By Jenny Liu 

Too Sick to Enjoy the View


Eva and her husband Doug are a semi-retired couple who live in a luxurious home overlooking the ocean in New Port.  Anyone who visits their home cannot help but be impressed by the contemporary interior design and all the floor-to-ceiling windows that show off the New Port coast behind their house. It is this splendid view that attracted them to buy the house for their retirement. After doing the feng shui analysis, I discovered that despite the beauty and grandeur of this house, nothing in the floor plan or orientation matched the gracious couple. 

I sat down with Eva and Doug in their charming nook area and began to explain to them that everyone has their own unique energies based on their birth date. The houses that we live in, the environment it is in and the time in which it was built also create an energy force that influences our well-being. From their birth dates, Eva is of the earth element and Doug is of the metal element. They both belonged to the Western Direction Pattern and yet their house is predominantly an Eastern Pattern House. 

The strongest directions for Eva and Doug are the northwest, west, southwest and northeast. This means, ideally, their main door, master bedroom and office should be located and facing these strong directions.  However, their house sits east, the master bedroom is located in the southeast corner and their main door faces north. Upstairs, there are two toilets located in their positive direction of the southwest.  Their kitchen is also located in the southeast directly under the master bedroom.  Doug’s office is located in the north facing east.  There is a pool in the east back yard where the land drops off steeply to reveal the panoramic view of the ocean. Also, there are huge windows throughout the back side of the house. Looking a bit confused, Eva asks, “So, what does all that mean?” 

Living in an east-sitting house and sleeping in the southeast bedroom ? both directions which are associated to the wood element, greatly defeats both Eva’s earth and Doug’s metal energies. The earth element being associated to the stomach, uterus, skin, hormones and emotions, Eva is likely to feel tired easily and have problems in these areas or suffer emotional tension.  The metal element being associated to the upper chest, lung, neck, shoulder, head and respiratory system, Doug is prone to aches and pains in these areas. With two toilets located in the southwest direction which is associated to the mother’s health and relationships, I asked Eva if she has any serious problems and if their marriage is strained.  Before Eva could answer, Doug anxiously tells me that Eva has always been active and lighthearted. However, in the last few years they have lived here, her energy level has dropped, she suffers insomnia and her thyroids have become enlarged.  She is extremely moody and their relationship has become one of avoidance. 

Seeing Doug’s dark gray aura around his forehead and nose area, I explained that there were too many windows at the back of their house letting energy escape.  This can make them weak and vulnerable to trouble.  I also pointed to the backyard and told him that this year (case done in August of ’99), the east direction brings extremely violating energies.  With the house sitting east, the moving water of the pool and the land dropping off so steeply all compound this negativity. 

If he is doing business in the north room which also conflicts with him, he needs to be very careful with transactions and the people with whom he works. There is a likelihood that he may be involved with troublesome people and suffer great financial loss.  Doug shook his head and says he wishes I could have come earlier.  He says everything I told him has already happened. He nearly lost his business this year due to an unethical contractor and poor inventory. He has migraines, his neck and shoulders are always tight, and he suffers chronic chest congestion. 

He confesses to me that until today, he honestly did not know whether there is any merit to feng shui. After hearing my analysis and knowing I had only met him an hour ago, has given him new insight and enlightenment. He no longer thinks of feng shui as a mystical or superstitious practice. Seeing my charts and calculations, he understands feng shui is actually quite a complex science and is similar to statistics. Eva adds that the books they read really simply things too much and without proper explanations, it is easy to be misled that feng shui is some sort of magic done by moving furniture around. 

I told Eva and Doug that it does not make sense for them to continue their retirement in a home, no matter how beautiful, if it is making them so miserable. Retirements are suppose to be peaceful and most importantly, allow them to be healthy enough to enjoy it. I made recommendations for them while they lived there, but gave them guidelines for looking for a new home. 

Three months later, Eva faxes me a site and floor plan showing a new home that is almost exactly as I recommended. There are several ascending hills behind the house to support their energy with the ocean view in front. The master bedroom is located in the northwest corner and the garage door opens to the southwest.  The kitchen is in the north and Doug’s office is in the west sector facing west.  Eva calls me over on site to do the feng shui enhancements.  When I arrive at their new home and walk in, I immediately feel the difference. Eva’s and Doug’s aura are both brighter.  Aside from minor adjustments, their new home is much stronger for them. Eva and Doug agree they have never slept better.  As I sit in Doug’s new office, he shakes his head and tells me that before they were able to move out of the old house, in the last month he had a benign tumor removed from his neck and Eva had her thyroids removed as well. He says he definitely did not want to stay to find out what else was going to go wrong. They have just started to live here, but so far, so good. They wanted to make sure by having the feng shui enhanced. After the consultation, Eva and Doug sit down with me and she tells me, when she was younger, she was ambitious and materialistic.  She wanted a big house, rich car and lots of jewelry. As she is older and far wiser now, she leans close to me and says, you can’t take any of those things with you. Nothing is more valuable than good health, peace of mind and the ability to truly enjoy what is important in life — family.  She realizes that no matter how much money you have, if you do not understand good feng shui, you can lose it all. I thought her words were something we could all benefit by.   

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information see www.liu-fengshui.com  or call her at (909) 860-0633.

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