Your Personal Environment
Bringing Your Life Back to A Healthy Balance
By Michael James Thatcher, D.C.



The environment — We all care about it. We do our best to conserve natural resources, recycle and reuse. What about your personal environment? Your natural resources — your body and your energy. What state is it in? If you could get a global picture of the state of your health right now, what would that information be worth to you?

Ancient Wisdom — Modern Technology
The Bio-Meridian system of bio-electric impedance measurement blends the ancient Chinese wisdom of acupuncture meridians with an FDA-approved Class II medical device that electrically measures the available energy in the body. In much the same way as EKG and EEG machines measure the normal/outside of normal activity of the heart and brain, the Bio-Meridian uses electricity to measure normal/outside of normal energy states of the fourteen systems of the body.

Fourteen Body Systems
• Skin              • Nervous
• Locomotor    • Respiratory
• Blood            • Digestive   
• Pancreas        • Urogenital
• Hormonal      • Metabolism
• Immune         • Cardiovascular
• Liver/Gall Bladder
• Lymphatic Drainage
The Bio-Meridian Test Procedure
The Bio-Meridian system uses a painless probe (no needles) to read the energy output at the end-points of the acupuncture meridians on your fingers and toes. Then it compares your readings with a database of over 1.5 million tests, identifying the strength or weakness of each body system. The results are plotted on a graph and a report is generated giving you a numerical and visual “snapshot” of your overall health. With these reports, your future progress can be tracked easily.

Change for the Better
Based on individual test results, recommendations will be made to bring your body systems back to their optimal energy. These may include lifestyle changes, such as food choices and exercise, nutritional supplementation targeted to the weakened systems and Chiropractic adjustment to realign the spine and free up the electrical energy of the body through the spinal nerve pathways.

Standard Process — Unique Supplementation
Bio-Meridian has partnered with Standard Process Products — an organic, whole-foods supplement company whose products are formulated to repair, rebuild and support all fourteen body systems. I have used Standard Process in my practice for 30 years with outstanding results. Now, with the addition of the Bio-Meridian test, I am able to provide supplementation even more precisely targeted to your body’s needs.

Standard Process whole-food supplements are super-concentrated. And because they are whole-foods, they contain all of the enzymes and intrinsic factors of that food. They act very powerfully on the body, bringing relief from symptoms and health to body systems where other supplementation and diets have failed or been incomplete. They are only available through health-care practitioners. This is just one of the tools I use to help return your life to a healthy balance.

It Really is All About You
You care — about others and about this world. The only tool you have to effect change is you — your body, mind and spirit. When your electric body is optimally charged and in balance, you have all the energy, clarity of mind and determination of spirit needed to bring about changes in your world. Don’t neglect your most important gift — You do matter!

Dr. Thatcher is a chiropractor practicing in the city of Orange, CA. He has over thirty years experience restoring patients to a healthy balance through manual chiropractic manipulation, personalized exercise and supplementation programs. The Bio-Meridian testing system is the newest effort in his mission to assist his patients. Visit:  or call (714) 771-8552 for appointment.

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