Richard Moss
Offers 10-Day Retreat Conference
May 30-June 8
By Robbie Dunham



Richard Moss, M.D., respected author (The Black Butterfly, The I That Is We, How Shall I Live,  The Second Miracle, Words That Shine Both Ways), international teacher and group leader for over 25 years in areas of consciousness, awareness, and human transformation, will be offering a 10-Day Retreat Conference at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Retreat Center in Petaluma, CA from May 30-June 8.

These Retreats are an initiation into a more inclusive sense of life and a living connection to Self. Each person is empowered to discover his/her deepest sense of meaning and wholeness, to feel, even if only briefly, so in love with and received by life that a fundamental healing of the soul begins. The experience is of awakening to a new level of one’s being, and at the same time coming back to one’s essential self.

Richard uses a multidimensional approach centered around meditation and self-inquiry. The deeper psyche is honored through listening to its expression in dreams. Gradually, there is a sense that one is being led to the truth of oneself, not merely through personal intention, but very clearly by an inner and profound intelligence. In this way there is an expansion of consciousness that is grounded in a revelation of one’s own inner guidance and wisdom.

Crucial to the work are carefully crafted questions used to uncover unconscious self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior, patterns rooted in early childhood self-protection that as adults undermine our ability to fulfill our real capacity for intimacy with life and others. Using group energy in ritual as well as periods of solitude, each person is supported in realizing a new relationship to these patterns and choosing to exercise new authority in their lives.

Throughout the world, Richard’s consciousness work with individuals and groups centers around a deep faith in our individual healing, growing awareness, and inevitable awakening into our natural relationship and communion with the ultimate Source or Ground of Being. Calling upon aspects of all the world’s great religious and mystical traditions, as well as current biological and psychological knowledge, his seminars include a fluid integration of meditation, energy work, movement, breath work, psychological processes, and a deepening experience and faith in the Great Mystery of Life and are held within the spaciousness of the Sacred. It is here that we are called back to our authenticity.

Says Richard, “Transformation is an awakening to the quality of our attention we give to each moment and in dynamic relationship to ourselves, to others, and to Life itself. The true legacy of a life is the degree to which we have realized this most essential relationship in our hearts and the care with which we have lived it.”

Ronda LaRue, Ojai artist and student with Richard Moss in one of his 3-year mentoring programs says: “Working with Richard is like working with Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and William James all in one. His deep reverence, intellectual brilliance, common humanness, and integration of the psyche into the sacred are, for me, the essence of contemporary wisdom in the mystery school tradition. He is a rarest of gifts and one of the truly extraordinary teachers for our times.”

Once a practitioner of traditional medicine, Dr. Richard Moss left his hospital practice in the late seventies after a life-changing realization led him to his true calling: the exploration of spiritual awakening and its integration in daily life. He has guided students from all over the world into increasing spiritual maturity, helping people of many disciplines and backgrounds to honor their own essential spirituality and become more authentically and fully human.

His work has inspired changes of consciousness in healthcare, business and teaching organizations and his seminars and retreats are held on a regular basis in the United States, France, England, Denmark, and Argentina.  His lectures and speaking engagements have taken him to a variety of venues including Harvard University, University Chicago Medical School, U.C.L.A., Elli Lilly Pharmaceutical Co., American University, Washington DC, Georgetown University, the New York Open Center and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

Richard’s books are currently translated into five languages:  German, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese and French. In addition, his articles and interviews have been printed in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Argentina.  Richard lives in the High Sierras of California with his wife, Ariel and has three grown children.

This is a rare opportunity to participate with one of today’s most exceptional spiritual guides.

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