Is Pushing The Envelope with New Line of Animal Greeting Cards
Environmentally-Friendly Greeting Cards With Eye-Friendly Graphics
By Michael LeBel



The new North American Animals greeting cards from Tree-Free Greetings are helping people make a great first impression. The front and back of the envelopes display beautiful graphics that are sure to gain the admiration of the recipient. Tree-Free Greetings knows that people who appreciate wild animals care about protecting the environment. That is why the new cards are made from Kenaf, an environmentally-friendly alternative to bleached wood fiber.

Each card and envelope combination offers a total of four stunning images. In addition to both sides of the envelope, the inside of the card displays a graphic that complements the colorful art on the front. Greeters can choose from more than 100 cards and 12 envelope designs that feature wolves, moose, bears, eagles, deer, horses, owls, wild turkeys, salmon, bass, and trout. Visit  to view the cards. The suggested retail price for each card and envelope combination is $2.25.

Because they do not contain a written greeting, these cards fit any occasion and can be used as stationery. The message in a greeting card has more impact when it comes straight from the heart of the sender, instead of some corny line written by a stranger in a corporate office.

Tree-Free Greetings was formed with a commitment to the environment, which is demonstrated by the use of Kenaf. This wonder plant is grown on an annual cycle, rather than the 40 years for most trees to reach harvestable size. Paper is made from the Kenaf stalk, so insecticides are not needed to protect a fruit or flower like many other crops. The paper used for the cards is not bleached with chlorine, which can release dioxin and other toxic chemicals to the environment.

Other Tree-Free card lines include: World Wildlife; Pet; Gardening, Birding and Floral; Native American; and Fantasy. For more information, call toll-free (866) TREE-FREE or visit   

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