The Global Energy Crisis: As Above, So Below
By Dr. Julie Teetsov,
Life Coach

We hear a lot about sustainability and managing our planet's resources these days. What if we were to consider our world energy crisis as a personal crisis by using the Law of Correspondence (also known as the "Hermetic principle") which states: "as above, so below"?

Modern scientists have demonstrated that reality is essentially holographic: every part of a whole contains and can replicate the entirety. The popular movie The Secret and teachers such as Louis Hay have encouraged people to experience the Law of Correspondence on a personal level by discovering that their physical world is a reflection of their internal world and visa versa - the two worlds are intimately connected by the power of our thoughts and beliefs.

What occurs in our external world also occurs in our internal world; the microcosm as a reflection of the macrocosm. So we arrive at what ancient people knew intuitively; "as above, so below," was used to explain how and why the world works. The stars and planets, the sun and moon were linked to life on earth.

Back then people worshiped the outer and the inner sun as a powerful and infinite God which warmed the human soul, brought light and vitality to daily activities and nourished the plant and animal kingdom alike.

In today's world we have in many respects lost touch with our sun - both the physical star around which we orbit and our inner sun which brings consciousness and organizes the many aspects of self within us.

I believe the world energy crisis is a reflection of an energy crisis going on within the individuals of our society. Here is a perspective which allows us each to take greater responsibility for our very important quest for power - both physically and spiritually.

Solar energy is the only renewable energy source that can sustain the rapid growth in our population and global economies. If we relied on the sun as our primary energy source, we would have a renewable solar economy and environmental security - both at the same time! Don't you wonder why we have not yet harnessed the energy of the sun to meet our need for power?

Skilled, passionate and creative scientists exist and are ready to solve the problem - but our government and U.S. corporations put miniscule amounts of money into research and development for solar power compared to investment in maintaining the current energy infrastructure based on oil, coal, natural gas, and electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Our technical hurdles to using the sun as our primary energy source are minor compared to the advances in technology we have witnessed over the past 100 years. Perhaps the problem lies within: we still see the energy crisis as a global and societal problem instead of also looking at it from a personal perspective.

The archetypal "inner sun" is that which sustains our spirit; synonymous with our higher power or the infinite, divine being within us - or in yogic terms - our prana or life-force. It is also the symbol of consciousness and creativity. If this symbolic sun represents a power within us to create and sustain life, then how have we lost touch with our ability to power ourselves from within?

What could we do to be better stewards of our body's resources and more effectively harness our spirit, becoming more powerful from within? What does it look like to be powerful? Is power our ability to control our physical environment or to benefit from our actions?

The physical sun does not benefit from nourishing a flower or providing a farmer with the sunlight to grow the crops we eat. The sun simply shines, because it was created to do that. How do we get in touch with our own inner sun? How are we meant to shine, detach ourselves from the fruits of our actions, and be more conscious?

Let's try a thought experiment: imagine the planet as dead - without the resources and natural beauty that you may take for granted. Continue on and imagine your own self as dead - without the constant renewal that your body and spirit provide naturally when we are in good health. Does it feel like you have switched the power off?

Now, envision a world where we worship the sun - both without and within. Imagine yourself with an inner radiance, hope and love that spring forth from a true connection with your "inner sun" and imagine an external community and planet that is not only sustainable and renewable, but which is vital and alive. There is a power switch within you!

This is important stuff, folks. If we are still saying, "So what does it matter if I do anything? "  then let's think again. Let's join the scientists looking for ways to harness the sun's energy to provide power for our society. We can get into the laboratory of life and start our own experiments; take notes and discuss our results with friends.

We can allow our inner sun - our higher Self - to help us grow our consciousness and remember who we really are. It may feel easier in the short run to tune out and not take any responsibility for our own inner energy source, just as it would be a lot easier for our society to keep using oil and coal and other natural resources.

As we build a relationship with our inner sun and understand how to  transform that infinite source of energy into our own unique personal power, we are on the cutting-edge of science. You are the new invention we've been waiting for. Fuel up with consciousness and let your light shine, as above, so below.

Dr. Julie Teetsov resigned from her corporate research position at General Electric to start her own company working with the body, mind, and soul using the principles of yoga, psychosynthesis, and astrology. For information on coaching services offered by Celestial Coaching, Inc., contact Julie at


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