The Benefit of Having Problems
By Ralph Carpio



Do you have a problem? Have you ever in the course of your life had a problem? Of course you have, might be your first impulse. Yet a closer examination reveals that having a problem is a very powerful state in which to reside. How can this be so? It’s when you have a problem or situation or life circumstance that you are in charge of it. When you are owning up to being at cause of all things in your life for an ultimately higher and beneficial reason, you place yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

The difficult seeming areas of our lives are not meant to crush or defeat us. We have placed them in our lives for a very specific goal. This always pertains to our growth and development as creative beings.

There is some higher aspect we have been striving to experience and these specific conditions in our lives are then opportunities to experience those aspects.

When seemingly harsh situations present themselves, it’s important to remember the chain of command. These things do not simply spring up out of nowhere without an inherent benefit. The specific benefit will be something very personal and connected to your own individuality. So when you have a problem, you are actually in a state of empowerment.

It is in this state of mind that you can then begin to take the reins of your life. These “problematic” areas can involve an endless myriad of topics such as money, health, work, romance and a host of emotional distresses. These challenging events can become the clay of your life with which you can mold, shape and create something that resides within you.

“What is in this for me? What waits underneath it all? What am I ready to gain?” It could be a feeling of self-confidence, compassion, freedom, love or other aspects that have been dormant within you awaiting their birth. Can you now see the inherent benefit available to you?

Think of experiencing your life in either of two modes: your having problems or problems having you. In the latter, you are at the mercy of life’s random occurrences and all you can do is hope things get better somehow. In the first mode where you have the problem, you become the magician, the artist and ultimately the creator of your life. When you can recognize yourself as the constant creator of your life, you can then experience the benefit of having problems, which is a very powerful state.

Ralph Carpio is the author of “The Constant Creator In You” published by Rainbow Books. You may read more or contact him at 

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