Pranic Healing,
Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Chi Kung
By GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui



Five Levels of Chinese Medical Science
In ancient Chinese Medical Science, there are five levels of healing skills. The first is tuena. The healer uses his hands to massage. This is also called acupressure. This is the lowest level. In the second level, the medical healer uses herbs, sometimes animal products, and minerals to heal the patient. In the third level, the healer uses acupuncture and moxibustion. In the fourth level, the healer practices acupuncture with the projection of chi energy into the needles, meridians, and internal organs. This is a higher level of healing skill which requires additional years of training and practice in ancient China. The fifth level requires the highest healing skill, which is the projection of chi energy without the use of needles or physical contact. The chi energy is projected at close range or at great distance, like from one continent to another continent. In ancient China and India, the technique of projecting chi energy at close range or at a distance without getting exhausted had been a closely-guarded secret.

The projection of chi energy without physical contact is called Medical Chi Kung, and it is divided into two schools, the Internal School and the External School. The Internal Medical Chi Kung School is the more popular one. It takes many years of practice in order to develop substantial chi energy. The use of one’s internal chi energy in order to heal patients is exhausting and tiring, and this is why the Chinese medical doctors are allowed to heal only two to three patients per day using this method.

The External Medical Chi Kung School is the less popular school and is almost not known to the public. This school uses chi energy from the air and from the earth, and directs it to the patient for healing. The External Medical Chi Kung School is superior to the Internal School, and it is not exhausting nor tiring. A good External Medical Chi Kung Master can heal as many as 20-30 patients per day.

How to Develop Strong Internal Chi
According to Master Choa Kok Sui, the Internal Medical Chi Kung School and the External Medical Chi Kung School are actually two sides of the same coin. In order to become a good healer using external chi, one must have a certain amount of internal power, which fortunately most people possess. The greater one’s internal chi power, the greater the capacity to absorb and to project chi energy to the patient. Internal chi power can be developed through meditation. The activation of the crown chakra or bai hui is very important. Therefore, it is highly recommended to practice the Twin Hearts Meditation, since this is one of the fastest ways to activate the crown chakra. Bai hui is the entry point of tian chi or spiritual energy. Without tian chi, or spiritual energy, it is not possible to develop strong internal chi. Therefore, it is highly recommended to practice the Twin Hearts Meditation regularly .  

The practice of yogic physical and breathing exercises is very helpful since they will increase one’s healing power. To become even more powerful, it is advisable to practice Arhatic Yoga® or other higher meditations.

The External Medical Chi Kung, as taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, is very revolutionary. It is easy to learn and practice. It also uses acupuncture points, but not the ordinary acupuncture that uses 11 major acupuncture points called  zhu xue lun. It also uses semi-major acupuncture points called xiao xue lun.

Since the students of External Medical Chi Kung do not have to learn thousands of acupuncture points but, rather, have to learn only a few major and semi-major acupuncture points, learning is faster and easier.

In ancient times there had been great scientific and cultural exchanges between China and India. In India, External Medical Chi Kung is now called Pranic  Healing®. The major acupuncture points are called chakras, and the semi-major acupuncture points are called minor chakras. Master Choa Kok Sui has taught the External Medical Chi Kung School of Healing to the west and to other parts of the world, under the name Pranic Healing®.  In its existing form Pranic Healing® has been painstakingly, systematically, and scientifically developed, revealed, and taught globally by Master Choa Kok Sui. Hundreds of thousands of students have learned to do Pranic Healing®, and millions of patients have been healed or relieved.

Seven or Eleven Major Chakras?
There is some degree of controversy as to whether there are seven chakras or more. Some ancient Indian books mentioned seven chakras. Some modern authors have also written about seven chakras. Master Choa Kok Sui has taught that there are 11 major chakras. Which is correct? Actually, both are correct, because in these ancient books, they have never mentioned there are only seven chakras. The key word is “only”. The problem is that students or readers assume that there are only seven chakras. This is an assumption without any basis.

Actually, in some Indian literature it is even mentioned that there are at least 44 chakras. In Indonesia there is one family that owns an ancient Sanskrit literature written on palm leaves that mentions the existence of other chakras besides the seven chakras. The kabbalistic system has 10 energy centers plus one hidden center, a total of 11. The student must remember that truth is dynamic, not static. This is the basis behind progress. One must be ready to discard lower truth for higher truth.

Four Levels of Pranic Healing®
Pranic Healing® is divided into different levels. In the first level, the students are taught how to absorb air prana or chi energy, and how to project it to the patients. Students are also taught how to make their hands sensitive and how to scan or feel the energy body of the patient. They are taught how to clean, energize, and stabilize the projected chi energy. They are also taught how to release the projected energy, and how to cut the energy cord. The students are taught how to make the patient more receptive in order to accelerate the healing process. Other lessons include self-healing, divine healing, and distant healing, especially how to project pranic energy or chi energy at a great distance.

 In level two, the students are taught how to use different color pranas and chi energies in cleansing and energizing the patient. This technique is much more powerful.

In level three, the students are taught how to use color pranas or chi energies on psychological ailments. Treating psychological ailments requires more time and effort, and greater skill.

In level four, the students are taught how to use crystals to focus chi energy or pranic energy to the patient.

Other higher levels of Pranic Healing® are not taught to the public, but only to the author’s senior disciples.

Pranic Healing® is simple, easy to learn, and very effective, It has spread throughout many parts of the world — the United States, Canada, Central and Southern America, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, and to other countries. To date, there are 11 Pranic Healing® foundations in India.

May Pranic Healing® spread all over the world and help alleviate the sufferings of mankind.

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