Dr. Steven D. Farmer Explains Ancient Shamanic Wisdom in "Earth Magic"
By Kay Walburger



Q: What is Earth Magic and will it affect the environment? A: My newest book entitled Earth Magic, "Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others, and the Planet," covers a fairly broad range of topics, with specific ideas and methodologies for spiritual healing with shamanic practice as the base.

Earth Magic definitely will affect the environment, both internal and external by helping us remember. The word "remember" literally means "put back together," which is the opposite of 'dismember,' meaning "pull apart." So remembering means putting us back in touch with the deepest sense of self we can possibly be aware of and 'Earth Magic' can also be a basis for spiritual healing of others as well as the self.

Q: What was your moment of awareness when you knew you were destined to be an environmental Shaman?

A: I grew up in Iowa on the outskirts of Cedar Rapids, and close to the natural world where we lived. Every spring we planted a wide range of vegetables that ended up on our dinner table by summertime. It was a lot of work, but I knew that my father loved the entire process and I helped him where I could.

At age 12 my family moved to California and I lost touch with nature's lure. It took growing into adulthood to rediscover the beauty and majesty of Nature. I did a lot of backpacking and camping as an adult and found that the tranquility and peacefulness of Nature moved something deep inside me.

In the mid-80s I met a man who looked rather strange to most of us. He had a Fu Manchu mustache, almond-shaped eyes, wore a leather vest, and was holding a feather in one hand. The man who had brought him to the meeting introduced him as Jade, a shaman.

At that time I really didn't know what a shaman was, but recall I was both intrigued and somewhat intimidated by his presence. I was invited to a ceremony he was leading. I was quite skeptical and wary; I announced that I had to leave early. Jade graciously offered to complete it with me in a private session. I was quite impressed with his sincerity in offering this, and agreed to do so.

I was taken by the care with which he offered his prayers and how carefully he honored his spirit helpers. I also felt like I got results from this ceremony, and was hooked, but didn't know at that point exactly what to do with my attraction to this type of spiritual healing practice. Now I know.

Q: How do your writings, Oracle Cards, and CDs help the Earth and her people?

A: My work feels like an assignment from 'Spirit' and I feel especially blessed to be doing it. My works also encourage people to develop relationships through getting familiar with animal spirit guides. They give you a message that can be a profound lesson and also bring you a little bit closer to appreciating your kinship with all life.

Q: As you travel, do you see a hunger for profound changes?

A: There's a wave of desire moving through our collective consciousness to reconnect with the natural world and I believe what I offer encourages that reconnection, or remembrance. People are hungry and are seeing the evidence of dramatic changes and challenges all around.

These changes are reflected in the hopes and desires of so many to be more conscientious in our treatment of Nature and what she provides for us. It's a powerful awakening in consciousness, one that doesn't have so much to do with transcending this earthly realm as many religions and spiritual practices preach, but instead has to do with descending, of putting our feet on the Earth and appreciating the gifts that are present every day in such abundance.

Q: What countries have you traveled to doing your work?

A: I'm particularly impressed with Australia and New Zealand where those I've heard from and talked with seem to be eager to right what's been wrong in our relationship with the planet. I've also been to Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Germany and find similar resonance with the desire to turn things around. Many are taking action; even simple things like conscientiously recycling whatever can be recycled.

Q: Do you feel optimistic? If so why?  

A: I firmly believe it's not so much what life hands you. . .  but how you respond to it. While I may indulge in fear from time to time, it's not a place where I want to live. So I look at all I have in my life for which I'm grateful. It's such a blessing and a gift to be alive, to see a beautiful sunrise, to touch the Earth in so many ways, to look in my grandson's eyes and see the future there.

Q: Do you have a prophetic pronouncement?  

A: Shamanism and associated practices will become more popular. And often, the children will lead the way. The next generations hold incredible potential for helping us renew our deeply-felt sense of the sacredness of life here on this beautiful planet.

I advocate working with the animal spirit guides on a daily basis. The spirit of these beings really wants to reach and teach us. It only takes an open mind and heart and a willingness to experiment with this to discover the truth of that statement.

Symbolic appearances: There was a hawk flying overhead, but what was Hawk spirit communicating with me? So I paused and continued to observe this magnificent being while at the same time asking what the message was. What I heard was... keep my perspective. On the television there was a film showing about bears. Could be that Bear spirit was saying to be clear with your boundaries?

"This world is filled with magic and wonder. I think we often get so used to these minor everyday miracles that we become complacent and unaware of the power we have available to us for creating our world the way we want it to be. And we do tend to write off these miracles as coincidences and then continue on."

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