Affirmations . . . Do They Work?
By Robert Ross



“The universe is like a Cosmic Kitchen  with an Infinite Menu, just  waiting to take and fulfill your orders.”
            — Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen by Patricia J. Crane


Let me be perfectly honest about something. I want a new truck! The one I’m driving is eleven years old, so a new truck is not only in order, it’s long overdue. I’d like a silver truck  to be more specific. The make and model of the truck I want will go unnamed, but I’m clear about that too. There’s just one small  problem . . .

My bank account says “Wow, new truck, that’s great!” My bank account also says “Where would the money come from?”   New truck, no money. The sixty-four-dollar question is, what to do?

Affirmations are essentially a  repetition of a positive statement. For example, “I am healthy” repeated or written daily is an affirmation. “I have a job that I love” would be another affirmation. The idea is, you’re sending this message to either your higher consciousness, your spirit guides, the universe, the cosmic kitchen or . . . whomever. This message is received, and the forces of life work to help you achieve this desire. Affirmations are in that grey area of life. The area that has some people rolling their eyes and others eager to hear more. It’s hard to get a clear picture of their mechanics and even harder to find with any degree of certainty what works and what doesn’t.

There are books and web pages that swear affirmations work. “Achieve your dreams” headlines one book on affirmations; “Have what you want in life” states a web site which focuses on affirmations. But, affirmations are kind of like religion. What to believe and who to believe can be a challenge. There are no double blind studies coming from prestigious universities stating that affirmations work or which affirmations seem to work best.

There is, though, according to which book you read, plenty of anecdotal evidence confirming that with the right affirmation, you can pretty much write your own ticket.

There have been times in my life when I’ve wanted to believe that affirmations worked. I’ve written an affirmation on a sheet of paper or the computer over and over again, hoping for hope that my desires would come  true. I can’t remember if they did, or to what degree the affirmations produced results. Time would pass and I would move on to new concerns and projects, leaving my thoughts on affirmations in the distant past.

There have also been, in the past, some uncanny experiences where I felt my thoughts did have some kind of strange magical power. So, when a friend lent me the book Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen, the Essential Guide to Powerful Nourishing Affirmations by Patricia J. Crane, I found myself at that crossroads again . . . affirmations, do they really work?

“The universe is like a Cosmic Kitchen  with an Infinite Menu, just waiting to take and fulfill your orders” the book states. O.K., I thought,  here’s my order: a new truck, silver in color, with such and such gizmos on it. And by the way, when can I expect to see it in my driveway?

The book has a cute cover showing this caricature of a chef flying through space with a platter in his hand. It’s also only one-hundred and thirty-six pages which made it even more enticing; a short read with only the essential ingredients!  Merely another book, or was this the right book at the right time?  I chose to view it as the latter. The right book at the right time.

Crane  has some principles that must be followed for your order to be received and acted upon. Principle number one: “you need to decide what you want.” No problem there. Principle number two: “orders are positive, present tense and personal.” Got it. Principle number three: in your affirmation “include positive, energetic feelings.” Hey, I’m excited!

Principle number four: “trust the timing of delivery.”  In other words, my truck has its own time-line; it’ll arrive when it arrives. Well, I can live with that. Principle number five: “let the cosmic chef decide how you receive your order.” Translation, I’m not to decide how this event will happen. My job is to know that it will happen. So far so good. Principle number six: “Allow your inner wisdom to guide you in the right balance between action and allowing.”  I’m preparing my old truck for sale, cleaning up the garage for the new truck and allowing for my hunches to be acted upon. I think that’s what the principle is calling for.

Principle number seven: “Believe that you deserve to have a wonderful life.” I do, I do!  Principle number eight: “feel gratitude to the universe and the cosmic chef for fulfilling your order in the most miraculous way.” Well, I have to admit, this is an area that I’m going to work on. As Cranes states: “an attitude of gratitude will create wonderful miracles in your life.”

So, I’ve got my order in. And, in some strange way, I  believe that this is going to work. My mission is to stay positive and develop gratitude, and of course, do affirmations daily. The rest is up to the chef. Let’s see where this goes!

If you’re an affirmation believer or a wanna believer, Patricia Crane’s book is an easy and fun read, filled with pearls of wisdom and stories of affirmations that produced extraordinary results.

 I have to admit, I like the metaphor of a cosmic chef upstairs somewhere, receiving my order. A new truck, sure!  Silver in color, no problem!  Anything else to go with that order?

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(c) Copyright 2003  by Robert Ross, all rights reserved

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