The Consciousness of Love 
and the Renaissance within You 
By Scott & Shannon Peck 



So much is at stake. With every passing moment we choose our destiny — of Love or no Love, of infinite possibilities or few possibilities. How can we access Love’s infinite possibilities and release the Renaissance within each of us? 

As we acknowledge our true state as the Consciousness of Love, everything starts to fall into place. We begin to see that our yearnings are planted by divine Love’s design to bring about more of Itself. Your life has powerful purpose beyond what appears on the surface. The possibilities of infinite Love can be accessed from one place — the Consciousness of Love itself. 

Allow yourself free reign right now to roam in Love’s consciousness and marvel at the Renaissance within you. As you enter this Love space, you will see Love everywhere and present for all time. In fact, for as long as you remain in Love’s Consciousness you will never see a lapse of Love. This is your true home. Love and you are inseparable, incapable of separation. Unity is the continual measurement of your Love experience. 

In Love’s Consciousness we see and experience the peace that is our inherent right. That means no stress, disturbance, pressure. Endless peace. We also see and feel infinite calm. That means unbroken harmony and joy. We find ourselves, expressing Love at all times and in all ways. What ecstasy! If this is starting to sound boring to you, let us share something personal with you. 

Before we met each other, we each had been previously married — and divorced. When, as a result of deep personal growth, we came together in the consciousness of Love, we were both astounded at the freedom. We no longer spent our energy in emotional defense. The outcome was a Renaissance of creativity and expansion. Our creative potential became infinitely unleashed, soaring into divine orbit. It was thrilling. Everything exploded out from Love consciousness — writing books, producing tapes, creating workshops, founding TheLoveCenter, establishing, writing columns, and creating a whole new community of Love-Masters! And all of this in less than two years! This is the impact of aligning your life in Love. If we can do it, so can you! 

The value of remaining in the Consciousness of Love — with daily acts of peace, calm, harmony, joy, satisfaction, spirituality and more — is inestimable. Until each of us enters the Consciousness of Love, we remain a seed with bloom, our beauty and value undiscovered, our highest purpose and meaning hidden — to ourselves and to each other. 

Look at what happened during the Renaissance, the birthing of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and other masters — not only of art, but architecture, sculpture, everywhere. Infinitely beautiful, creative ideas burst forth that civilization had never seen. 

Within each of us is a Love Renaissance waiting for birth and release. What is the Renaissance within you? As you feel this question as Love’s own voice speaking to the depth of Magnificence within you, let the consciousness of Love Itself reveal the massive depth of infinite possibilities within you. Your consciousness of Love is your consciousness of your truest and highest self. Let the Renaissance of You begin! Welcome to the heart of Love! 

Copyright 2001 by Scott & Shannon Peck 

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. This article is based on their workshop “Becoming a LoveMaster,” their 6-cassette audio course, “All the Love You Could Ever Want,” and their book, “Liberating Your Magnificence”. Scott Peck is also the author of “The Love You Deserve”. Shannon Peck is a spiritual healer and teacher. The Pecks are popular speakers and media guests. For information, please visit , call TheLoveCenter at (800) 266-1525, or e-mail .

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