It's Your Move
By William Reynolds III



Some 230 years ago, Benjamin Franklin wrote that nothing was certain in life except death and taxes. And he is still right: those things have remained inevitable. Franklin, however, forgot one crucial addition to his list.

He forgot moving.

Moving is also a certainty in life. 20% of the population moves every year; on average, we will move 16 times during our lives. In fact, moving, is one of the top-five most stressful events we can go through, along with death, taxes, birth, and divorce.

But we only die once. And we only pay taxes once a year. Most of us won’t give birth or get divorced 16 times either. Because it happens so frequently, nothing compares with the stress, pain and aggravation of moving.    

To make matters worse, we have had no choice in how we move for the last 230 years. We haven’t been able to think outside the cardboard box that moving traps us in, so everyone moves the same old way — we spend a bunch of money to buy cardboard boxes, use them once, and then throw them away. If we can’t afford to purchase new or used cardboard boxes, we go dumpster-diving for them or scrounging through garbage bins hoping to find a few extra boxes. Usually, to no avail.

When we move, we produce tons and tons of trash that we don’t recycle; trash that continues to expand our already impacted landfills. Since we will each move at least 16 times, this vast amount of trash is the problem and the solution. It is disgusting, destructive, and mind-boggling. And there is been nothing we could do about it. Until now.

Spencer Brown and his green team at Rent-a-Green-Box provide a green solution and the first opportunity to change the way we pack and move in America. They understand that making and using cardboard boxes to move is a triple negative: it hurts our ecology by killing trees, it hurts our environment by expanding landfills, and it hurts our economy by forcing us to waste time, energy, and money prolonging its life. Plus, only 40% of recycled cardboard can actually be re-used; 60% of it ends up burned or tossed into another landfill.

Cardboard boxes trap us in a vicious cycle of ecological and environmental destruction. We cut down trees to make boxes to pack and move, and then we just throw them away when we’re done. It just doesn’t make any sense in a world competing for finite and limited natural resources.

However Brown has given us a way out. He has given us something we have not had before — a choice. Instead of killing trees and cheating future generations to come, we can think green, go green, and save green when we pack and move our property with his newest green invention — the “Recopack” which stands for [recycled ecological packing solution].

Earth-friendly Recopacks produce zero-waste and they are the first green packing and moving solution to challenge the industry in over 230 years. Brown has spent the last three years detoxing landfills, taking trash others have created and converting it into an environmentally-friendly way to pack and move.

Recopacks are made from all of those colorful plastic bottles found under your kitchen sink and laundry room that create enormous negative ecological and environmental problems when dumped into our landfills. These bottles will never break down — even after 10,000 years and we all suffer including, Mother Earth.

Unlike cardboard, Recopacks have ergonomically-designed, comfortable handles that make carrying them less strenuous, providing relief to sore hands, and to the environment. They are also crush-proof, meaning that your valuables will stay in one piece, as nature intended. Cardboard can’t promise that.

“Recocubes” — his replacement for Styrofoam packing peanuts — are made from recycled newsprint paper sludge and can be fed to trees as compost after they’ve been used.

He also has an alternative to petroleum-based bubble wrap called “Geami” — Latin for “Friends of the Earth” — made from recycled cardboard sludge, sludge that we would otherwise incinerate or dump in a landfill. Coolest of all, Geami is made right on the Rent-a-Green-Box delivery trucks via a machine that is powered by energy created from waste vegetable oil and 100% Bio-fuel.

His invention is a revolutionary system that captures the surplus of electricity created from the engine’s alternator, instantly converted from DC electricity to AC electricity. This green juice enables the eco-agent to craft this amazing paper right in front of your residence! When they are done making daily deliveries, excess electricity is offloaded back onto the grid and their meter and electric bill spin backwards. Genius!

What motivated Brown to come up with the first zero-waste pack and move solution in America? A recent move cost him over $800 dollars. At the end of his ordeal, he ended up at a landfill to dump his used cardboard boxes. The amount of garbage just shocked him.

People were killing trees that took years to grow in order to make boxes that lasted mere days, if not hours. They were piling up trash that he knew could be put to better use. As he looked around at the colorful plastic bottles surrounding him, he knew that he could come up with something better, something that could turn these hard-to-recycle bottles into a reusable moving product.

His intent and mission is to change the way America packs and moves. He re-invented the cardboard box using our hard-to-recycle plastic trash by doing all the dirty work society doesn’t want to see. He is taking our trash out of the landfills and preventing packing and moving waste from entering, ultimately detoxing our landfills.

Without Rent-a-Green-Box, moving is an inconvenient pain; with them, it couldn’t be simpler. Recopacks come in three sizes — medium, large, & extra large — and rent for $1, $2, or $3 per week or .15 cents, .30 cents or .45 cents per day.

Brown’s team of eco-agents delivers them and then picks them up, letting you use them for up to 14 days depending on which program works best for your move. No one has to worry about throwing the Recopacks away once they have been used. No one has to worry about the huge amounts of stress, aggravation, and coordination traditionally associated with using archaic and inefficient cardboard moving boxes. No one has to worry about being trapped in that wasteful cardboard box we have all been stuck with for over two centuries. The vicious cycle of ecological and environmental destruction has finally come to an end.

Rent-a-Green-Box does the world a service as their green trucks — run on waste vegetable oil and cut vehicle emissions by 78% — deliver the Recopacks direct to our doors. But they are doing more than providing an alternative to tree-killing cardboard. They are delivering environmental consciousness in a box. By coming up with an idea that allows us to pack and move without producing waste, Brown is offering us peace of mind.

Simply put, this is guilt-free moving. Now we can pack and move without worrying about all the trash moving creates since Recopacks can be used over 400 times, then they are recycled to make new ones. It is a 100% sustainable, cradle-to-cradle process. Recopacks will never end up in a landfill, ever.

No matter where we end up when we move, Rent-a-Green-Box helps make sure it will be a cleaner and healthier place when we get there. For every 100 Recopacks rented, over 500 pounds of hard-to-recycle plastic trash are removed from our landfills, preventing over 350 pounds of packing and moving waste from entering our landfills, reducing our fuel consumption by 50 gallons, saving over 150 gallons of drinkable water, eliminating over 2,500 pounds of carbon-dioxide emissions from entering our atmosphere, and saving three healthy trees from being converted into landfill expanding and environmentally-destructive cardboard boxes.

Even though Ben Franklin forgot to mention it, moving is a certainty. We all understand this. We all know we will have to move at some point in the future. Although moving is a fact of life, using cardboard doesn’t have to be anymore, thanks to this amazing green invention, The Recopack.

After 230 years, we’ve been given a choice ­— a green choice. One that is simple, unique, and guilt-free. Sure we can keep moving the old way. We can spend time, money and effort killing trees to make boxes we use once, maybe twice, before tossing them. Or, we can choose to save our time, our money, and our Earth by using super-green, environmentally-friendly products offered by Spencer Brown and Rent-a-Green-Box.

Now, we can actually feel good about moving. We can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We can use our trash to heal the planet instead of harming it. We can protect our trees instead of wasting them. The next time you are going to move, please take the time to think about this simple but life extending fact: without trees, we are all fish out of water.

Think green, go green, save green when you Rent-a-Green-Box. The next time you are ready to pack it up and make a move, please visit us at or call (888) 900-7225 for more information!

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