Breaking through to Transformation
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



Most of us are seeking — or faced with — transformation.

We don’t generally plan for transformation. We just find ourselves in a really stuck, uncomfortable place that needs to change. The transformation list is long and includes: loneliness and isolation, an inability to get along with your loved one, feeling deeply hurt by someone, experiencing an old physical problem that just won’t improve, poor self-esteem, over giving to others, and never seeming to have enough money. These are important areas where we need our greatest transformations.

Transformation generally deals with core issues. It could be that you’ve practiced anger for many years and it’s no longer working for you as a defense system. Now would be the time to learn how to feel safe, speak up, set boundaries, and trust in your higher intelligence to help you shift your entire nervous system to one of greater self-trust, inner peace, and tranquility.

If you’ve practiced years of anger from how you’ve allowed yourself to be treated by others, you can set a new standard for how you wish to be treated. That will also require you to change your pattern of accepting people into your life who treat you disrespectfully, or who ignore you, or who don’t listen to you. Now there’s transformation! 

What we most need to realize is that transformation means change. It is a transitional place where we are breaking down the problem by facing it and trying something new to replace it and actually making changes which break old patterns.

Transformation sometimes feels miserable, as though we’re even dying. That’s part of it. Something in you needs to die in order to give birth to the new.

During transformation, we allow buried feelings and memories to surface in order to deal with them. Perhaps it’s a grief or sadness, a fear, or a disappointment. It’s very healing to allow this to occur in order to clear it once and for all. Validate these feelings as you allow yourself to receive your love and understanding.

When old buried patterns — those we’ve become accustomed to — rise to the surface, it can feel like we aren’t making any progress. Yet this is a good sign. It’s essential to expose them to yourself in order to clear them out. The result is a higher and more refined place which no longer has the energy of the old problem. You will feel differently. You may even look around and wonder why everyone else doesn’t realize what you now see, since it’s become so obvious to you! 

Admitting the problem and facing the fear allows us to explore ways we can courageously go forward past fears. Reminding yourself to practice faith in a positive outcome as well as listening intuitively for the inner voice to guide you can lead to positive transforming outcomes.

Believing transformation is possible is a huge step towards progress. Of course it is hard to believe when you are in the middle of a giant challenge, but it is your spiritual right to experience transformation that takes you closer to the Light! Knowing and acknowledging that transformation is your natural, spiritual nature shifts your energy into receptivity, openness, and expectation of good.

Although our challenges may seem to be outside our control, the answer lies within. As you begin to explore ways to change your thinking and become more of an observer, you will allow new ideas and possibilities to emerge which you haven’t yet considered or tried. This shift of perception is a key to transformation. Let it happen. Be open. Let go of pushing and outlining the solution. There’s hope for our stuck positions!

If you are someone who has a daily spiritual practice of meditating or praying, you are actually generating transformation for yourself. Millions of people in the world practice mindful meditations in order to expose “bad habit energy” and allow the creation of “good habit energy” to replace it.

Transformation becomes a way of life. Breaking old patterns and creating new, better ones is a way of ending suffering. When the mind becomes quiet with stillness, we can see more clearly where our problems arise and what to do about them. It works!

You deserve to live in inner peace, to express love and harmony, and to experience deep joy and beauty. Even as you finish reading this column, we are holding the space with you for every transformation needed in your life to take you higher into the Light. We are with you. Welcome to the heart of love!
© Copyright 2008 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization “Calling everyone home to Love.” They are authors of books on love and healing, including “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master.” For lots more love and a free Love Quiz, visit We are holding the space for you to receive all the love you deserve!

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