J. J. & His Father, Arborist Steve Stoeckel, Both Agree  
“Trees Around The World is Our Living Legacy!”
By Kay Walburger



J.J. respectfully told his father, “Dad, I want to honor you and follow in your footsteps, but I do not want to do this business of tree trimming and sprinkler systems; I want to do ‘Trees Around The World’ business with you!”

J.J. was at Arbor Day ceremonies when special trees were planted at his church. He could sense the importance of this reverence for trees. He witnessed family and friends coming together to plant trees and pray for the healing of earth. He posed for a photo with Mark Victor Hansen and his dad, Steve Stoeckel, and his two friends, Erik and Steven. In the picture he is holding a small evergreen tree planted by him and his father and grown from a tiny seed.

He knew this was very important work that needed to be done and his father was the person entrusted with “the dream seed” for “Trees Around the World” by Mark’s bold vision to reforest the planet.

J.J. dreams of being a spokesperson for TATW! He has wonderful qualifications for this position. J.J. is 9 years old and in the fourth grade. His favorite subjects are P.E. and Science; he is delighted because his class is studying, rocks, minerals, and electricity. Enthusiastically he showed me his own collection of rocks including precious and semiprecious stones. He likes to play basketball, chess, and video games. He is filled with joyousness and wonder.

J.J. is the living symbol of “Our Living Legacy!”  He represents the next generation of children who will have to live with the decisions we make today!  Our Living Legacy is our children and a safe, healthy environment for them to live and breathe in!

How Will We Restore Our Planet’s Health & Vitality?
Father and son agree, we need to have a grassroots movement of Tree Stewards! So what is a tree steward? What do they do?  Can anyone be a tree steward?  How do you become a tree steward?  Why become a tree steward?

The definition of steward is “one who manages another’s affairs properly.”  Most stewards feel a sense of duty and pride in this most trusted responsibility. There is a spiritual urgency and standards of quality at the core of this great calling that is innately understood by men and women accepting stewardship. Many feel it is an act of worship of the Loving Creator who first created this Garden named Earth for all to enjoy its vast and diverse beauty and wealth.

Tree Stewards are human beings who are called to the Sacred Trust of protecting, planting, growing, and nurturing trees. They know that trees have been magnificent benefactors to all life on planet earth since the dawning of time. They also know the delicate balance of life is at risk. More trees have been cut and not replanted creating an alarming greenhouse effect that has put all living beings and other plants in danger!

NOW is the window of time to restore the balance to Mother Earth by becoming a part of a growing number of concerned people the world over who desire to take part in the healing of our beloved planet. Each person is called to do whatever he or she is able to do to restore the environment to a sustainable balance. Every prayer, every positive thought, every act of helping counts! The most important thing is to be consistent and persistent!

“The Environment on earth is the largest crisis humanity faces today!” Barbara Marx Hubbard says, “If we continue as we have, within the next 30 years we may not be able to breathe. It turns out we are the generation with monumental choices to make now!” reminds Barbara. We have been born at this time . . . maybe to a purpose that is our destiny!”

What is Trees Around The World?
We are a coalition of concerned citizens, business people, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and community-based organizations dedicated to realizing Mark Victor Hansen’s vision of global reforestation. “Trees Around The World” works continuously to educate and motivate people to take individual personal action to protect and replenish the atmosphere and its ozone layer. This will happen by planting the 18 billion trees necessary to help halt global warming and the greenhouse effect. Mark is personally challenging each of us to plant three trees (or sponsor three trees planted where needed most) . . .

After all what is more important than the air you breathe? Trees Around The World Trust is available to those who choose to make a philanthropic contribution to the global reforesting project. This money is to be circulated among those recognized and responsible organizations now implementing reforestation of indigenous trees in locations around the planet where “Tree Tragedies” have taken place.

End Your Frustration Today!
That dark haze looming overhead is a cloud of pollution, which cannot be ignored any longer! Most people feel enormous frustration as they realize the scope of the situation. It overwhelms our senses and bog-gles our minds as to know what to do!

We can make a world of difference, starting today, by each doing a few things that will help reverse the trend. Trees are powerful and peaceful warriors against air and water pollution. Enough trees will dissipate the dark hazy cloud and its harmful effects. “Trees Around The World” has a simple plan to help us restore Our Living Legacy and become a Tree Steward!

Our mission is summed up in the following words of Mark Victor Hansen: “As we each do a little, plant three trees, a lot gets done — spaceship earth gets reforested. Together, we can create a sustainable healthy, green and growing ecology. Think trees, talk trees, and see that in this decade Mother Earth gets green, clean and feels environmentally supreme.”

For more information: Within California call (714) 50-TREES, (714)-508-7337, Outside California call toll free (877)-54-TREES , 877-548-7337. Contact Trees Around the World, P.O. BOX 192,  Tustin, CA  92781. Or see   

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