A Sacred Blessing
A Reminder of An Nadur (Nature in Gaelic) In Rural Ireland
By Paraic Donoghue



I was in Western Ireland recently, the place where my own journey begins. I had the honor of being around two wise elders during my visit to Connamara. From a very young age, I always had admiration for the elders in my community. During my stay, I had the privilege of witnessing a sacred blessing, a long-forgotten ritual from a lost legacy.

Growing up speaking Gaelic, I was surrounded by a highly-intuitive and sensitive tribe of people. I trace my ancestry to ancient rural Ireland and even to this day have a strong connection and reverence for nature and how we are guardians of a lost forgotten knowledge.

The connection and respect for nature and the animals was apparent to pagan Ireland. In my opinion, the Celts where a highly-advanced ancient civilization.

Upon arriving In Ireland this year, I decided to visit two elders and pay homage to their journey. The old woman, my grandfather's sister, and her husband were in their 90's and the old woman's health was not very good but her husband still had the wherewithal to give insight into realms of profound thought. He was kind enough to share with me the wisdom of the ages and how nature can liberate humanity.

These people were simple, hard-working folk who grew up in a region where all people understood the laws of nature and the importance of integrating this wisdom into their daily lives. It was obvious that my heart was starting to open while I was in their presence.

I realized that I was receiving a scared blessing from a long lost tradition, a reminder maybe, passed on by the Druids when they initiated people into certain rites. The blessing was a soft kiss on my hand from the old woman. The old man shook my hand and said, "Son you have a good heart." Through these words and actions, I felt that a sacred blessing had taken place. While in their company I felt a shiver in my spine and tears in my eyes.

By the end of the conversation, the feeling was an immeasurable act of love from one human to another, a forgotten ritual maybe - I can only say that the emotion was overwhelming. Two people opened my heart in milliseconds, a process of love mirrored from one human to another and vice versa in the form of a profound sacred blessing.

There was no ego, no logical thinking and it came from the essence that is rooted in all individuals. It was magical and mystical and I felt honored to have witnessed this. The old man gave a synopsis about what we must do. We must integrate the symmetry of nature and the awesome power nature holds in our life, and we must begin to journey back to her. "An Nadur" (Nature) he calls it in Irish Gaelic.

It is documented in ancient codices that the observation of nature is the building block to perceive the divine spark within each of us. Humanity in the present form has forgotten to connect to this advanced perception and maybe nature is the road back to creating the celestial presence within all of us.

I express my deepest gratitude to these two wise people for the perception they gave me on that day and acknowledge them and their beautiful journey. If individuals release all attachments to their identity, I believe they have an opportunity to attain a higher perception to decode and trace our divine heritage and birthright. It is time to remember.

Begin to be present today to experiencing the humbling science of nature. Start by asking for forgiveness from An Nadur. It is the first step to reclaiming our quintessence.

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