The Light of the Masters 
Emanations of SOVEREIGNTY 
By Val Jon Farris 



In this article we continue our expedition to seven sacred peaks; a ring of summits that rise to the heavens like a jeweled crown of the Gods. From this luminous formation emanates the most powerful spiritual light in the world, the Light of the Masters. Like gravity holds together the universe’s celestial bodies, the Light of the Masters infuses an omnipotent unifying wisdom into every living entity. Its golden gem-like radiance dwells within all things and its presence is visible through the window of all the world’s religions and faiths. Moses witnessed its power in the burning bush of “I am that I am.” The Gnostics beheld it as “Gnosis,” or inspired knowledge. The Hindus experience it as “Kundalini,” an intense light energy that moves through the physical body. The common message among all the scriptures of antiquity is that this Master’s Light exists within us and all we need do is access it. 

The secret to accessing this wisdom and light lies in the “ring of seven summits” I mentioned above. Each “summit” represents a facet of spiritual wisdom, or a “dimension of knowing.” When all seven facets are accessed simultaneously the landscape of the soul is illuminated, revealing the infinite power of the Light of the Masters. The seven dimensions of knowing are Humility, Eternality, Truth, Passion, Sovereignty, Faith and Service. Why these seven and not others? Because they encompass the full spectrum of human experience and generate the core behaviors needed to embrace the infinite. 

The good news is that the seven dimensions of knowing already exist within us. The challenging news is that revealing their secrets can be an intense emotional experience. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual wisdom isn’t always bestowed through blissful or peaceful means. It sometimes takes an act of God, a tragedy or loss, or a humbling blow to the ego before we open to the divine. Like the cosmic forces that create, maintain and destroy stars, the Light of the Masters casts its lessons into the human soul with both grace and fury. It is through acts of devotion, trials of misfortune, expressions of love and onslaughts of pain that we are endowed with the Master’s Light. The challenge is to sift through the trauma and the drama of our lives until the gems of wisdom are revealed to us. 

I’m going to share a real life experience with you now that illuminates how to access a dimension of knowing and how to apply its wisdom. Join me now as we explore the fifth dimension of knowing, Sovereignty. Entering into the thick underbrush of a Hawaiian jungle we encounter the terrifying and inspiring shaman, Sam Lono. Possessed by this sorcerer’s spell for a night, we emerge the next day not only intact, but in touch with immense personal power. Power that ignites our ability to be true to ourselves, stand in the face of adversity and orchestrate our own destiny. * * * 

Through the dense jungle canopy I catch a glimpse of a sky ablaze with amber, purple and orange hues. The Haiku Mountains shoot up before me like gigantic moss-covered stone sabers. As I move deeper into the jungle, the ambiance of a colorful paradise shifts into foreboding shades of gray. In reaction to the eerie feeling of being watched, I crouch down next to a huge greenish-brown fern. My suspicions are soon confirmed.

 “Tap, tap, tap,” rings out through the air. 

It sounds like bamboo slapping up against a tree trunk. Terrified, I stop breathing to listen intently. 

“Ova hee-ahh!” a gruff voice booms out from the dense underbrush.

 A dark figure steps forward into the moonlight. His oily dark hair is riddled with strands of gray and straggles down beyond his collar. He’s wearing a tattered shirt and baggy green trousers. Although an older man, he bears the presence and agility of a wild animal. Suddenly I recognize who he is. This is Sam Lono, the most feared and respected kahuna in all the islands! 

“You come weeth me now!” he snaps. 

He doesn’t grab me though, instead he whips around and takes off down the trail. I don’t know if it’s terror or some bizarre force at work, but rather than running away, I lurch forward and follow him. The surreal movement of my body reminds me of running in a dream. I can see my feet kicking beneath me, but the act is not fully registering. The scenery around me is a blur as Sam Lono runs down the thick jungle trail ahead of me. Within a few minutes we come to a stop and there to our left, among a grove of banana trees, I spot a clearing in the dense jungle. In its midst is a small wooden shack with rough timber walls and a palm leaf roof. The dilapidated building has a glassless window and a battered old wooden door with a rope handle. 

“Eetz no mistake you come hee-ah tonight. Time fo me to geeve some-ting to haole people,” Sam barks at me breaking the remote silence.

 “Haole” is a local term meaning “white man without spirit.” 

You come, weeth me now,” he says as he turns and walks toward the shack. Still under his spell I follow him into his abode. 

In the middle of the room is a wooden table and three chairs sitting on a dirt floor. To my left is a wall covered from floor to ceiling with glass jars filled with murky liquids. Most of the jars have wax paper lids and are wrapped with twine. 

Pointing to the jars, Lono says, “Theeze ahh my sacred medicines. Some heal, some wound and some ee-vahn kill. Theeze one is for you tonight,” he adds, as he removes a jar from the top shelf. 

“I tink fo you I geeve one tonight,” he says as he places it on the table in front of me. At first, the contents look like pickled vegetables. But as I look closer, I see it is a heart! Sam grabs my left wrist and pulls my hand toward the jar until it makes contact. 

“The fear in your heart cuts you off from spirit, juz like theeze one in my jar. We now find when theeze first took plaze in your life.” Sam whispers at me. My body suddenly tightens and the light in the room takes on an eerie glow. Like a fast-acting drug hitting my system, time slows and a tingling numbness creeps through my torso. My mind races and urges me to bolt from my chair, but I’m paralyzed. Looking into Sam’s deep black eyes I suddenly see visions of a fetus traveling down a birth canal. A bolt of terror rages inside me as I witness a birth process. Tiny, chalky limbs dangle loosely as gloved hands clutch them with gripping force. Intense pain rips through my body as I struggle to breath. This fetus is me! Blackness and flashes of crimson and blue explode within my tiny soft skull. Fear of abandonment surges through my body as the umbilical cord is cut. Transposed over the images I see Lono tapping on the heart jar reminding me to connect with spirit. 

I suddenly realize that my separation at birth was responsible for my feelings of insecurity and my need for acceptance. Then I see deeper into the picture. The seeds of self-doubt sewn at birth are necessary to instill survival instincts in us. Without such instincts we would be ill equipped to detect and react to threatening situations. From this perspective it’s clear that fear and self-doubt can be our allies if we are willing to see them as such. My body relaxes and as I exhale in relief, I drift off into a peaceful . . . deep sleep. 

When I awake the next morning, Sam is gone and it’s time for me to get on with my life. Winding my way back into the jungle, I know I’m going to be true to myself from now on. If I like something, I’ll say it, and if I don’t, I’ll say that too. I will risk myself, be vulnerable and be authentic with people. 

Sam Lono’s spell that night cast me deeply into the emanation of Sovereignty. To be sovereign, means that we will be true to ourselves and trust our inherent abilities. It means being authentic in our deeds and actions. And it means being fully responsible for our choices, even if they seem like the wrong ones. And finally, it means holding ourselves in high regard and realizing that we have the power to do whatever we desire to do in our lives. 

* * * 
The good news is you don’t have to almost be kidnapped by a crazed shaman to experience the dimension of Sovereignty. If my story spoke to you, use your feelings to identify where it was imprinted into your soul. Once open to the dimension, to help keep Sovereignty present in your daily life, engage with the three behaviors of Respect, Autonomy and Power. Doing so will assist you in illuminating the wisdom and light contained within you. Let’s explore each behavior. 

Respect comes from the Latin roots “re,” meaning “again,” and “respicere,” meaning “to look back on.” From this perspective, respect means “to re-look.” To re-look at what? The conclusions, decisions or assumptions we may be holding about ourselves or others. In the normal course of events we are taught that respect is something earned. I’ll respect you if you deserve it. You’ve got to prove to me that you are worthy of my respect and, if you do, then maybe I’ll give it to you. But the definition of “re-looking” expands this construct. Rather than respect just being something earned, it also can be something given. When I am willing to re-look and release my judgments or conclusions, I am giving respect. The value in being able to freely give respect lies in establishing trust and facilitating a developmental process either for oneself or for others. If I am constantly judging you or making you jump through “respect hoops,” I risk alienating you and cutting off any chance for positive movement in our relationship. It’s the times when I was given respect, especially when I didn’t deserve it, that I was influenced the most. 

Autonomy is the state of existing or functioning independently from another or others. When we are autonomous, we have the ability to make our own way and are not dependent on others for assistance, guidance or support. Autonomy doesn’t mean we should separate or isolate ourselves from others, but that we are capable of functioning without them if we need to. An important fact is to know that just because people have successfully made their own way in life doesn’t automatically make them autonomous. Autonomy requires much more than physical independence. Until we become “true to ourselves” emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we remain trapped at some level within the confines of dependence. Many people have moved thousands of miles away from their families to escape the dynamics of control and domination, only to find that they have carried the curse of their childhood across the country with them. 

Power, from the Latin root “potere,” means “to be able.” Being powerful means having the ability to initiate, engage and follow through. Power and force are not the same. To practice being powerful, we must be willing to set aside our need to control, dominate and manipulate. Unlike control, power relies on one’s resolve to make things happen through intention, dedication and collaboration. Although power is a personal phenomenon, it can never be “owned” by anyone. The moment it is coveted for purposes of credit or ego gratification, it transforms into control. Power also need not be flamboyant, dramatic or extreme. Think of it as the deep currents of an ocean which, unlike the crashing of the waves upon the beach, are almost invisible in their expression. Being more powerful in our lives begins with realizing that we have the capacity for power. Many people inhibit their own power through the belief that they are powerless and have little or no command over their emotional well-being or life circumstances. Others defeat their power by falling into the trap of ego gratification and arrogance. It was Karlfried Graf Dürckheim who said, “Power does not corrupt men. It is men who rise to positions of authority, who corrupt power.” 

Join me next time as we explore the sixth dimension of the Light of the Masters, Faith. In the blackness of night, two hundred feet above a ravine you find your ankles strapped to a thin bungee cord. The cold steel railing beckons you to scale it and hurl your body into oblivion. Do you have the nerve? Do you possess the Faith? 

Val Jon Farris is an international lecturer and award-winning author. His new spiritual adventure book, Inca Fire! Light of the Masters, (ISBN 1928621021) is available at all major bookstores or on his website at . For events call 1 (877) 462-2347.

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