Gentle Wind Project Instruments with their patients. Dr. Marilyn Jones, DC of Woodland Hills reports, “We treat many types of patients ranging from the following diagnoses: arthritic symptoms, obsessive compulsive disorder, fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, chronic sciatica, and agitated depression, to name a few. After using a Healing Instrument these people showed dramatic alleviation of some of the problems suffered on a daily basis.”

 Indianapolis osteopathic physician, Dr. Rebecca Anderson has found the Gentle Wind Healing Instruments to be “very helpful.” She explains, “After using these Instruments my patients’ immediate response is that they feel better, more calm, and have less discomfort. I find patients respond better and faster to my treatments. Also, with the use of the Instruments, I do not feel tired and drained of my energy at the end of the day.”

The Gentle Wind Project will be coming to Sherman Oaks and Ventura, California in March. Each event includes a free Open House, a time when anyone in the community can come and use a Healing Instrument at no charge, whether or not they stay for the optional seminar. Everyone is welcome. See calendar listings on page 45-46 for details.  

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