Orange Colored Poetry
By Clara Hembree



Are you going through your Sadhu phase? Did you realize that you don't know anything and all you want to do is learn as much as you can? You learn more and more, and all that knowledge is meaningless if it doesn't feed your soul. No material object is worth as much as you Krishna, Buddha, or Jesus dream. You know acutely who you are. You just need a little courage to face your human nature. Nature. Isn't that where it is? Look at the mountains, the oceans, and deserts. They all work in their own unique nature. If the bear doesn't like something it runs away or growls. The same is true for other animals in their natural environment. They don't deny it or justify it. They are honest. Their nature is their truth. Truth is love and we all know where love takes us.


There is a better way
Don¹t push, brush, rush the one you got
Eureka!  Timberline!
If there were, no one to dream
Where would, the wishes go?
The higher you go, the deeper you went
And when you come back, you find yourself spent
Ha Ha Ly La
The weight of the world is in hand
Ha Ha Ly La
The weight of the world is in hand
When we speak, it's like a block of gold
This is, my passage
Color in the spaces, I can't find the lines
Look for the traces, hiding in the nine

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