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Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:

 “A friend who read one of your books told me that you reveal skin as being a voluntary muscle, an organ that can be amazingly under one’s control. Please enlighten me about this.”

Dear Readers,
First, let me offer you a few relevant quotes, one from a great band and one from a great writer:

“Never once was there an answer, without seeing, without listening.”
— Pink Floyd

“The whole secret of salvation hinges on the conversion of word to deed, with and through the whole being.”
— Henry Miller

 Indeed, we must both see and listen to benefit from reality — and if the whole secret of salvation truly hinges, as Miller says, on converting “word to deed,” then I submit this: gaining a new level of control over the re-creation of your body is one of the best benefits that knowledge has to offer. And by a “new level,” I mean one that directs your mindpower in a way which generates immediate changes in your mind-body condition, changes which you may have previously thought to be beyond your ability to control.

In any case, to clarify how these positive changes are brought about, it surely helps to take what I call a brain/body tour — a tour which we begin by focusing on the vital difference between —

Voluntary and Involuntary Muscles
The first step of our brain/body tour is this: understanding which parts of you are automatically controlled and which parts aren’t, because both physical function and condition are greatly dependent on two distinctly different factors, beginning first of all with:

Involuntary Muscles: These are the parts of your blessed body which are perpetually automated, the muscle groups called “visceral” and/or “cardiac” muscles — muscles which operate vital organs such as the heart, liver and intestines. Involuntary muscles are the ones controlled by what is dubbed the “autonomic” nervous system (which is a fancy “scientific” way of saying automatic). But the most useful focus of our word-to-deed conversion right now is to get ourselves better acquainted with those the body parts which we can (woo-ha!) consciously direct, the ever-at-your-service—

Voluntary Muscles: Also called “striated” or “skeletal muscle,” these are the body parts commanded by what is called the “somatic” nervous system, a network of nerves which voluntarily controls tissue function and condition (but too often the control is lost). Basically, the voluntarily directed body parts are these: the muscles of the neck, arms, legs, fingers and toes, plus the outer stomach and back muscles, and yes the SKIN, the skin is most definitely a somatic, voluntarily controlled muscle (as is the skeletal muscle directly beneath the skin). And for men of course there’s good ol’ Mr. Dick (a muscle perhaps better named Excelsior) — an organ which, although often regarded as involuntarily ruled, it’s at best a highly controllable muscle — as are the muscles of the vagina (a muscle perhaps better named Caressa). Are my attempts at humor a bit too subtle here?

Anyhow, subtle humor or not, what we’re accurately and factually exploring here involves much more than the simple command of a few muscles, but FULL-BODY control, whereby every living cell is consistently connected to the power source in charge. As we again face the important question of how to activate and manage the body’s natural control tower, focusing on that (invisible?) energy which makes the whole interconnection of muscle-to-form/mind-to-body happen (or not happen).

An Introduction to the Inity Session
I’ve found that mind-directed self-renewal occurs best amid what I’ve come to call Inity sessions (pronounced like unity but with an “I”) — a fairly simple procedure whereby mental energy is focused to effectively regenerate skin (or indeed any organ of the body).

To effectively begin the Inity session, first of all you need to do this: suspend all perceptions regarding what you have come to believe about your ability to control your “aging” and “health” — for at the core of NOW dwells the importance of being able to get to one’s essence, for getting to one’s essence is what Inity sessions are all about. But to get to one’s essence in order to activate and direct it, we first need to see what we’re directing. And if you previously thought that mental force (not just the results now, but the actual energy itself) cannot be seen with the naked eye, then you’re about to witness something of a breakthrough.

To witness what I’m talking about, simply close your eyes for a few seconds...

Did you see the tiny particles of light sparkling within the darkness? Of course you did, because even a blind person (which you’re obviously not) can see those ceaseless, glittering flashes within, for there is no absolute darkness in this world, but always the presence of a visible, luminous energy. What you see when you catch a glimpse of those illuminated sparks is a lot more than mere traces of outside light, but a glance at THE POWER SOURCE WHICH GIVES ALL LIFE ITS VITALITY AND NATURAL RE-CREATION.

How we know that this luminous “stuff” is not just useless traces of light, but an energy that is alive  and interacting with the life of your body, is by the fact that this light is always pulsing with the shimmering animation that living energy is all about. (Again, just close your eyes for a few seconds and have another look at those sparks of energy vibrating like sunlight on a ripply cove...)

But how can it be that this visible “it” (which allows us a glimpse at our actual power source) has no “official” name? Apparently, disregard of this utility is not due to its “unim-portance” but its mystery, for just as Albert Einstein said: “Knowledge about mankind is still in its infancy.” At any rate, because I’ve looked so deeply into this “light,” I’ve gone ahead and named it myself (while basing my entire rejuvenation system on its power) —calling it:

Creationary Energy (CE)
I call this light creationary because the process of creation is what it’s all about — the “stuff” which sparks the process of perpetual self-renewal. In other words: Just as electric appliances must connect to a power source to function via completed circuits, all bodily cells must connect to this mind-generated (CE) current to continually reproduce tissue.

Hence we zero-in on the basis of the Inity session, to regenerate skin and tissue by learning how  to focus and activate this bodily current which we see only as “light.” But to better understand this light/energy and the amazing things we can do with it, first we need to have a look at what turns this current on — a vastly important organ within the center of the brain — an organ which I thoroughly unveil, step-by-step in my books — an organ that we’ll explore in some detail in my next column.

And so until we communicate and touch minds again, let me wish you all a happily rebirthing springtime, and as always — happy rejuvenating!

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