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Astrologer & Webmistress Kathleen Scott Charts Your Stars, Tracks Your Genealogy  And Creates Web Sites From Her Home Biz!


“I love my home and I love doing all the things in and around my home. I love to putter in my garden and I adore my pedigree bunny named Honey living in my backyard. I enjoy entertaining in my home. My home surrounds me with the colors, textures and eclectic works of art that inspire me. I am pleased to have built my own business from a ‘heart level’”, muses Kathleen, as her little Pomeranian dog named Josey barks her approval and her calico cat, Pumpkins, takes a long catnap on her favorite pillow nearby.

“Instead of working for someone else and doing what they want me to do, I can now follow my heart’s desire. I find when I do what feels right to me ‘things’ just fall into place harmoniously.”

“I have worked most of my life in the traditional business setting and I was a success in many different careers. I always appreciated the great opportunities that were afforded me and made the most of every situation. Here at home the stress level is so much lower, no hidden agendas, office politics, or petty tyrants except Josey when she wants to take her walk!”

“Peace and tranquility free up my energies to be used in exciting creative ways,” extols Kathleen. “One example is helping a client with only a vague idea about a website they want me to create. I have the unique ability to help other people organize their ideas, product and services and showcase them on their new web site in about three days.”

“This all began several years ago when I decided to put up my own site to be more accessible to my clients. It started out to be one web page. It soon became five and is now more than 20 pages and a mini-search engine for people looking to find subjects related to metaphysics, awareness, and mind-expanding wisdom or knowledge. I call my business Cosmic Connections!  I love connecting people and do it naturally. I now have clients in other states and we do our transactions as easily as doing business with someone across town.”

“When friends admired my site and asked me to help them, I began my website design business. Some people want to update their own site so I give them a few lessons and they take it over. Others hire me to be their webmistress and I maintain their site for a reasonable retainer. Everyone I have done work for is amazed at how inexpensive it is to have a site once the initial creative imputing is done. Clients often start with a five-page site and then later expand to a larger site. I have some well-known performing artists who start with a super site because their volume of inquiries demands the capacity.”

“I am very excited about this business because I help new and established entrepreneurs expand their exposure and I use my 30 years of general marketing, advertising and promotional sales to help them get their message out in a visually impactful way.”

“The possibilities for the future are endless. People can follow their heart’s desire and start a business part time and perhaps later use it as a retirement or full-time income. Mothers and/or fathers can operate as a home business and have more time with their children, family and friends. This has to be good for the environment as fewer people will be on the freeways.

“I was not born with the entrepreneurial spirit — I grew into it. I started my career as a flight attendant for United Airlines and later Air California. They asked me to do some modeling for the Airlines and I loved living the glamorous life for a time.” “Later I worked for a while in real estate and enjoyed that because I am a people person. Next I became one of only five women in the United States at that time in pharmaceutical sales. I successfully increased the company’s sales and received a “Top 5 National Salesman Award”. My later work experience includes: event planning, speaker’s bureau planning and coordinating, radio and print media generation, advertising design, public speaking, teaching, training and writing. My company, ‘Cosmic Connections’, specialized in putting on upscale weekly “Body, Mind & Spirit” seminars. These events were held in first-class hotels and included motivational speakers, artists, healers and psychics. A trend that is now seen everywhere, yet just a few years ago, some people thought it was outrageous to put all these modalities together. These Cosmic Connection events were very successful and some people enjoyed them so much they returned again and again.”

 “There came a time in my life when I opened to my Aquarius nature and began to seek information, which at that time, was out of the norm. I started studying astrology and became an avid student. It held answers for me and I soon made it my career. The stars guided me into writing a weekly article for a local paper and later I wrote for several magazines. I am now writing two workbooks — one for beginners and one for intermediates — to help them understand their own charts on this complex subject. My intention is that they learn to work with the influences shaping their destiny and enjoy the process.”

“For the last 25 years I have used astrology as a counseling tool. My studies show we are given special strengths, gifts and talents from birth. Some of us are accepted for who we are and how we relate, while others find their path harder because they seem out of step with family or social circles. Most of us have some of this wounding several places in our life experience. The Astrological Chart indicates when it’s time to let go of ‘certain things’ from our past and move forward.”

“Here is where my help is appreciated because in a non-judgmental way I help people detach from the emotional pain long enough to look at the new possibility presenting itself at this time. I delight in educating and empowering people to love and accept their personal gifts which they are here to share.” She is remembering all the lives she has touched over years of helping people appreciate themselves just the way they are and inspiring them to go for their heart’s desire!

“My newest passion is doing family charts so parents and children can see why and how they are different, or the same, or unique. They begin to see that what may seem like a ‘flaw’ is really a gift if given the appropriate time and place to be expressed. Parents are empowered because they discover their child’s learning style and the best way to relate to them. Children, especially teenagers realize their parents have influences that have some bearing on their parenting style and through good communications they can work through difficulties if both are willing.”

“I am also doing newborn’s charts to foster the parenting style of their beloved baby. This is not to set it in stone, rather to allow natural development with patience and understanding.”

Genealogy a Key to Unlocking Your Family Heritage
“My genealogy career began over ten years ago when my cousin sent me some of our family’s genealogy and another cousin sent me a computer program to track genealogy. I began imputing the data my first cousin sent me. Soon I was on a thrilling adventure into my family’s heritage and even discovered that one of my dear friends and associates shared the same grandmother nine generations back.”

“What thrilled me most as I poured over this wealth of information is my intuitive abilities allowed me to ‘time travel’ and experience bits and pieces of ‘bygone times’. I could glimpse historical family moments in a “de ja vu” experience!”

 “My greatest desire is to write a book of My Family’s Genealogical Heritage. I hope it will be a legacy to my family past, present and future.”

“The best part of a home-based business is, since my overhead is low and I can choose my own hours for most of my work, I can support a luxurious lifestyle with less ‘traffic’ than most other types of businesses. I love to go on romantic get-a-way weekends, or  on extended trips to see this beautiful country. My business is portable. I take my computer with me and can do it anywhere I find myself in the world! I network for new clients locally in community organizations and at events as well as on the internet (which never sleeps) and always seem to attract a steady flow of repeat and new business.”

For more information contact Kathleen Scott at (949) 723-0030, e-mail  or you may check out her website at  

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