By Nancy Brady



Our human energy field appears to end a few feet outside our body, at the end of our extended arms. Yet, beyond this there is an even more invisible aspect of our auric field that travels at the speed of light and connects us with the magnetic field of the earth.

The earth’s energy matrix is like a grid of acupuncture meridians similar to those found in the body. Our connection with this energy system is an integral part of our health and wellbeing. Energetic information from our field extends into the earth from our feet and first chakra and communicates with earth energy. This interaction with the environment brings back information to our body that is intimately woven through our life. We cannot disconnect our own health from the health of our planet.

We all know about the destruction perpetrated upon the earth through careless human actions. But have we looked inside to identify if we may be doing some harm to our own internal environment? Since the earth and our personal environment exchange energy, one is affected by the other.

Take for example, allergies such as hay fever. When we have reactions to the environment that occur in this way, it causes a need or desire to eliminate an aspect of nature from our life for the duration of a season, or longer. This can even happen subconsciously as we shy away from being outdoors to avoid an uncomfortable respiratory condition. Through this type of withdrawal we are limiting our interaction with earth energies that assist our overall balance of health.

Looking at this from a different perspective, hay fever is often an immune system reaction based on a sluggish third and/or fourth chakra. The unprocessed emotions held in these emotional centers can compromise our body’s immune functions, creating allergies or other difficulties. In this case it is our internal environment that is in need of healing to assist our natural connection with our external environment.

Some epidemic disorders such as chronic fatigue also have been shown to have a component connected to the natural world. When we become disconnected to ourselves by allowing the busy-ness of life or the weight of unhealed inner emotions to overwhelm us, we also become disconnected from nature. Our natural exchange of energies with the earth is compromised as the energy blocks within us deter a healthy interaction.

A particular noteworthy example of the connection of our health with the earth is that of environmental illness. This is an allergic reaction to the chemical toxins modern life now contains, as well as to dust and pollens that exist naturally in the environment.

This illness can require a complete reorganization of living space. In fact, it may also be directing us to a complete reorganization of living space. Through diligent inner cleansing of toxic emotions the immune system will strengthen, allowing a full and healthy connection with the environment. Our lives change externally as we change internally, including our connection with the planet.

This co-mingling of the earth and our personal environment happens at a level outside of our ability to see what is occurring. Yet, I am reminded of this every day as I connect with the grounding energy of the earth. The more grounded a person is with nature, the more life force they have available in their own body. Earth offers the physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment we need. If you are feeling cut off from nature, find that aspect within yourself that you are also cutting off and let the healing begin.

Nancy Brady is a practitioner specializing in emotional healing to support physical and mental health. She is a certified DNA & Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, a certified SHEN
practitioner and a medical and spiritual intuitive. Nancy can be contacted at (949) 487-1551. Or you may visit her website at www.HeartSourceHealing.com 

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