Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “What are some largely disregarded, yet important do-it-yourself repairs of one’s body?”

Dear Readers,
Fixing, repairing and fixing again, it seems that the need to fix and keep making ourselves better is the most insistent of physical world challenges.
A little nick or scratch from the garden, a little burn from preparing food, or again that bothersome itch, again bathing, again brushing the teeth, again dealing with those pesty wrinkles, or maybe it’s a toenail or a sore back, or an empty stomach, or maybe insomnia.

Indeed, there’s always something we need to physically attend to, for material world life presents continual demands, with the most important physical challenge being outwitting the body and energy thief as best we can.

And although daily exercise has become quite acceptable for most of us, to answer the question above, I’ll reveal a simple but effective exercise that is surprisingly overlooked by the masses.
Although it is commonly accepted that we need to exercise our arms and legs (while some also do tone-ups of the abdominal muscles), what about exercises for the face and neck, the body’s most visible area?


Everyday I do face and neck, brain-body-unity sessions, or what I call “I”nity Sessions, a mere 3 or 4-minute exercise that has some very positive effects.

First of all, to relieve the tension and pain that is the MAJOR CAUSE OF “WRINKLES,” I cup some plain water in my hands (again reminded that skin cells are composed mostly of water, water being skin’s main essence, an essence that REPELS face cream), as I penetratingly rub water-of-life skin essence into the “wrinkled” areas of my face, doing this a few times daily until I can easily see the difference I’ve made.

As I again see and feel that WHEREVER THERE IS A NOTICEABLE “WRINKLE,” THERE IS ALSO A BIT OF SHARP PAIN UNDERNEATH IT, realizing that (skeletal muscle-pain and tension) is what actually CAUSES “wrinkles.” Thus by doing my “I”nity Water Penetration Massage, I am consciously relieving the pain, tension and dehydration SOURCE of “wrinkles” and making them TRULY go away — FOR FREE!

But as I mentioned above, there is the lifelong “fixing things” challenge that comes with the physical body, so I need to do these “I”nity Sessions EVERYDAY to continually make a difference.

And of course the face is connected to the neck, so the same water penetration, pain and tension relief needs to happen to the neck as well. But the neck has a special problem, that sagging, accordion effect that happens when neck muscles tense up and withdraw. So a special exercise is needed to tone-up neck skin:

Simply by placing your hands on top of your head and applying a downward pressure that is counteracted by the neck muscles, those muscles can be built up (just as arm and leg muscles firm up with counter-pressure). This simple hands-on-head, building neck muscles with head-twisting counter-pressure can be done almost anywhere, even while watching TV. Or if you’re an especially ambitious fixer-upper like me, you can firm up neck muscles by doing daily head-stands and neck-rolls (counter-pressured by your carefully-balanced, uplifted legs and torso).

Yes, I realize that we cannot stay youthful forever, but surely for UNTOLD amounts of time, depending on our will and perceptions as fluid, luminous beings, evolutionary beings equipped with amazing self-renewing powers that come from WITHIN this miraculous gift that we call a “body”...

But staying physically young is no “miracle,” instead it’s a fairly simple skill that we CAN grow into, mainly by reviving ourselves not only with physical procedures, but with creatively mental and spiritual inspirations as well.

And speaking of inspirations, let me wrap up this article with that gem from song-writing wizard Bob Dylan, those sweet lyrics about being “forever young” — “forever” being an impossible dream perhaps, but it’s a wonderful direction to aim for, a direction poetically evoked in Dylan’s song that goes:

“May your hands always be busy,
and may your feet always be swift,
may you have a strong foundation,
when the winds of changes shift,
may your heart always be joyful,
and may your song always be sung,
and may you stay... forever young...”

Jesse is presently on a long sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he’s not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia by emailing

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