Tapping into Mother Earth during Troubling Times
By Madis Senner



The current economic crisis has brought a lot of uncertainty, concern and fear into our lives. Mother Earth provides us with some excellent opportunities to deal with and learn from our current challenges. Here are a few things you should consider doing:

Walk a labyrinth: Walking a labyrinth in a contemplative fashion is a great way to get insights and hopefully answers to the challenges you are facing. Labyrinths are sacred paths created in a special pattern. The labyrinth contains cumulative thoughts and aspirations of all the soul seekers who have come before.

When you walk the labyrinth's path you will be tapping into the collective thoughts of other spiritual seekers who have been there before you. This cumulative focus of searching to connect with the divine is what makes the labyrinth a well-spring of insights and inspirations.

Before you go for your labyrinth walk, spend some time thinking about your purpose for going. Are you looking to connect with the divine, get an answer to a question, help with understanding your current situation, or seeking direction?   

At the labyrinth, walk its path in a slow contemplative manner while concentrating on your question as you walk. If your mind wanders bring it back into focus on your question. Your answer may come quickly or it may take days or several visits.  

The Labyrinth Society provides more information on labyrinths as well as a locator to find one near you: www.labyyrinth society.org

Take a walk in the woods - A walk in the woods is a great way to reinvigorate yourself and get perspective. Mother Nature provides a host of vitalizing benefits whose power can be diminished in an urban or suburban setting.  

Chances are when you are in nature you will be in a place unencumbered by the modern world where you will be better able to tap into Mother Earth's essence. Leave accoutrements of the modern world like a cell phone behind when you go for your walk.

Stop and periodically focus on your breath and the surroundings. Imagine that Mother Earth is sending her light and love into you. Such a focus will better help you appreciate Mother Earth and better help you take in all her benefits.

Build a shrine or altar. Build a shrine in your garden, or an altar if you do not have a garden. You want to create a sanctuary of peace and harmony where you can find refuge when you are troubled. The shrine could be something as simple as a few stones in a circle, or a statue.  

Try to choose something dear to your heart. Place emphasis on choosing your location. The key is your intention and focus. Honor it with burning some incense, or a smudge stick once you have made your decision.

Make your shrine a special place. Meditate there, think loving thoughts and thoughts of the divine while near it.  Always approach it in peace and with a loving heart. Over time you will find that you will immediately become peaceful and loving as you approach your shrine. If this state of mind is difficult, just give thanks to Spirit/God for some of your many blessings. Nurture it and it will nurture you.

Visit a sacred site. A pilgrimage to a sacred site is a time-honored tradition. Visit a place that is part of your faith tradition, or ask a friend for suggestions or search the web. The key is to visit a place that excites and inspires you. While there are many reasons to visit a sacred site, a pilgrimage during a crisis can take your focus off of the present situation and give you perspective as you distance yourself from your difficulty.

The journey can be better than the visit. So plan, reflect and study ahead for your visit.

I often find that a sacred site can have a particular ambience or purpose that is a reflection of what has occurred there. For example, Bare Hill on the eastern shore of Canandaigua Lake (30 miles southeast of Rochester, NY. www.jubileeinitiative.org/SacredBareHill.html is the site where the Seneca Nation held their council fires.  

It was the place where they gathered to reach a consensus and find solutions to their problems. Because of that it is a great place to go if you are soul searching. I call it the place of the Big Answer.

These are only a few of the ways Mother Earth can help you during troubling times. Our modern-day technological world has deprived us of Mother Earth's nurturing benefits. When you go to her and open your heart, you will receive a clearing and centering, as well as an increased energy level as you reconnect to source.

Madis Senner is a former global money manager turned seeker. In 2002 he felt called to get people to pray around Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, where the Haudenosaunee prophet, the Peacemaker had planted the tree of peace. That began his quest to explore Upstate NY's sacred sites which he has listed at www.Mother EarthPrayers.org  His book, "The Way Home - Making Heaven on Earth," is due out with O-books in the fall: www.obooks.com/product_info.php? products_id=639.


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