By Lyda Whiting



A Science Adventure with Max the Dog
Written by Jeffrey Bennett, Nick Schneider and Erica Ellingson
Illustrated by
Michael Carroll
The space elevator rose high above the earth, heading for the ship that will take Max to Jupiter. Before long, Max becomes the first dog to reach the outer planets of the solar system. Max's friend Commander Grant and the other astronauts are busy with the work of space exploration, and at first Max just keeps getting into trouble. But Max does contribute to the mission, and returns home a hero.

Max is an appealing emissary to introduce children to the wonders of space. While space elevators and expeditions to Jupiter are not yet reality, they are scientific possibilities that will light up children's imaginations. This incredible story is packed with beautiful paintings of space and real science. Young children will enjoy Max's adventures, while older children will also read the science sidebars on each page. Everyone will learn the history of Jupiter.

Creator of the Max science adventure series, Jeffrey Bennett holds a astrophysics and is the author of college textbooks as well as books for the general public. The co-authors are professors of astrophysics and planetary sciences.

Michael Carroll is an internationally-known space artist; one of his paintings orbited Earth aboard the MIR space station. Together, this talented team has created an appealing and exciting book for children. Who wouldn't want to head off into space with Max the dog? 

Highly recommended for ages 2 to 10 and beyond.

Published by Big Kid Science, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written by Charlotte Cowan, M.D.
Illustrated by Penelope Neal

Miles is looking forward to his camping trip with Papa. But when he gets the stomach flu, he just wants to be home in bed. Miles doesn't know what is happening to his body, and it's scary to throw up and have diarrhea. But Mama and Papa take good care of him, and Dr. Hippo knows that Miles will be better soon. Once Miles has recovered, he and Papa head off to camp and watch a sky filled with shooting stars.

Children are often frightened and confused by stomach flu, but this gentle book will help them feel better and let them know that they will get over stomach flu just like Miles did. This funny story gives an explanation of stomach flu that young children can understand, with a character and story they will enjoy. Children will be amused by the delightful illustrations of Miles the moose and his family.

Author Dr. Cowan, a board-certified pediatrician, has included a parent's guide to answer questions of how to care for a child with gastroenteritis, including when to call your own doctor. The guide slips into a special pocket at the back of the book, where it is handy whenever your child has stomach problems. Parents will want to look for Dr. Cowan's other four Dr. Hippo stories, about other common childhood illnesses.

This book will help children and parents feel better about dealing with the stomach flu. Highly recommended for ages 2 to 7.

Published by The Hippocratic Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written and illustrated by Johnny Swager

Saturday is Johnny's favorite day, especially when it's springtime. Johnny gets up early and heads outside for an exciting day of bug hunting. First, he finds a snail. He scoops her up and puts her in a jar. Johnny finds a worm to share her jar. And then a beautiful butterfly, a ladybug, and some ants - Johnny carefully adds them all to the jar.

A grasshopper hops away, but Johnny chases him and adds him to the jar. Before the day is over, a caterpillar and a spider are in the jar. Even the buzzing bee can't escape Johnny and his jar. But the next day, Johnny notices that his new friends look sad in their jar. Dad says the bugs need to live in their own environment. So Johnny does the right thing, and sets all his bug friends free.

Author and illustrator Johnny Swager is seven years old, and he wrote this story about one of his real adventures in his grandmother's back yard. Johnny is a talented artist with a fresh approach and an ability to capture the essence of a subject that is far beyond his years. His colorful and charming paintings fill every page of this book.

Young readers will want to read Johnny's adventure over and over. They will want to go on a bug hunt of their own. Parents and teachers should be prepared to supply plenty of paper and drawing supplies, as this book will inspire readers to create books of their own.

Highly recommended for ages 2 to 8.

Published by Enfantino Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written and illustrated by Joanne Rose

The four friends of the Veggie Bunch - Polly Potato, Casey Carrot, Zachary Zucchini, and Lucy Lettuce - set off on an adventure to find a secret treasure. But which way to go?

Zachary sees a big rainbow in the sky, and everyone agrees the treasure must be in that direction. But a huge old oak tree blocks the way. Casey the carrot bravely asks for directions, but the scary old oak tells them that they have to find the treasure for themselves.

A friendly turtle gives them a ride across the garden pond, and tells them to look inside. Lucy thinks he means inside the tree, but what she finds is a swarm of angry bees protecting their honey. How will the Veggie Bunch getaway? Just in time, Tommy Tofu magically appears. Tommy Tofu is a super hero who teaches kids about healthy eating. The young friends learn the truth about the treasure and healthy food too.

This is a fun book for parents to read with their children. Whether the family is vegan or not, the lighthearted story will encourage children to eat their vegetables.

Simply illustrated and small enough to be easily held by little children, this book is a healthy addition to a child's library. Young children will eat their vegetables, and ask for tofu and soy milk after meeting the Veggie Bunch and the amazing Tommy Tofu. For ages 2 to 5.

Published by Vegan Vision, this book is available at your local bookstore and  


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