By Audrey Hope 



“Change your point of view and everything changes.”
I cannot think of anything that we all need now, more than ever before, than hope. Every day my phone is ringing with friends and family asking for ways to make it through. And in my own life, I am trying to find the secret to keeping the faith. The world is hitting us hard. We have seen the fallen structures. We, as a nation had to face it, and then there are our personal towers that are shaking. A lot.

We either have hope or we don’t. And without it, we are lost. Hope is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart. It is a behavior to be learned, a challenge to be embraced, a creed to grasp on to. Hope transcends the world that is immediately experienced and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons. It is not the same as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the knowing that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out. It is hope above all, which gives us the strength to live, and to live well.

Hope is the space we jump into, when the next step would be the cliff. It calls inside our soul and whispers a secret… GO ON. GO ON. GO ON. Hope begins with an H, because we ask, how can we move another inch? How do we sleep through another eternity of the night when ugly images dance in our heads?  How do we continue to live, wondering why so many have had to die?

Hope is the friend we can call every hour, every minute, to tell us that love is still love, and happiness and peace is still possible amidst the chaos of a troubled world. It helps us yield to the belief that terrorism will stop tomorrow, and people will stop hurting, and pain will cease to be pain.

Hope is the yank to pull on for dear life. Hope holds us to greatness, when we see only rain, and glimpses the dream in our silent room. Hope is a dimension of the soul and does not need circumstance to call it forth. Hope is the flower that we plant with the watering of our own breath.

When we cultivate hope, we can know that we are all one and not alone. In hope’s power we are free. Hope lets us feel the message of God, and to wait patiently for the answer. Even if it never comes, it makes us realize that everything happens for a higher reason and the greatest good. Hope makes no sense. It cannot be discussed with logic of the mind and offers nothing that can be proven with the senses. Like the secret mystery of life, it asks only that we put on new eyes — to see beauty in the rubble, and to imagine paradise from the dust.

In hope, it is enough to have a friend, the health of family and a dime to spare. In hope, it is enough to walk to the ocean and smell the sea and remember that we all walk a similar road. In hope, it is enough to see the sun.

In the silence of the morning, through the noise of the day, upon the moonlight of the night, stay still a moment. Hope’s embrace is the vision of a better tomorrow where all wishes do come true.

“Waiting the word of the master,
Watching the hidden light,
Listening to catch his orders,
In the very midst of the fight.
Seeing his slightest signal
Across the heads of the throng,
Hearing his faintest whisper,
Above earth’s loudest song.”
 — J. Krishnamurti

Audrey Hope is the creator and host of “REEL WOMEN” an award- winning international talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. Write hopesvoice@aol.com   

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