Guilty Until Proven Innocent?
The Case for Trusting Ourselves!
By Sri Ram Kaa



Trust me! Two words that immediately will provoke a reaction for both the sender and the receiver. More than ever this is a phrase that most often evokes fear and suspicion in the one being asked to trust, and frustration from the one who is seeking you to trust them on this important sharing. It seems that we have collectively accepted the norm to set aside our essential trust in humanity and approach events with suspicion and doubt. After all, is that not the predominant energy being offered through our mainstream media?

What is it about our world that has encouraged our interactions with others to lean toward the energy of guilty until proven innocent? Words are just that, words, it is the energy that fuels our interactions that has brought us to this choice-point of humanity. Further, we now seem to require and rely upon what we deem as “expert” advice before making decisions.

Why have we allowed ourselves to give away our true power to so-called experts who we consider to know more than ourselves? When did we so willingly lose connection with our inner knowing and our inner  conscience? This separation from our intuitive knowing also perpetuates the debate of the “evidence” of otherworldly life, spiritual connections and visions, and anything else that our scientific community deems unverifiable via accepted electronic methods! (Of course as touted by the “experts.”)

You are reading this article now. Congratulate yourself, for you are aware that there is a much greater force at work here. This force is greater than our day to day lives and interactions, greater than our belief or non-belief in UFO’s; angels, prophecies, visions, crop circles, etc. It is the greatest battle of all… the battle to regain the dominion of our own consciousness! Yes, dominion.

Consider the meaning of dominion. According to our dictionaries, dominion is defined as having ruling control, or a sphere of influence. Often dominion is sought or struggled for with righteousness energy. That is, we seek to exert dominion over another or dominion over a situation in an effort to prove our authority and influence.

In spite of the extraordinary amount of mounting evidence, (scientific, empirical and other), that has been presented regarding otherworldly existence, and the increasing validity of spiritual contact at all levels, our mainstream society seems to enjoy allowing others to have dominion over their lives thus allowing and inviting “authorities” to define what is real.

This dismissal of our own personal authority and inner knowing will always apply to any topic that significantly challenges the established paradigms. Why is that? Perhaps there really is some thing, whether internal or external, that wants to limit human perception? That can be challenging to look at, because it means we must look deeply at ourselves; let’s take a moment and go on a journey together.

Let us begin with just a deep loving breath that is felt throughout the body. Yes, right now. As you allow this breath to complete, reconnect with the last experience you had that made you feel absolutely wonderful. A recent moment of discovery or recognition that brought you great joy. As you re-connect with this interaction, you realize this experience carried with it a strong sense of undeniable knowing within your heart. There was a certainty that you felt around this situation that was instinctual. It was real on all levels.

Take a moment and bring this experience forward for yourself right now. Maybe it was a personal interaction with spirit or a friend, a beautiful nature experience or an “Ah Ha” moment of realization. Maybe it was the recent large UFO encounter in Texas or an encounter you witnessed in the night sky. The event does not matter, what you felt does matter.

Now… pay attention here… in the spirit of your joy, did you find yourself sharing your enthusiasm with another or beginning to “research” your instinctual knowing? While you may sincerely believe you were just sharing your wonderful experience, can you begin to recognize that deep within you was the need to seek outside validation? This is an important discernment because it raises the greater perspective.

Reflect on your sharing… Did those who you may have shared with respond with skepticism, or were they able to support and celebrate your understanding? Did you receive sarcastic or dismissing feedback from another person? Did you uncover a blog site of negative comments around similar experiences and find yourself compelled to read them all?

These are THE important questions. Why? Because it is how you choose to respond to them that will open your door to greater self-trust, and uncover doubts that you may not know are present within you. Remember, it is the energy of your experience, words have no meaning, especially the ones we use to delude ourselves.

Consider this for a moment; what if those who seek to interfere with your truth know that the dominion of your brain is actually theirs to influence because you have willingly given your power away? What if you became aware of this oppositional energy and were able to take back dominion of your brain, your consciousness, and the authenticity that is your life?
What if that time is right now?

The recent UFO “mega sighting” in Texas is a great and powerful call to self-trust. Within this one defining moment, all of these elements came into play for the world to witness and respond to. Let’s begin with those tenuous witnesses who were terrified to share what they saw and only came forward when others did. This is a vivid display of their recognition, (even if subconsciously), that they are ready to reclaim their dominion.

Those who came forward first released their self-doubt and threat of public ridicule, they KNOW they did not see two airliners reflecting lights, and they KNOW that they are treading in a new area of self-acceptance. They also know that it feels terrible to be dismissed and ridiculed, yet allowed their greater knowing to come forward. This is true freedom.

True freedom will not ever be granted to you by a government, a country, a friend or a relative. True freedom is yours when you begin to trust yourself and what you experience. When you are able to accept that self-doubt is the best weapon in the battle for your brain for those who would seek to control it, you begin to embrace true freedom and regain dominion of your own life!

Guilty until proven innocent; is that really how we want to live? Is that really the world we wish to sustain: an environment that perpetuates disempowerment from our own self-truth through slick media, moral spin and disinformation campaigns? Why not allow this monumental recognition to be the stimulus to say enough, I choose true freedom!

Perhaps the greatest gift available to us in this moment is that we can use the disinformation and repressive energy to stimulate new and greater clarity. Train yourself to let your inner thoughts declare: I am ready to actually believe myself, I deserve to trust what I know and to celebrate others who are doing the same! I AM FREE.

There is no doubt that our world is approaching a new gateway for freedom and enlightened action. It is truly our “If not now… When?” moment for all humanity. We are ALL at a choice point, for if we choose to deepen our self-trust we will then collaborate together in a new authentic ways. If we hesitate or decide not to make this choice, then the future is quite predictable based upon the trends already in place.

Multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional and spiritual contact has happened and is happening. Those who seek to contact us through their subtle and non-invasive means offer a benevolent energy that stimulates us to claim our knowing and expand our consciousness. They are each giving us a gift; the undeniable opportunity to claim back the truth of what we know and who we are. Are you ready to claim the true freedom that is yours to live?

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa are best-selling authors on 2012 and Self-Ascension. They are also the founders of The Avesa Quantum Healing Institute. Experience their life-transforming work at appearances worldwide, listen to their weekly web  radio show, Higher Love, learn more at and

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