Freedom through the Guidance of Your Spirit
By Kathleen Downey, C.S.C.



Throughout time all leaders: Queens, Kings, Emperors, Chiefs, Presidents, Shahs and heads of industry have relied on the guidance of a counselor or advisor. It has always been acceptable for leaders to receive counseling but for the most part it remains taboo for people in the general public to receive the help of a counselor. Have we, as the mass millions belonging to the general public, forgotten about ourselves?

We flounder around with continued trial and error as we endeavor to make our own choices and guide ourselves. The German Philosopher Hegel said, “Men and women need direction.” The physical world is the traditional realm of the masculine — where very little trust in intuition, a feminine trait, exists — therefore suggestions of others seems to be the most powerful guiding force. The power of suggestion is a force that is indisputably one of the strongest forces directing us as human beings.

Have you ever wondered how you ended up in a certain situation and then remembered how at one point in your life it was suggested to you? Has anyone ever made a suggestion to you about who you are? Bullies on the playground, teachers, parents, siblings, co-workers, bosses, political leaders, judges in a courtroom, daughters and sons all see you as they need to see you, not always for who you really are.

Throughout life others have given you an identity that you subconsciously chose to live up to. Whether the suggestion for your identity was a positive one or a negative one, your sub-conscious has taken it in and remembered the suggestions like your cell phone remembers calls. At that moment you began to take on the role and identity suggested to you.

Then one day you awake and recognize that your life isn’t going the way you thought it would, reflecting the life of someone who you didn’t know you were, someone you never meant to be. Some call this time of realization a mid-life crisis but this can happen at any time in life. No one has taught you to be who you were meant to be nor what your role models, your teachers and peers have directed for you with their beliefs and ways of being in the world.

When you start to wake up to the realization that something has got to give, it may mean it is time for you to change, to take charge of your own life and seek guidance to give yourself the strength to do that.

In 1882 the controversial “talking cure,” or what we now know as talk therapy or psychoanalysis, was just coming into existence with doctors Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud. At the same time philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche, who screamed out at the masses to look at their shadow side, were being published.

Dr. Breuer was approached by a young woman who was seeking to help the much older Nietzsche with the “talking cure” when he became ill after being rejected by her. As Breuer became familiar with Nietzsche’s way of thinking he devised a way to gain his confidence by asking Nietzsche to help him overcome the same issue, an attraction to a much younger woman who was his patient, by talking to him about it.

Nietzsche made suggestions to Breuer based on his anger towards the younger woman who rejected him and directed Breuer to recite, like a mantra, words of anger for the female patient over and over again. This only kept Breuer’s thoughts focused on her. Thereafter Freud hypnotized Breuer so he might ease the grip the conscious mind had on him and delve into the subconscious.

While under hypnosis he was asked to see the future with this younger woman and all that he would lose if he chose to leave his family and medical practice for her. Breuer’s first-hand experience with his subconscious presented him with a dismal future and he snapped out of his obsession. Thus began the modern treatment of the mind by tapping into the subconscious, something the Shaman’s work had done for centuries.

A few years after Breuer and Freud made their stamp on medicine with the “talking cure,” Carl Jung came into the picture and is quoted as having said, “It is only the interior life that has substance and a determining value.” He led his patients to look at past lives they have lived through to help them in the present.

Doctors of modern medicine were unknowingly finding their way into the world and ways of the oldest counselor, the Shaman. With a Shamanic counselor you are the person finding your truth through first-hand experience with your spirit that holds unlimited knowledge. The Shaman guides and counsels without judgment, labels, prescriptive medications or suggestion.

A shaman will tell you to speak your truth but never to speak out hatred towards another, which will send negative and damaging energy to them. Counseling with a well-trained Shamanic Counselor will put you in touch with representations of your soul, which never dies and so has unlimited memory, which is brought back to you from lifetime to lifetime as you reincarnate. These guides and teachers that you will interact with on your spiritual journey will help you to tap into the unlimited knowledge of your subconscious while helping you gain trust in all your senses including your intuition.

Messages of your spirit or subconscious are often delivered in the symbolic language of the spirit, metaphor. Metaphor will bring you to the heart of the matter. This unparalleled ability to reach the heart of the matter so quickly, coupled with your first-hand experience of your spirit and past-life, presents clear choices for future possibilities, helping you make quantum leaps in your healing from trauma. This experiential counseling supports your ability to change with ease.

We are meant to learn from all relationships as the interactions reflect a lesson recreated from a past life or even as a re-creation of a relationship with a loved one we lost in the present. When you give yourself the means to understand what the primary relationships in your life were meant to teach you about yourself, you will let go of your preconceived ideas of dependencies and needs from others, and thus freely move into love, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness.

A few years ago a man who was trying to hold onto his marriage came to me. He still loved his wife but she had a boyfriend by this time and he couldn’t make a commitment to another woman or say he absolutely wanted her back. We did a Soul Retrieval, which pinpoints what circumstances have caused the most significant trauma in a person’s life, and as we integrate the energy returned to you from just before the trauma occurred, we realize this present-life trauma has been re-created from a past-life circumstance.

I discovered his mother had been brutally murdered when he was seven years old. When we delved into the past life with his wife, we discovered that she had killed him in the past life they shared. His spirit drew in a person from the past who would present him with the same emotional experience as the person he loved and lost in this life, his mother.

When he recognized this and allowed his spirit guides to help him let go of his emotional dependencies on both his wife’s and his mother’s energy, he immediately met a woman with whom he could make a commitment and is now happily remarried.

Another man I worked with lost his father to suicide when he was only twelve years old; his father thought he was going to lose his job. When he was twenty he took his father’s old job and kept it for twenty-five years. Our journeywork showed him that he had decided subconsciously to live his father’s lost life for him. We discovered through past-life work that he manifested a first girlfriend in this life who in her past life with him had committed suicide in the same way at the same place his father did in this life.

This work helped him to see that subconsciously trying to understand his father’s choice helped him to call in his first girlfriend. His sense of responsibility for his father’s absence in his mother’s life was keeping him from making a commitment to another woman, including his first girlfriend, which ultimately sent her away while he kept himself responsible for his father’s choice.

Through work with his spirit he was able to let go of his father’s energy and pain, his mother’s and his old girlfriend’s spirit, whom he believed had also abandoned him. He then received the inherent creative gifts his soul possessed and following this new direction in his life with the indomitable support of his spirit, now has a new career and a new relationship.

Just as our leaders make decisions based on the trials and errors of history and what occurred in the past in order to avoid possible pitfalls in the present, your experience with your past life can help you make decisions based on what has already occurred for you in your soul’s history so that you won’t make the same familiar choices again.

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