Making the Most of the Link Between
Environment & Awareness
By Wendy Treynor, Ph.D.



Studies show that our environment affects our thoughts, regardless of whether we are consciously aware of it, and that our thoughts often shape our feelings. A cluttered room, advertising on TV, billboards, talk radio, depressing newspaper headlines, can all adversely affect our thoughts, and thus, our feelings.

To feel good, shape your environment, as best you can, to promote positive thoughts. Drive the pretty way to work (if there is one). Skip reading the daily paper (whose depressing headlines you can do without, for tomorrow they will be yesterday’s news).

Closet clutter: Move it where you can’t see it (until you are ready to tackle it). Create a spam-only email account: Reserve your personal account for family and friends. Abandon To Do lists, which only remind you of all you haven’t done: 

Draft three intentions for your day on a Post-It, instead. By following these simple steps, you can shape your environment to foster positive thoughts, thus, feelings for yourself.

This excerpt is from Wendy’s upcoming seminar: “The Pillars of Happiness,” which she will present on Tues. evening, March 25, in Redondo Beach. Visit

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