By Jenny T. Lui

Good for One and Bad for the Other


Mrs. Miller had me come to her home for a feng shui consultation. The Miller family consists of herself, her husband and their son, Al. Both Mrs. Miller and her son, Al are Western Direction Pattern persons while Mr. Miller belongs to the Eastern Direction Pattern. The Miller family had only moved into their current home about six months ago and was still in the midst of making improvements. Mrs. Miller told me that the same day they did the groundbreaking to remove bordering hedges, creating a new wrought iron fence and walkway in their front yard on the north side, her husband lost his job. She wanted to know if the two incidents were somehow connected or if it was just a coincidence? I explained to her that in the realm of feng shui where everything is connected, there are no accidents.

Their house sits on a corner with the main door facing north and their side garage door facing west. The whole family comes in mainly through the garage entrance. However, the west door only matches Mrs. Miller and their son Al. Mr. Miller should be using the north entry as the west entry conflicts with his energies. The fact that Mr. Miller was dominantly using the west entry makes his energies unstable. The north direction is a positive direction for Mr. Miller and is associated with his wealth this year. Any major groundbreaking on the north side can influence his finances especially if it was done on an inauspicious date.

The Millers had created a walkway that brings northwest energy into the house to replace the original walkway that directed north energy to the house. The northwest direction is associated to metal and is not compatible to Mr. Miller. Furthermore, upon entering the front door, there is a large decorative fan on the left side which represents the energies of saving income. Fans represent dispersing energy and having such a large one located here can be suggestive of fanning away the north wealth energy coming to the house.

 Mrs. Miller comments that ever since they moved here, Mr. Millerís job has been very unstable. He is currently working odd jobs. Their master bedroom is located in the northeast corner. The bed is placed so that it faces west. Mr. Miller sleeps on the side of the bed that is directly aligned with the bathroom toilet. This bedroom situation defeats Mr. Millerís energy and can also cause him to be unstable.

On the other hand, this bedroom is in an ideal location for Mrs. Miller. Also, the annual and twenty-year cycle Nine Star Charts both indicate that these energies promote her and she is likely to be doing quite well. Mrs. Miller smiled and agreed since she recently got a promotion and raise. However, she says, she read that since her northeast direction has the 1, 6 and 8 stars, it means that people in this room should do well. Why isnít this the case for her husband, she asked?

I explained to her that the Nine Star Charts are only one factor of many that influence the feng shui of the house. When the energies are compatible to a person, then they are more positively affected than when the energies are not compatible. In analogy, designer clothes are beautiful but not on everyone. Because the northeast direction does not match Mr. Miller and he is also sleeping facing a conflicting direction and having the negative energies of the toilet aligned with him, he gets the shorter end of the stick. The house simply does not promote Mr. Miller as well as it does Mrs. Miller.

Furthermore, the stove which is associated with the energies of income is also located in favor of Mrs. Miller and not Mr. Miller. Mrs. Miller shakes her head and exclaims that it is no wonder her husband has struggled with his career since they moved into this house. This type of imbalanced feng shui can also stir up insecurities, stress and strain their relationship. Both Mr. and Mrs. Miller agree they have always been good communicators and have a loving relationship. However, in this house, they have been more antagonistic and cannot seem to overcome their issues. I commented to her that in 90% of cases, the husband and wife have opposite energies and the house will tend to promote one more than the other. Whoever is negatively affected will unintentionally pull down the other. That is why it is important to take everyone into consideration and make necessary feng shui adjustments to balance the energies for everyone involved.

Many recommendations were made for their home. Two weeks later, Mrs. Miller called with some follow up questions and a piece of good news. She told me that two days after she made the adjustments on the front door and entry area as I suggested, her husband got a new job. Although they cannot change the master bedroom, being aware of their homeís energies will help them understand their situation and to progress by remembering the bigger picture.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelorís Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masterís Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information please see www.liu-fengshui.com  or call (909) 860-0633.  

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