Mystical Men Series: Part 2 
By Dr. Maryel McKinley 



Welcome to the “Mystical Men Series,” Part 2! Last issue, we were privileged to have Dr. Deepak Chopra kick off this series with his enlightening words. My previous column “Women with Wings” showcased seven powerful and inspirational women who are helping to shape the world as we see it today. With the “Mystical Men Series”, we are trying to give our readers the opportunity to get into the minds of the world’s foremost thinkers and philosophers. We received such a great response from our readers on the Deepak Chopra’s “Mystical Men” interview, that we decided to follow it up with seven men, many of whom were recently recruited by Dr. Chopra and his daughter Mallika as faculty members of their new multimedia organization We at Awareness hope you enjoy what these very different, yet very wise men have to say regarding how to care for our Mother Earth. 

Dr. McKinley: What do you think is the biggest threat to the environment today? 

Aman Motwane: The biggest threat to our environment today is the way we, as human beings, see our environment. You may not realize it, but how we see our environment shapes our whole world. 

Most of us see everything as independent from one another. But the reality is that everything is part of one interconnected, interrelated whole. For example, a tree may appear isolated, but in fact it affects and is affected by everything in its environment — sunshine, rain, wind, birds, minerals, other plants and trees, you, me. The tree shapes the wind that flows around it; it is also shaped by that wind. Look at the relationship between the tree and its environment and you will see the future of the tree. 

Most of us are blind to this interconnectedness of everything. This is why we don’t see the consequences of our actions — why we don’t see how our actions today shape our environment and our future. Oblivious, we greedily consume the earth’s resources to excess, quickly discarding anything that doesn’t suit our fancy. We have allowed a culture where we covet, acquire and waste with a sense of righteous entitlement. 

It is time for each of us to open our eyes and see the world as it really is — one aggregate whole where every cause has an effect. Once we change how we see the world, we will act more consciously and our whole world will change.

 Aman Motwane is the author of “The Power of Wisdom — When You Change How You See the World, Your Whole World Changes” . Mr. Motwane is a leader in his field as an internationally known inspirational and corporate trainer. He can be reached at 

Dr. McKinley: Hello Dr. Semkiw and Mr. Stein, thanks for participating from San Francisco. In your research as members of the International Association of Regression Research & Therapies, what environmental issues do you find most pressing? 

Dr. Semkiw and Matthew Stein: Two environmental issues that we find most pressing are deforestation and global warming. Mankind has now cut down half of the trees that were existent 10,000 years ago. The loss of trees disrupts the ecosystem as trees are necessary to build topsoil, maintain rainfall in dry climates, purify water tables and to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Tree roots break up minerals deep underground and bring these nutrients to the surface, regenerating soil. Trees bring water up from the ground, allowing water to evaporate into the atmosphere. The evaporated water then returns as rain, which is vital to areas that are naturally arid. Areas downwind of deforested lands lose this source of rainfall and transform into deserts. The process of deforestation led to the once “Fertile Crescent” of the Middle East to become the desert land of Iraq and Iran. Trees also have an effect on the quality of well water. Tree roots act as filters, removing mineral and salt deposits from water tables. Deforestation leads to the loss of this function and water becomes salty and unsuitable for drinking or irrigation. In summation, deforestation leads to the loss of land that can sustain life. 

Global warming results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as petroleum products, resulting in the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses then trap heat, resulting in warming of our atmosphere.  We do not know how this change in atmosphere will affect us, though volatile and violent weather patterns seem to be a correlate of global warming.  By altering the composition of our atmosphere, we are creating an experiment with our planet home, which may have catastrophic consequences for life forms dependent on a stable environment. 

 The urgency for environmental protection is often mitigated by the sense that these are problems that will be faced by future generations, not by us.  There is new information emerging, though, that indicates we ourselves will have to deal with the environmental time bomb now being created.  Physical evidence of reincarnation is now coming out that will transform reincarnation from a belief system to a reality.  Walter Semkiw, MD, has compiled approximately 50 cases of people who lived during the time of the American Revolutionary War, who are living again today.  These cases show people have the same facial architecture and personality traits from lifetime to lifetime, and that people come back into life in groups, based on shared karma and emotional attachments.  As such, the environmental issues we leave behind us will become our inheritance in future lives. 

What can we do now?  Though individual efforts such as recycling are helpful, a national and global approach to solving environmental problems must be taken.  Politicians need to know that long-term protection of the environment is a priority over relatively short-term economic concerns, such as corporate profits.  It is our responsibility to ensure that we elect representatives who understand that preventing destruction of our world ecosystem is our mandate. 

Matthew Stein, P.E. is a mechanical engineer & author of: “When Technology Fails, a practical guide to surviving shortages in electricity, water and foodstuffs”.  Walter Semkiw, MD, is a Medical Doctor & Occupational Medicine expert, as well as a radio show personality and best-selling author of “Astrology for Regular People”, which integrates astrology with Christian, Buddhist and Hindu thought. He is currently writing “Return of the Revolutionaries”, a book that presents extensive physical evidence of reincarnation. Check out his website at  

Dr. McKinley: Mr. Nacson, thanks for participating all the way from Australia! What do you suggest the readers of Awareness Magazine can do to help the environmental problem? 

LEON NACSON: I believe they do make a difference, even the smallest thing has a rippling effect — refuse plastic bags, take a mug with you when you buy coffee, recycle newspapers, it all helps. 

Dr. Mc Kinley: Where do you see the environmental crisis heading? 

LEON NACSON: It is heading towards greater education of political leaders right down to the classroom, making everyone aware that this is our only home and we must take care of it. 

Dr. McKinley: As an expert in your field of holistic lifestyles, what answers or ideas do you have that might help the environment? 

LEON NACSON: The simplest way to help the environment is not to impact on it. Tread as lightly as you can, taking as little as possible, and putting back as much as you can. 

Dr. McKinley: What is your specific area of concern regarding the current and future state of the environment? 

LEON NACSON: Air and water pollution are our Number One priorities. It is incomprehensible that we are polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink. These are two elements that are not inexhaustible, and the sooner we realize that once we reach the point of no return, there will be nothing left for future generations. There needs to be a shift in our thinking. We are the only species that wanted to plant mangoes in Alaska, and eat pineapples out of season. We open the fridge and want an exotic array of foods. Every other inhabitant of this planet is happy to go along with Mother Nature and accept what is seasonable. We all need to simplify our demands on the environment and live closer to harmony. 

Leon Nacson is an internationally known dream interpreter and the author of “Interpreting Dreams A-Z” and “Dream Journal”. He resides in Australia, and has a weekly column in Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph. You can e-mail him at:  or visit

 Dr. McKinley: Yogi Desai, what an honor it is to have this rare opportunity to interview you. Can you please share your wisdom with our readers and tell us where you see the environmental crisis heading? 

YOGI AMRIT DESAI: We are not separate from the problem. We are the problem. We live divided lives. On the one hand, we ask industries to support our greed for more and more conveniences, comfort and possessions. We have become addicted consumers, which causes industrial waste. At the same time, we ignore our connection between our demands and the exploitation of Mother Earth that goes with it. When we are greedy for more than what we need for our sustenance and well being, we invariably abuse the resources of our body and the earth. 

Mother Earth is the womb of the sustaining power of humanity. We are nurtured by the healthy condition of Mother Earth. In humans, if the mother is ailing, the child suffers. In the womb, the child is helpless. But in our case, it is the mother who is helpless. We are the cause of the ailing planet and we are the victims. 

Dr. McKinley: As a Master in your field of yoga and spirituality, what answers or ideas do you have that might help the environment? 

YOGI AMRIT DESAI: As Carl Jung said, “If things go wrong in the world, something is wrong with me. Therefore, if I am sensible, I shall put myself right first.” Our relationship to the earth invariably is the reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Our ailing planetary consciousness is a reflection of our ailing humanity and self-concepts. The global healing can occur only when individuals are awakened to their higher integrative consciousness. We heal the planet as we heal ourselves. 

Once a great yogi who lived to be 130 years was asked, “What is your secret of long life?” He said, “I live on interest.” What he meant was that he wasn’t using up his principal. Right now, we have not only exhausted our principal, we are living off our credit card. We have gone so far that the collection agency is knocking at our door. Destructive patterns that are developing in weather conditions, toxic environment and water pollution are the collection agencies demanding payment of our debt. The knocking is actually healthy. It is a wake-up call that gives us an opportunity to alter our awareness, to transform not only the earth but also the consciousness of every human being in a profound and far-reaching way. 

Dr. McKinley: What do you suggest the readers of Awareness Magazine can do to help the environmental problem? 

YOGI AMRIT DESAI: Our current individual, social, and cultural conditionings have created disruption in our lives that is being mirrored on a global scale. Many of us who were raised in the materialistic society adopted a belief in our childhood, that more is better. As the age of science, industrialization and technology created the power to produce more and more, the greed for more grew along with it. As consumers, many of us have developed insatiable hunger for more. As a result, we have not only abused our bodies, we have indirectly promoted industries that are destroying the ecological balance of the planet. 

As each one of us becomes more aware and realizes that we are the source of the problem we complain about, we learn to become stewards of our resources rather than exploiters. 

Dr. McKinley: Yogi Desai, do you have a specific area of concern regarding the current and future state of the environment? 

YOGI AMRIT DESAI: Responsibility for our environment is an age-old theism. The words of the ancient Vedas say, “Pinde so Brahmade,” which means literally, “What is in the microcosm is in the macrocosm.” 

Just as the primal wisdom inherent and inborn within the individual body maintains its own internal ecological balance, the same all-pervading intelligence of prana sustains the balance of the universe. We have no power to protect or use the energy resources of our plant any differently than the way we use, abuse, misuse, or exploit our own body-mind energy system. It is the conscious use of energy resources that maintains the homeostatic processes in the body. It is conscious living that uses the energy resources of this planet in a way that protects the ecological balance of the earth. 

Cleaning up the earth must be viewed as part of the evolution of human consciousness. This is not an isolated event. Two centuries ago, the earth was pollution-free, but every-increasing technological advances since the Industrial Revolution have rapidly put our planet on a collision course with destruction. Even if we wake up and pay attention to the condition of the planet, we must be clear in our consciousness. If not, history will repeat itself. If we make external changes but continue to live in the same unconsciousness, the problem will have a temporary solution and in time, the next generation will face the same all over again. Ongoing awareness is the only permanent solution. 

Yogi Amrit Desai can be reached at  or (215) 234-6842. 

Dr. McKinley: Danny, as an esteemed member of the “younger generation” which represents the future of our planet, what do you suggest the readers of Awareness Magazine can do to help the environmental problem? 

DANNY SEO: I’ve always believed the environmental movement should be a lifestyle one, and not a political or social one. The choices we make in our lives, even the most insignificant ones, can have a profound impact on the world. 

But if you stroll down any health food store home cleaner aisle, you’ll see dusty bottles of home cleaners that are good for the planet, but expensive, ineffective and sometimes just outright strange. 

My company, Danny Seo Media Ventures, is working to change that. We’re creating eco-friendly products for the home — cleaners, bedding, accessories — that look cool and help the planet, too. 

Dr. McKinley Where do you see the environmental crisis heading? 

DANNY SEO: In general, I think the biggest problem is going to be overpopulation. If you really think about it, most of the environmental problems today can all be sourced back to the simple fact there are too many people. But fixing this problem, if you even view it as one, is a tricky one. Is this something government gets involved in? Or do you educate and hope people practice what they hear? I don’t know the answer, but I do feel it is one of the biggest issues we need to deal with. 

Dr. McKinley: As an expert in your field of “cause-related lifestyle” what answers or ideas do you have that might help the environment? 

DANNY SEO: Why not approach the situation with an eco-friendly lifestyle — from an aesthetic point-of-view, not a political or social one. In my book “Conscious Style Home” (St. Martins Press), I show people how to create green living spaces that are comfortable and stylish. Shot by award-winning photographers Jonn Coolidge and Jennifer Levy, who have worked at Martha Stewart Living and Ralph Lauren, we don’t scare people with daunting facts and statistics — just inspiration and aspirational projects. 

Dr. McKinley: What are you doing in your specific area of expertise for the future state of the environment? 

DANNY SEO: I view my role as a teacher, giving simple, how-to information and projects to the public. I’ve really strived to demystify my approach to lifestyle, to make it accessible and easy. 

Danny Seo can be reached at  

Dr. McKinley: Mr. Sasoon, thank you for being a part of our “Mystical Men” series! What do you suggest the readers of Awareness Magazine can do to help the environmental problem?” 

GAHL SASSON: Plant a tree, a Tree of Life. Sometimes we think the solutions to our problems demand a great deal of work and toil, but then again, sometimes we are wrong. I believe that what we should all do is plant a tree. Each one of us can easily do it. Trees in alchemy are called Axis Mundi ? the center of the universe. The first fossil evidence of photosynthetic plant life dates back to 2.5 billion years ago. The trees have been working since then to create an atmosphere that could support life. In less then 50 years we have destroyed half of the rainforest. Aren’t we efficient? 

Each American consumes, in paper goods, the equivalent of a 100-foot tall tree; we’ll have to agree that planting one tree a year is the minimum we could do to restore the green lung to Mother Nature. 

Dr. McKinley: Where do you see the environmental crisis heading? 
I personally am a great admirer of the Human race. I believe that eventually we will all wake up. I just hope it’s sooner than later. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Enlightenment and Awareness. In the future the masses will not bother with the Los Angeles Times or CNN, but will be more interested in papers such as this one. Aquarius is also the Age of Technology and Meditation. I have a strong feeling we are heading to a point where science will become more aware and awareness more scientific. I have full confidence in Humanity and its progress towards some reconciliation with Mother Nature. 

Gahl Sasson is the expert in astrology, kabbalah and mythology at You may reach him at: . He is currently working on a book with Steve Weinstien called: “The Wish Fulfilling Tree.”

In closing, I hope you enjoyed part two of our “Mystical Men Series”, and I thank all seven of the participants. I have learned a great deal about what I can do as an individual to help the environment. It is enlightening to hear the thoughts and opinions of other professionals who are not necessarily in the field of Ecology, yet they are responsible leaders in their own unique individual field of expertise, showing us that you don’t have to be an expert to take action and to contribute to our planet. 

I hope these interviews encourage the readers of Awareness Magazine to take action and develop your own strategy. Too many of us just sit back and say “I’ll let the experts deal with it.” Meanwhile, we are killing the planet. My aim in interviewing these very different mystical men is to show how one person can make a difference. Thanks to all seven for stepping up to the plate and offering their wisdom. 

Finally, I wish to acknowledge and thank my fellow faculty members at  who have dedicated their lives to making the planet a better place through utilizing mass media. 

Dr. Maryel McKinley is a Doctor of Philosophy, licensed addictions therapist and the addictions expert for She may be reached at (714) 396-4314, or , or visit her website at .

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