Rachel Perry Reveals Secrets of Reversing
The Aging Process of Your Face!
By Kay Walburger



Enthusiastic Environmentalist Rachel Perry is a Pioneer in Creating and Marketing Extraordinary Natural Skin & Body Care Products with an Amazingly Loyal Following for Over 20 Years!

The Rachel Perry Experience began when I received a box filled with a treasury of exciting natural skin and body care products from Rachel Perry’s Corporation for a product review in Awareness Magazine. It started as a “Feast for my eyes!”

The packaging is the most artistic, colorful, and playful I’ve ever seen. The artwork is reminiscent of art deco of the twenties mixed with the sixties’ Peter Max and today’s full spectrum rainbow colors associated with the seven energy centers of the body and mind known as “chakras”.

This is the first step in the experience because these were carefully and intuitively chosen by Rachel because of the vibration they exude, as they will create a sympathetic vibration for the viewer. Vibration is the Law of Life. Everything has a vibration. The high vibration of the colors starts the process of lifting spirits and stimulating positive effects on body, mind, and spirits.

The second step in the experience is removing the bottles and jars from their packaging and seeing a continuation of the same art and themes. Upon removing the lid a delectable and delightful aroma greets your sense of smell. Rachel has studied Aromatherapy and knows how the natural ingredients harmonize with the next level of vibration to complement the human’s vibration in positive ways.

The third step is the textures of the lotions, cleansers, creams, masks, scrubs, toners, mists, and serums. I chose for my first encounter to cleanse my skin with “Tangerine Dream Foaming Facial Cleanser” and was ecstatic with the smooth texture and aroma that sent all my senses into a dance of delight.

My face was visibly renewed and glowing from the very first use. Next I reached for the “Violet-Rose Skin Toner” and was astonished that any product could be so pleasing in both texture and aroma! The rose is said to have the highest vibration in aroma-therapy circles and is reported to be associated with angels and also with healings. While I did not see any angels with my eyes, I did however, feel euphoric!

Now it was time to see if I could remove some ‘time’ from my face and neck with “Peach & Papaya Gentle Facial Scrub.” This product deep cleans, exfoliates, controls breakouts, and renews skin. As a proud grandmother of five adorable grandchildren, may I say, “That works for me!” It was gentle and I do need gentle. The amazing discovery was it did exfoliate about ‘five’ years from my face with the very first use. It left my face smooth and feeling supple! I knew I would be doing a product review and Awareness readers have come to expect the highest level of honesty and truth from us so I was making careful notes.

 It was time for the “Bee Pollen-Jojoba Maximum Moisture Cream with Ginkgo Biloba.” For me it was the crème de la crème and I went to bed that night and every night since feeling delicious! My husband complimented me on my radiance and sense of joy! Ladies that is the true test, if your husband notices. Well, I confess by now I did smell and look like someone who just returned from the Garden of Paradise!

I continued for several weeks trying each and every product, keeping a record of the results and other impressions. The list included: Citrus-Aloe Cleanser & Face Wash; Perfectly Clear Herbal Antiseptic, Balancing Skin Astringent/Antiseptic; Sea Kelp Herbal Facial Scrub; Lemon Mint Astringent; Lecithin-Aloe Moisturizer Retention Cream; Calendula-Cucumber Oil free Moisturizer; Clay and Ginseng Texturizing Mask; Hi potency “E” & Pure Retinol “A” Line Control; Elastin and Collagen (vegetable derived) Firming Treatment; Ginseng and Collagen (vegetable derived) Wrinkle Treatment; Special Treatment Line Control; Visible Transition® 10% Alpha-Hydroxy Serum; Immediately Visible® Eye Renewal; Environmental Skin Protector Super Antioxidant Complex; Spearmint Leaf Revitalizing Body Scrub; Spearmint Leaf Revitalizing Body Wash; Spearmint Leaf Revitalizing Body Lotion; Rainforest Botanical Therapy Shower & Bath Gel; Rainforest Botanical Therapy Body Lotion. A very impressive list of products made with respect for nature’s intention to enhance human life with botanicals from Earth’s vast garden.

Each and every encounter was thrilling. It was as if I were guided into the place of love and beauty. Each product had a specific result to achieve and did so superbly. I might also mention I have very sensitive skin and do not respond well to harsh chemicals or perfume smells. This product gave me absolutely no negative reactions. I have always desired to go to spas like The Golden Door. It was if The Golden Door had come to me as I primped and pampered myself twice a day!  Have I mentioned the textures of most of the products as being “silky,” “satiny” and “velvety”?  During the time I focused on my face, I took for granted my face would feel smooth. However, when I moved into the body scrubs, washes, gels and lotions, my body felt wonderfully “silky,” “satiny” and “velvety”!  No kidding, all these products meet the standards of World Class Spas.

By now my friends were suspecting that I had a face-lift! I was very enthusiastic not only with the visible results but with the emotional lift it gave me. I looked better and that made me feel younger and happier. I loved receiving compliments and admiring glances or doubletakes from people who had not seen me for a while. They asked me if I had changed the color of my hair or what? Women who knew my true age were excited to see the improved texture of my skin because it meant hope for them!

There was a side effect that I will share with you because our readers understand dimensions other than the obvious. Each time I used this scrumptious product I had an uplifting spiritual experience. Each day, as I set aside time for my new self-care ritual, I felt I was honoring the gift of good health and good genes I had been blessed with by the Creator. By now I had read and studied the documentation on how these products had been formulated by Rachel Perry, a woman passionate about the environment and insisting on using only the best, most costly natural ingredients. I felt in total harmony with the life-force energy that sustains all life on Mother Earth! This was spirit renewing and had a direct effect on my self-esteem, which also shows on my face and in the twinkle in my eyes.

I wish to thank Rachel Perry for creating products with integrity and reverence for the best of nature and science, combined in an affordable product line that truly benefits people. I also thank her for not selling out to bigger companies who may not have been as environmentally conscious as she has proven to be.

Think that growing older means you lose your good looks?
Think again! In her book, “Reverse the Aging Process of Your Face”, Rachel Perry shows you how to achieve facial fitness and beauty. . . forever. Unlike many other books on skin care, her book does not contain dozens of complicated or time consuming procedures. It does give you a simple, easily mastered technique that, once learned, will become an automatic and invaluable tool to last a lifetime.

This book is so amazing because it is filled with research and positive information giving women (& men) hope about the possibilities of looking as youthful as they feel. I started a daily routine of facial exercises and massage that gave me the feeling of having a measure of control over my aging process. I felt it was important to care for and protect my skin because of all it had done for me over these many years!

There are several myths that Rachel blows away in the very first chapter. The first is about touching your skin; many have said to avoid touching your skin as much as possible and use only the lightest touch. Rachel reminds us that our fingertips are full of natural healing powers and they invigorate the tissues of the face. She teaches how to massage and exercise the facial muscles to keep them young and elastic.

I found this an extremely relaxing and stimulating process as I used products that add a dimension of pleasure for the aforementioned benefits. In the morning this simple routine started my day off with a zesty wake me up!  In the evening this similar routine was soothing and comforting to my body and spirit after a long day of being in the work-a-day world with all its stresses. I often wondered as I lay my head on my pillow if the yummy fragrance of my moisturizing creme was in fact influencing my dreams? I drifted off to sleep with my garden of paradise fantasy and a rendezvous with my mystery companion, who looks strangely like my husband.

The Woman Behind the Product
Rachel Perry is a singer and songwriter with a gold record on her wall for one of her songs recorded by Roberta Flak. She started in the music business as a young girl in her teens. As with most budding talents she needed a way to make extra money. She was attracted to make-up and cosmetics and started to sell them to support her musical career. This was a natural fit because looking good is as important in show business as sounding good. Rachel is the best advertising for her products. I can imagine people who do not know her asking every day “What is your beauty secret?”  She is exquisite to look at and her skin speaks volumes about why only the best quality ingredients are used in the products she uses everyday.

Rachel was soon to learn she had a gift for cosmetics as she began giving classes in skin care. She had an idea that better results could be achieved if she could create a safe and natural facial scrub. One day in her own kitchen she created a sample for her class to try. It was made from healthy, natural and nourishing food ingredients and received rave reviews from her students. They wanted more of this wonderful cleanser.

Being an innate student she was reading and studying everything she could get her hands on regarding skin and cosmetics. She had an outrageous idea that if the body was best nourished by the nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and herbs then why not the face and skin? That became the premise for her cosmetic line of skin care.

In the seventies she introduced her now famous and respected Rachel Perry Natural Skin Care System, still sold in health food stores and fine specialty and department stores. She has a very loyal following of customers who feel they can trust her products to meet or set industry standards for quality. I must say that since I have been using these products, I understand why her customers are loyal; who would want to give up the results that are so visible and luxurious?

“I have an innovative spirit,” proclaims Rachel, “and I spend a great amount of my time studying books on dermatology, chemistry, and natural chemistry. I am always keeping up on the latest finds in health and nutrition because if it is good for the body, why not the skin?”

“I have a new line based on the rainforest research and am using plants that were not known a few years ago. It makes me sad to see all the destruction going on in the rainforests of the world and a reason I joined the Rainforest Network. I also contribute a portion of the profits from these products back to help preserve this precious recourse! I use sustainably-harvested rainforest plants because it doesn’t kill the plant which grows back for another harvest and provides a livelihood for the people who live and work there.”

 “I encourage others in the natural chemical industry to use sustainably-harvested plants in their ingredients because the more demand for these plants, the sooner the people who live there will begin to realize they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs!”

Rachel Perry represents a new and courageous breed of businessperson in our world today. We tell their stories because we want to acknowledge and encourage them to set the standards for all business and industry. Our readers will discover for themselves how precious it is to use the highest quality products and services, which are in integrity with Mother Nature’s promise. REMEMBER: EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND IS A VOTE FOR OR AGAINST OUR ENVIRONMENT!

Rachel Perry is “Light Years” Ahead of the Industry!
Rachel’s Radiant Light™ Color Therapy is her newest innovative product and has the promise of again breaking ground in the self-care and nurturing trade. “The ancient art and practice of color therapy has been successfully used for centuries. I developed a system that is based on this knowledge. With the present awareness of holistic remedies, I feel the time is right to share this gift from nature,” promises Rachel.

“I would like to share a few incredibly interesting pieces of information that I learned when studying Color Therapy. One is the fact that color and music operate on comparative frequencies (wavelengths). This means that every color relates to a note of music. The seven colors of the centers (chakras) are all attune to the seven notes in the music scale. The way it works is as follows: the Red vibrates to the note “C”, Orange to “D”, Yellow to “E”, Green to “F”, Blue to “G”, Indigo to “A”, and Violet Purple to “B”.

“To add to the phenomenon, natural and organic fragrance chemistry describes all aromas (scents/essences) as being made up of the top notes, middle notes and bottom notes. This most certainly correlates to musical notes and chords as well as specific colors and fusions of color. I guess you could call it all “Good Vibrations” and I hope you find it as exciting as I do.”

Rachel’s Radiant Light™ Color Therapy is a simple system to use with seven colored lights and corresponding colored fragrances to splash or spritz as one absorbs the color light. Put on some soothing music, relax under the colored light, spritz yourself, feel the harmony of nature and wait for your personal miracle as your body, mind and spirit replenish.

For more information, please contact: Rachel Perry, Inc., 9800 Eton Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Order Toll Free: (800) 966-8888 or check out her website at www.rachelperry.net/cleansers.htm   

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