By Chet Snow, Ph.D.



A 1600 BC Egyptian papyrus is the oldest known written reference to the medicinal value of gemstones including lapis lazuli, carnelian and quartz crystals. Ancient healers of the Nile hung small stones around the neck and over the heart (considered the “seat of the soul”) of diseased patients. Gems and crystals were also specifically placed and wrapped onto the bodies of the dead during mummification to promote rapid recovery in the after life.

These techniques were refined in ancient Greece where crystals were placed on sensitive body zones in different arrays for a many ailments. Oral traditions about the curative properties of minerals, gems and crystals have been found worldwide, especially among Tibetan, Mayan and Native American healers.

There is also an ancient tradition among native cultures of preserving and revering the skulls of honored ancestors, tribal leaders and teachers. These human skulls were seen as repositories of accumulated wisdom. The creation and sacred use of crystal skulls, combining the traditions of using gemstones for healing and ancestor skull worship, predates recorded history, especially in cultures around the Pacific Ocean.

Such mysterious artifacts still provide potent healing and divination talismans among indigenous peoples in Mongolia, Siberia and Central and South America. All “ancient” crystal skulls known today have come from these regions, strongly influenced by the antediluvian realm known as “Mu” or “Lemuria,” traditionally placed in the South Pacific.

As this lost continent is considered to have sunk before Atlantis, no doubt many of its spiritual and healing practices “migrated” there in prehistoric times, contributing to the enduring legends of widespread Atlantean crystal use and even crystal skulls.

One legend recently formed the basis for the best-selling book, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. It refers to 13 crystal skulls created eons ago that have remarkable properties such as singing, prophecy and healing. These artifacts, created by the advanced technology of ancient space-faring “gods” long since lost to humanity, were kept in an underground chamber, possibly under the Teotihuacan pyramids, where they were consulted by shamans.

As human civilization declined after Atlantis’ fall, the skulls’ power was misused and they were separated for safe-keeping. Some even say they were transformed into another level of reality. If and when humanity again reaches a spiritual level whereby they could be properly used, they will be rejoin to help usher Earth into a New Age of peace, prosperity and world unity.

As we approach the end of the current 5,200 year-old Mayan calendar in 2012 AD, both Euro-American and Native American spiritual teachers have revived these legends. They say the recent appearance and popularity of a number of ancient crystal skulls and the renewed art of crystal skull carving in both China and South America may be a precursor to the return of the “13 singing skulls” and an evaluation of humanity’s readiness to receive their wisdom.

Having personally been touched by several of these powerful ancient talismans since 1987, following the “Harmonic Convergence,” I believe these messengers of ancient wisdom are here to help prepare us for the powerful changes — both physical and spiritual — Earth and humankind will face during the next two decades. Whenever some of them are gathered together with healers, prophets and shamans for positive, healing purposes, especially near ancient sacred sites, they assist in the consciousness shift we must undergo if we are to meet the challenges before us.

That is why my wife and I have held bi-annual Crystal Healing gatherings with several of the ancient crystal skulls and their contemporary counterparts since 1998. This spring, as we face especially grave celestial alignments, we have moved our fourth gathering from Sedona to the shores of the San Francisco Bay, near an ancient ceremonial site and adjacent to the powerful underground San Andreas Fault, along which portions of ancient Lemuria are said to have resurfaced. Such gatherings are a time for Lightworkers to join with others of like mind for personal and planetary healing.

Our May 2003 Crystal Healing IV weekend will feature two ancient crystal skulls: “Max - the Texas Skull,” and “Sha-na-ra,” whose caretaker, Nick Nocerino, has studied them for over 50 years plus, Grandmothers Sarah, a Mohawk elder, and Flordemayo, a Mayan priestess. Music of the crystal bowls by Elivia Melody and the Pacific coast anchoring of a global crystal peace grid will cap the event. Those attending are encouraged to bring personal healing crystals for energy charging by the ancient crystal skulls.

Dr. Chet Snow, author of “Mass Dreams of the Future,” can be reached at P.O. Box 1738, Sedona, AZ 86339 or on the web at

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