Earth-Friendly Web-Site Debuts 
By Jan van Voorst , a Maine-based website focused on improving the environment, made its regional and national debut recently. consists of a digital online donation center, representing over 1500 non-profit charities for the National Alliance for Choice in Giving, and a daily magazine, both geared to attract consumers and businesses around the world. is the one-stop online source and portal for community, information, and news related to the environment, health and wellness, philanthropy and other topics of common interest to “cultural creatives.” Alongside its select links and original news items, it provides the alternative features, insider humor, and provocative commentary that are the hallmarks of the publication. believes that community and quality information are at the core of personal and social change, and that this information needs to flow efficiently for these changes to occur. With this need in mind, commits to providing state-of-the-art informational and person-to-person inter- activity to enhance the site’s usefulness and functionality. 

“The site will offer consumers and readers easy ways to help the environment: simply visiting the site will increase awareness, and consumer product sales will benefit environmental and conservation enterprises,” states the company’s founder and president, Jan van Voorst, who recently acquired the venture capital to launch the domain he registered two years ago.  

For additional information on’s mission, magazine, product offerings, or advertising opportunities visit the site at or call (207) 767-9800 or fax to (207) 767-9700 or  e-mail Jan van Voorst, President at 

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