Who Does the World Get When the World Gets You?
By Lisa Nichols



Thatís a question I had to ask myself. On my journey of self-discovery I realized that it wasnít fair to give people the me that was carrying bitterness, pain and anger from relationships and poor choices of my past. As I began to love me and feed my soul with books and tapes, I realized I am the first example of how others should treat me. I MUST give them the very best example of what that looks like.

Iím so grateful for the shift that took place inside me. The day I realized that God wasnít keeping score of my past and he simply was loving me right where I was, that was the day I began to redesign what others would get... when they got Lisa.

Buying self-help and motivational books are great. Trust me I appreciate and respect great teachers just like the next person. If I am a great teacher itís only be cause Iíve been an even better student. The love of information will encourage you to attend workshops and purchase cdís and books on how to change yourself. However what I really learned in that process was that the love of yourself will allow you to apply it.

Many people want me to point them to a quick fix to help them find inner love. They want something to help them show up differently to others. They say tell me Lisa, whatís your secret?

Itís simple.
Today I love myself enough to be mildly to moderately, to significantly uncomfortable! I love myself that much. I am willing to love myself out loud.

I donít want to be quiet about my love for myself. And I donít mean this in a bold way where I am stepping over others and making them feel small. No, not in that way. In a way that allows me to see their beauty and celebrate them. I believe if I can see mine, then Iím in a position to see theirs too.

If you come to me, I am going to point you inward, to the inner selfÖ the inner being, beautifully and perfectly made. Because this is the thing, the person, the being you bring to every relationship and you bring her/him to every situation!

So, letís make you so amazingly awesome that everything you touch has to workÖ it just has to!

Now, today as you read this, if you were to ask me who the world gets when it gets me, I would say... a woman who has authentically fallen in love with the little girl inside of me... a sister, a mother, a child of God! An African American woman who loves her mocha skin, full lips and rounds hips. An orange Afro-wearing woman who is beautifully and wonderfully made and living a life full of gratitude and faith. A woman who allows you to see the God in me simply by who I am! NowÖ I ask you, who does the world get when the world gets YOU?

Lisa Nichols will be speaking at the Center for Spiritual Discovery Sunday, April 13, 2008.

Visit: www.cmcsd.org or call (714) 754-7399 to make a reservation for her seminar and/or VIP lunch.

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