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Sound Yoga
Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble
Soundings of the planet
Yoga is truly a wonderful way of getting in touch with our inner child. The relaxation of our bodies relieves hidden stress and tensions that prevent our chakras from spinning properly. In “Sound Yoga” Dean Evenson has created an ambient aural atmosphere that is both nurturing and peaceful.

Music in its purest form can be used to express the soul, that intangible aspect of our being that can be neither forced nor faked. Evenson, in his quest to express his own soul, has actualized a sonic template that related the true healing discoveries inherent in a yoga practitioner. The Soundings Ensemble are all yoga practitioners and musicians combining their soul expressions in the sonic template realized by Evenson.

The soundscapes created by flautist Dean Evenson stretches the imagination into a surreal world where everything is floating in a swirling mist illuminated by gold, blue, purple and white light. In between the notes non-verbal ethereal sounds of eternity await in chanted hymns, inspiring vocalist Gina Sala (Cirque du Soleil) to effortlessly achieve sensuous heights, soaring in the radiant grace and blessing of eternity.

Dean Evenson has continued his contributions to the sound-healing field with a magnificent journey into tonal ecstasy. His music has a transforming quality that gently works its way through the rough spots of day to day existence. A definite keeper.

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Drumming Inside Mother Earth
“Drumming Inside Mother Earth” actually takes place inside The Great Saltpeter Cave in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. The cave’s existence was first documented in 1789 and reported to president Thomas Jefferson in 1805. It was used mostly for mining the ingredients for gunpowder. The cave in recent years has been used for barn dances with several unsuccessful attempts at creating a commercial venture. MotherDrum began as a small group of people drumming beneath the Discovery Bridge in Columbus, Ohio. The bridge’s reverberation led the group to search for another sight, ultimately leading to the cave and its unexplored revelations.

The music is recorded unrehearsed and live inside the great hall of the Great Saltpeter Cave known as the “Echo Auditorium”. The reverb in the hall is natural and lent uniqueness to the recording. The music is poly-rhythmic and explorative. The ambience of the cave, combined with the feeling of being inside Mother Earth, created a balance of awe and inspiration. The musicians are playing with the energies of the Earth seeking to unlock her secrets through the keys of music. The Earth’s energy is omnipresent and uncompromising as each musician pounded out a beat that may be resonant of the Earth’s and his or her own soul’s energies combined.

This synergistic effect was at the very root of all of the compositions, guiding the musicians to unexplored realms of Spirit and consciousness. You have to listen to this music for yourselves in order to truly appreciate the musical circumstances and accomplishments gained here.

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Tomoko featuring Nikkos
Musik International
There is something to be said about sensuous people playing sensuous instruments. The rain-stick, not unlike any other shaker instrument, is reflective of the person playing it. Tomoko, in conjunction with her husband flautist Nikkos, have stretched the boundaries of rainstick performance.

Nikkos refers to Tomoko as his Japanese angel, his dream girl and partner. Tomoko, a formally trained professional dancer, danced her way into Nikkos’ heart. “Rainstick” is a celebration of their love for each other, her dancing, and their music. Nikkos’ sensitive flute playing was the perfect foreplay for Tomoko’s innovative use of the rainstick. The two combined to facilitate a sensual dance of romance and eroticism. She danced and rattled her rainstick in ways suggestive of someone in the heat of passion, counter-punctuating the hypnotic melodies of trance love pouring from Nikkos’ flute. We the listener are allowed to enter into the highly personal domain of the love between Tomoko and Nikkos. You can almost feel their embraces and expressions flowing in between the notes, titillating our senses with the moment two individuals become one.

I believe Tomoko and Nikkos have created a cutting edge in sensual New Age music by allowing their sexuality and feelings to pour forth uninhibited and without any cause to feel self-conscious. Theirs is the dance of love where art and life merge into an expression of the greater whole, timeless and endearing, an eternity of growth and discovery beckoning to each one of us.

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Various Artists
Triloka Records / Karuna Music
The various artists lending their talents to “Elevation” read like a who’s who list of New Age artists. The music is a compilation of soul searching Spiritually elevating music that is represented by artists in the forefront of this genre.

In “Watching the Signs” Jai Uttal has combined a smooth Jazz sound with the percussion and music of an Indian raga. This synthesis of sound is original and dynamic and expressed both the talent and the soul of the author. The group Walela featuring well-known Native American singer/ songwriter Rita Coolidge merged the soul and music of Native American sensibilities with an expressive sensual vocal chant that evinced the Goddess energy.

Krishna Das is another New Age pioneer who released a CD of devotional chants that was as exquisite as a fine wine. In “Baba Hanuman” he mixes rock-n-roll flavors with a flowing etheric conversation between himself and God. The result is a powerful tribute of subtlety and grace gently caressing the very core of our being. In the original tradition of Indian sitar music, Ali Akbar Khan’s “Lullaby” was delivered with a fragile sensitivity that left you holding your breath waiting for revelation to occur.

“Elevation” is a deliberate stairway to the cosmos of Spirituality. The music is intuitive and heartfelt. A very welcome addition to my collection.

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Return to Paradise
Nassiri Music
Nassiri is a romanticist, the world is his playground, love is his muse, and his music is the expression of his soul. Each composition was full of passion and sensuality, pushing the edge of emotion for the pure sake of curiosity.

The music explored flamenco- driven melodies that were supported by synthesizer flourishes and vocal chants. The threads of Middle Eastern styled rhythms were explored through various instruments and beats. Nassiri was after the gold of a perfect relationship, part fantasy, part imagination, and long on the adventure of the pursuit of one’s dreams. The songs contained the tensions of lovers unsure of taking the first step in fear of being hurt or rejected. A tentativeness that could be best described as a hopeless romantic in search of the Holy Grail of love without truly finding it within first.

The “Return To Paradise” is Nassiri’s lament about love lost and loves gained. He straddled a fine line between the poignancy of emotion, real or imagined, and his own self-deception in his eternal search for unconditional love. Nassiri is the role model for the plight of every man, searching for love and its rewards in a world that has lost its’ way, yet not losing any of the eternal optimism of his youth. In this simplicity we should all find the love of our dreams and “return to paradise”.

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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