Sandy Moore Invites You to Experience The Center for Universal Truth
A Banquet of  Compassion, Wisdom & Love
By Kay Walburger



Rev. Sandy Moore co-founded the Center for Universal Truth three and a half years ago with her husband, Kirk (the Center’s music director). “The center is more than a church,” says Sandy Moore, “ we are a Community Resource serving our whole extended community even to the end of the Earth. We are not contained by walls, we can reach all humanity by our larger events, our interfaith collaborative event’s ministries, internet website, and our constant prayers and blessings for all earth’s people.”

Sandy is a self-confessed ‘Eternal Seeker of Wisdom and of Love’ to its fullest meanings and expressions. “While I was still a young child of nine, I had a knowing that the God presented to me, namely a very old man sitting on a gilded throne judging everyone, was not a complete vision of the Loving Creative Energy which created all the beauty and diversity of the Earth and its Universe and so began my life-long spiritual journey. I am ever stretching myself and crossing self-imposed boundaries in favor of Universal Truth.”

“I am certain that our life is precious and has a unique purpose. We need a safe and sacred place to explore the treasures, talents, and gifts bestowed on us, one and all, by Our Loving Creator. The Center for Universal Truth is that place for our community. We openly invite people from the surrounding area to come enjoy our classes, services, celebrations, and outreach ministries.”

“Our ministries include: the Health Ministry which holds the vision of a healthy body, mind and spirit for our congregation. We provide monthly blood pressure checks on the first Sunday of the month and other Health Checks during the year; the Youth and Teen Ministry for the fun of learning Divine Truths and then exploring, and expressing their own creative gifts; the Prayer Ministry is confidential and offering continued support. There are ongoing Classes and Workshops (example: Artist’s Way, Women Who Run With The Wolves, Yoga, etc.). This is an ever-expanding area of meeting needs of the congregation and the community.”

Sandy Moore’s ministry began ten years ago after the tragic, sudden death of her teenage daughter, Tara, in a car accident. Following Tara’s death, the Moores uncovered a fascination that Tara had for angels. Grief-stricken and searching for answers, the couple opened an angel store called Tara’s Angels, in San Juan Capis-trano, as a way of honoring their beloved child. The specialty shop and the Moore’s story was widely covered by both local and national media, including a cover story in People Magazine and an in-depth piece on the TV news magazine, Dateline.

Tara’s Angels soon attracted people from all over the world. Many people came to share their own grief and talk about the loss of a loved one. There were so many people that Sandy started facilitating a regular support group at the store. With encouragement from her husband and members of the support group, Sandy completed her ministerial training and the Moores founded The Center for Universal Truth in Mission Viejo on Mother’s Day in May 1999. In January, the Center relocated to a larger church home in San Juan Capistrano to accommodate its rapidly growing membership. They also made the decision to close Tara’s Angels so they could focus more on their growing church ministry.

Rev. Sandy has the great gift of listening to people and hearing what they are not saying as well as what they are saying. Her compassionate listening style gives the speaker the space to hear himself or herself. Then they begin to lovingly nurture their own body, mind and spirit and move on by learning to be compassionate with themselves. Sandy is a model of compassion and self-esteem. Some believe this is the answer people really need most. Spiritual teachers from the beginning of time teach that true healing and transformation come about in an ‘Experience of Compassion’ founded in Unconditional Love.

“We believe that we live in a Spiritual Universe, ruled by a Creative Intelligence (God) that is constantly surrounding and supporting us. Our purpose is to live and teach the Truth that Love points the way and Spiritual Law makes the way possible. Our Vision Statement written by our original co-creation group said, “We want to attract Spiritual Leaders and Possibility Thinkers.”

May 27th to May 30th 4 days with Jean Houston!
“I just completed Jean Houston’s Mystery School 2002 and found myself so enlivened and exhilarated by the most amazing year-long experiences,” extols Rev. Sandy, “because of the life-expanding modalities Jean uses to open our hearts and expand our horizons! I wanted to share some of this experience (shorter version) with everyone who wants to come, so we are inviting you to come be a part of this adventure.

 Living New Thought for a New Time
 Jean Houston invites us to ask ourselves, “What is our purpose on this planet during this time of monumental change?” This question along with the inevitable answers will propel us to unite in a common goal and together take action that will create the necessary changes to sustain living in a harmonious world.

This four-day workshop will consist of in-depth, life-altering experiences. Through the use of interactive processes infused with music, dance, comedy, powerful ideas, celebration and jubilation, we will experience a release of old habits and embody new ways of being leaders for the revolutionary change required to ensure a higher level of co-existence.

“Now is the time to bring the principles and truth of New Thought into the mainstream as a spiritual and social movement of relevance and inspiration for the remaking of ourselves, our society and our world.” Jean Houston is passionate about this idea and stimulates and encourages each of us to be the leaders in bringing this to the forefront of our society.

“Never before has there been an opportunity to participate in such a dynamic and innovative workshop that is sure to impact our lives and our world. To experience the energy of Jean Houston and be immersed in her wisdom is transformational in itself. We are all possibility thinkers and now is the time to come together and make a dramatic shift in consciousness to catapult New Thought globally and create a new reality that brings peace on earth,” writes Jean Houston.

Jean Houston, Ph.D, a pioneer in human development, an internationally renowned lecturer, scholar and philosopher, has conducted seminars and worked in human development in more than thirty-five countries. She is the director of the Foundation for Mind Research and the author of more than sixteen books.

“Look friends! This world needs New Thought, and New Thought needs to rise to the occasion through further development of its own innate potential in order to meet the challenge of our new reality. We are standing at the Great Either/Or of History. This new century before us can be one of epic transformation of the most creative and life-enhancing form or it can one of unparalleled disaster and destruction.”

“We find our-selves in the midst of the most massive shift of perspective humankind has ever known. A new set of values — holistic, syncretic, relationship- and process-oriented, organic, and spiritual — is rising within us and around us. Though the forces of entropy and fear seek to contain or regress us, we know there is no going back. That is why I am convinced that it is time for New Thought to come into the mainstream as a spiritual and social movement of tremendous relevance and inspiration, offering powerful practices and potent philosophy for the remaking of self and society.”

“There is no question that implicit within New Thought are the ideas which speak to the most important advances in physics, psychology, creativity and social artistry. In many areas, the philosophy of New Thought was a hundred years and more ahead of its time. Many of New Thought’s finest insights were conceived and expressed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Naturally, they are often couched in the language of another age, and without benefit of the findings that would support its powerful truths. That is why I so strongly believe that it is imperative we bring these recent innovations and discoveries into the creative renewal of New Thought. This is not to deny any of New Thought’s premises; on the contrary, it is to empower them in ways that cause them to shine in this New Millennium, once and future truths for the present momentous stage of history where the real work of humanity begins.”

“The intensity of this time burns in me because of a vision of a new interdependent world. In spite of appearances, the old barriers between cultures and religions can dissolve, along with the phobias that sustained them. Doorways are opening not only of information, but also to minds and hearts in mutual discovery and creation. This is where New Thought has the advantage over better known institutions. New Thought comes without the baggage of old conditions and contentions; it is thus better able to serve the open moment without the projections that shackle older spiritual and cultural forms. From its natural inclusiveness New Thought can therefore serve as peacemaker as well as pathfinder in the emerging world civilization.”

“Let us not forget that a more inclusive organism is in the process of being born a Planetary Human. We each serve as a living cell within this new organism, and we are being re-scaled to planetary proportions in both our responsiveness and responsibilities. Blessedly, this inclusive worldview inspires us with renewed hope and caring. Hopefully, this is where New Thought can help pioneer new continents of spirit as the world moves into its next stage of emergence.”

How can we do this?
“I invite you to join me and my associates for a historic gathering from May 27th to May 30th. During this time we will present a dynamic, interactive seminar in the application of state-of-the-art findings in science, human development, cross-cultural anthropology, social artistry and spirituality to the deepening and renewal of New Thought. Among the subjects addressed will be the following: 1-Quantum Physics and Quantum Mind as the Hidden Premise of New Thought; 2-Cosmology, the Universe and the Workings of Spirit in Time. Learning how the universe is alive in all its parts, communicating, receptive, responsive — a living field of consciousness; 3-The Use of Networks and the Nexus of Interconnections; 4-The Biology and Psychology of Transcendence and the Ways of Engaging Our Innate Evolutionary Accelerators;

5-The New Art and Science of Manifestation; 6-Understanding the Miraculous in Our Lives as Essential to the Very Understanding of How We Grow and Evolve in Our Lifetime. 7-Accessing the Genius of Cultures: The last 30 years has seen a revolution in the understanding of human potential in cultures around the world. The potentials once nurtured in separate societies are becoming available to the entire family of humankind. We will learn how to access and apply many of these potentials in our own lives and work;

8-Discovering the relevance and potential partnership of New Thought to Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and the Sha-manic world; 9-Telling the New Story through liturgies that enlighten as they evoke the spirit of our becoming all that we can be; Becoming a Social Artist, creating communities of service and spirit and experiencing a new order of Leadership; 10-Patterns of History and their relevance to today’s happenings;

11-Accessing high levels of creativity as well as discovering one’s own mode of passionate expression; 12-Ways of putting economics back as a satellite to the soul of culture rather than having the soul of culture as a satellite to economics. Utilizing the power and creativity of symbol, myth and archetype; 13-The spiritual path as a solution to the issues of a world and time in transition.”

WHAT you can expect:
1-To learn to imagine and manifest a potent present filled with courage, compassion and purpose; 2-To have an enlarged and growing knowledge of advances in science, psychology and society that supports and enlivens the basic premises of New Thought; 3-To create and sustain a supportive community dedicated to positive change in the world. This also means a greater unity and coherence among and between New Thought ministries and churches; 4- To develop techniques of human development that allow you to actualize both your own and other people’s possibilities with zest and delight; 5- To find your place in the new earth story and become both a world server and artist of the emerging future. “And, above all, to help bring New Thought into the world scene as a spiritual force that serves both people and planet everywhere. This gathering can provide a groundswell for a global spiritual and social movement that can create a massive force for good in the world. A deepened New Thought invites us to become stewards of the planet, filled with a passion for all that’s possible, partners in the greatest personal and social transformation ever known. These four days in May will help prepare us to gain the knowledge and capacities to make these possibilities happen.”

Jean Houston, Sandy Moore and The Center for Universal Truth are dedicated to coming together to “Pioneer the Possible!”  You are Invited to attend and co-create the change you desire in the world!

For more information call (949) 481-4040, fax (949) 481-7788 or you may visit  

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