How to Invoke Your Angels for Divine Assistance
By Christopher James Dilts



"This is a time of great love and of great fear - allow your Angels to help you choose love and receive love."
- Archangel Michael 

Invoking your Angels to help achieve your intentions is powerful spiritual practice that produces results exponentially greater than working with your intentions alone. Your Angels infuse your intentions with grace, wisdom, joy, energy and spiritual fire to increase your power to create your highest inspirations.

Your Angels focus at the fusion point of the spiritual and physical worlds. They were created at place of vibration and consciousness that spans all dimensions of spiritual and physical existence. They literally have one wing in the realm of heaven and one in the realm of earth. They strengthen and encourage our abilities to bring our soul¹s greatest gifts into being and to share them with love and joy. 

You can connect with your Angels for assistance every day to help create the very best day possible. They help with every aspect of life and spiritual evolution. There is nothing too big, or too small, for their loving presence to touch. They are beyond all the space-time limitations we tend to fall prey to when we focus on our perceived human limitations of time, space, energy, money or health.

Your Angels work with you at your full ability - not theirs! It is your capacity to receive their assistance that determines how effectively you are working with them. You can expand your capacity by invoking your Angels throughout the day. When you call upon your Angels, you are really calling yourself into alignment with them, rather than calling them to you.   

They are always with you!  They are completely dedicated to you 24/7 and have focus solely on helping you expand your loving consciousness and the true creative power of your soul. You are tuning into their presence when you invoke them and they help you attune to the loving presence and brilliant, creative radiance of your soul.

Your invocations can be short or long, simple, or more involved. Have confidence that your Angels are receiving your invocation. Relax and let your perceptions shift to thoughts, emotions and feelings of deep peace, love and joy. Let your Angels help you lift your consciousness up a level, then up another, until your sense of peace grows. Notice how your perceptions shift and new possibilities appear.   

Invoke your Angels out loud when possible, silently when appropriate, and always with sincere, authentic and genuine reverence for them as your soul companions and friends. Remember they know your every thought, emotion, word and action - and they love you completely and unconditionally.  They are embodiments of Creator¹s unlimited and all-powerful love for you and they shine this love to you at all times, without limit, just as the sun shines its warmth and illumination upon you without any conditions.

You are a free-will being and your Angels are bound by spiritual law to respect your ability to choose to create either love or fear. They say everything we create is either love, fear or a combination of the two. Nothing else really exists in our human experience of duality. The Angels remain always in the unity of love, joy, grace and peace, and always invite us to use our intentions to create greater love and joy for all.

You can invoke your Angels as simply as, "Beloved Guardian Angels, soul friends and companions, I call upon you to bless me this day. Guide me in my thoughts, words and actions to create from the highest aspects of my soul. Assist me to ______________________ (state your intentions.) I release my intentions to your care.  I also release all fear, worry or concern about them. Carry my intentions to the love, grace and divine presence of source." (See www.AskAn id=291 for Angel Messages with more specific intentions.)

Your Angels are always receptive to your invocations, and they always answer them. They act in accordance with spiritual law and act always in your best interest. They are connected to your soul and the divine plan for you. Their assistance is pure and perfect love and is always in divine order. As you practice your invocations, your perceptions will expand and you will sense and experience more and more direct assistance from your Angels.

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Christopher Dilts is an internationally-recognized Angel Intuitive, speaker and author who has been helping people learn to connect with their Angels for over 9 years. He has facilitated positive change for hundreds of people by helping them develop a deeply personal relationship with their Guiding Angels. For more information, call (866) 200-9148 (Toll Free), email or visit: 


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