World Premiere... 2012 Quantum Leap
the Global Energy Shift NOW at this "Passionate Action Celebration"
By Jackie Lapin



Let go of the predictions of 2012 as the apocalypse!  There is a very different image emerging among leaders that 2012 is the gateway to a massive POSITIVE shift, the time when humanity takes responsibility for bringing peace, light, goodwill and abundance into the world.

Why wait until 2012 to experience the shift that is beginning now? On March 13-15 join with thousands of others to experience the first 2012 Quantum Leap at the Burbank, CA Marriott Hotel and Convention Center ‹ while discovering how you can be a powerful force in charting the course of the globe.

"By bringing together awakened leaders of our world's future destiny at this event, we begin building, focusing and directing this massive positive conscious shift to create an innovative and harmonious existence," said Kira Raa, co-founder of 2012 Quantum Leap. "By presenting this celebration and uniting people in their vision for a conscious future, compassionate action can emerge and usher in a 2012 where science, art and the heart meet."

This three-day Passionate Action Celebration will bring together Celebrities, Leading Thinkers, Mayan Elders, Interactive Lectures, Science, Art, Music, Films, Healing Forums, New Technologies, Culinary Delicacies and Conscious Living Strategies.

"2012 Quantum Leap is the model for the participants to strengthen their own lives and assist with elevating empowered leadership in their communities," said Sri Ram Kaa,  best-selling author of 2012: You Have A Choice and 2012: Awakening! Choosing Spirituality over Armageddon and co-founder of the event produced by the 2012 One Heart Foundation, a nonprofit, 501(c3) organization. "This event is the first of many spectacular gatherings of people from all over the nation and the world, coming together to experience incredible life-affirming possibilities."

Here is some of what is in store for the attendees:

An array of well-known celebrities, authors, leaders and masters of their disciplines in spiritual/metaphysical, conscious living and sustainable lifestyles will headline the weekend's activities and shed light on the coming changes.

Speakers include: William Henry, considered the Joseph Campbell for the new millennium; George Noory, the late-night syndicated talk-show host of COAST to COAST; Don Jose Ruiz, carrying on his father Don Miguel Ruiz's teachings and writings; Tulku Karma Gyurme Sonam Rinpoche, a leading Tibetan spiritual leader and lama; Jsu Garcia, actor and humanitarian Spiritual Warriors), and a group of honored Mayan Elders, never before brought to the U.S., to illuminate what the end-date of the Mayan Calendar really means!

Laserium's LightDancer and other Healing Technologies: 2012 Quantum Leap will mark the debut of Laserium's LightDancer, an interactive, full-bodied experience blending music and light to heal and transcend. Step into the LightDancer and with each movement and sound, blissfully feel your body healing and returning to balance.

Sonic Immersion, a cosmic symphonic luminescent heaing ceremonial experience that is a "transformative journey into sacred spiritual union, energetic healing and harmonic returning."

A series of special Healing Rooms featuring Avesa Quantum Healing ‹ Balancing, Egyptian Healing Rods and more, to shift and clear energies within the body of participants during the weekend.

Extraordinary musical, lyrical and healing performances by Kute Blackson, high-energy speaker-performer and author of Live Your Wow; Constance Demby, whose music is called a "therapeutic Bath and Healing Journey," the Luminaries, exposing truth through the vehicle of music, conscious hip-hop, and love vibrations; Faith Rivera, positive music artist and 2003 Emmy-winner for Outstanding Original Song featured on NBC's Passions; Jayla, the vocal/acoustic guitar duo with a soulful pop rock delivery of heartfelt songs; Sophia, the Songhealer who creates music and healing sound to facilitate the opening of the heart, and Erik Berglund, who combines his musical talents with the spirit and power of the Universe's healing gifts.

A collection of exceptional transformational artists including Rassouli, the Founder of Fusionart International, an artistic movement fusing the opposites of oneself onto canvas, Davin Infinity a visionary artist, and director of the film Return to the Source; the sacred, visionary art of Marius Michael-George, who through his art, invites the viewer to participate in a spiritual experience, and Vrindaji, whose art brings upliftment, healing, and a glimpse into the heavenly realms. Several of Rassouli's Fusionart Artists will be creating on site.

ELEVATE Film Festival. 2012 Quantum Leap is bringing the best of the fastest-growing film festival in the world, and one combining competition and a call for filmmakers to produce socially-conscious films.

Soul Nourishment: Vegan and Raw Food Dining Experience from LA's best conscious restaurants, featuring selections from the acclaimed raw-food caterer Bliss Bar. This unique buffet of healthy fare is presented by Laura Fox, a leader in the raw food movement, and her foundation Visionary Culture, Raw Inspirations.

This is your chance to soak in the essence of this new world now and leap into an extraordinary experience of the heart. We invite you to come mold the future with us today.

Tickets for the 2012 Quantum Leap in Southern California are $195 for an immersive weekend of compelling heart-and-soul-driven activities from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Proceeds from the event assist the 2012 One Heart Foundation in its work to support children of spiritual lineage in Tibet and Guatemala.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are not only two of the leading figures in the Conscious Movement, but they are also considered among the foremost authorities on the coming energetic shift of 2012. They are spearheading three worldwide celebrations to usher in the energy for 2012, starting with the 2012 Quantum Leap in Southern California March 13-15, with others slated for Chicago and Florida in the future.


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