Irishman Walks for Charity As Gandhi
By Dermot Butterly, aka Gandhi Rollingstone



Gandhi said it best, “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.”

Growing up in a crazy alcoholic environment was not the easiest place to find a role model, but for this young Irish lad, Gandhi was the man. I had seen a picture of him when I was 10 and his face never left me. My respect for this little man who inspired a nation has grown intimately through the years.

A life-long dream of traveling to India came true in 2007. My soul mission was to visit Wardha where Gandhi had his Ashram and to spend time in a village far away from all the tourists and commotion. I touched down in Calcutta at 4 am and hailed a taxi to take me to the Yogananda Ashram in Dakshineswar.

Speeding through the streets at mach speed in a three wheeler automobile was enough for me to start the practice of praying again, and very deeply at that I might add.

I spent the next few days writing, reading, and BEING SPIRITUAL, which is easy to do when you have nothing to do and all day to do it. On the third day of seeking enlightenment I befriended a man who turned out to be quite the character and we became instant friends — like attracts like. Before he left he invited me to his, yes you guessed it, village in the middle of nowhere, and I accepted with the biggest smile a man could have. Ask and it is given, there might be something to that after all.

After three days of eating with my hands, squatting, and showering from a bucket, I never felt happier. I was supposed to stay three days but ended up spending two weeks.

Before leaving, my friend told me of his dream to have a community center in the village that will be used as a hospital, children’s school, and an ecological training center. Most Indians assume foreigners are wealthy. I chuckled graciously at this notion and told my friend I was not yet one of the elite. However, I did tell him that I would come up with a way to raise the necessary funds.

Had I told my friend I would dress up as the Father of their nation and walk across America to raise money, he would have thought I had one too many swigs of the ‘ole bottle.

Well that is exactly what I plan to do, no not reach for the bottle, but walk across America as Gandhi. Come May 1st the journey begins. Walking from L.A to Washington DC, I will be doing peace concerts, inviting people to walk with me, sharing Gandhi’s wisdom, with hopes of inspiring people from all walks of life to be the change.

For more information and how you can support the building of our center in India please visit:   

Peace, Love, and Potatoes to you and all your family.

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